Amendment, if I must

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The titles of my posts almost never have anything to do with what I am actually posting about. They are usually phrases that come to my mind as a joke. I don't explain them. They're usually only funny to me. I don't care if no one else understands them.

So, with that said, no Dan, I did not call Christina a ho by titling my last post "HO HO HO" and showing three pictures of Christina. If you really must know, it's a joke from this video of Larry the Cable Guy. My mom showed it to me because she thought it was hilarious. Which is ironic to me.

She came up to me the other day and asked what "Git 'er done" meant. So I showed her some quick websites that had LarryTCG. She hated him. She thought he was disgusting and rude and there were plenty of redneck poop and fart jokes to help reinforce her hatred too.

Now she shows me this...I just thought it was a little funny. Not worth explaining to anyone but worth putting a title in so that I can giggle at it myself. I'm sorry if anyone was offended by the sheer randomness of it.

My final thought: Dan, get your head out of the gutter.

... Alright I lied about the final thought.

On that note! Just for stupid sake, let's go through those funny little titles that never seem to make sense and I'll explain them all, obvious or not.

"We knew this would happen sometime" - I stole this from Jame's comic website. Thank you James, I thought it was clever and appropriate.

"Sinead O'conner" - This one was about me cutting off all my hair.... google it if you still don't get it.

"For the love of Japan" - well, alright so this title isn't exactly enigmatic but it was appropriate (which is more than I can say for my other titles) I hadn't begun the trend of randomness and I might not continue it either. It really depends on my mood.

"Nose Picking: When a Tissue Just Isn't Enough" - I don't remember where I had heard this but it's not very original though I thought it was cute. Maybe this is too much information for the net but I have inherited one of my dad's habits. I've begun picking my nose with a tissue. What's funny is that I feel justified by using a tissue, but it's still nose picking.

"Narcissism" - I have my tendencies :)

"Omens" - Again, not very original.

"Can be Chicken or not Chicken" - Now this is the best. I really love explaining this one. I was sitting in my 7:30am Magic, Ritual and Belief class. My teacher was babbling on about different types of religious acts. He began with symbols. He said, "Symbols come in a variety of different forms. For one, they can be verbal or non-verbal". This made me wake out of my morning daydream haze and think for a minute. They can be verbal. Ok. They can be non-verbal. Ok..... THE HELL? Why even say that? So, like, they could be anything. They could be written. Or not written. They could be clothing. Or not clothing. They could be Chicken or not Chicken!!! I hated that teacher.

"I speak good... enough" - I hope no one thinks I speak like this. It was almost painful for me to write 'good' instead of 'well'. But that was the joke for me. My mom reads my emails and thinks that I make such horrible mistakes that there is no way that I could be a good English teacher. The thing is that emails are supposed to be informal and I just write in a stream of consciousness. At least with my blog I spell check. You'll see mistakes. I don't care. I'm not trying to teach anyone anything when they read this.

"Why, Morrolan, you sexy beast" - heehee *Blush* I like Morrolan from Steven Brust's Taltos Novels. He is naturally my favorite character.

"Lost at Sea" - This is the song that was my current favorite of the group Eisley which I was recommending in that post.

"がんばって!ニーナちゃん!!" - It say's Ganbatte! Ninachan!! Which in Japanese means good luck Nina or do your best Nina. For those of you who do not have a Japanese language patch for windows (or any other os) probably only see a bunch of boxes. Sucks to be you.

"Time! Time! Who's got the time!!" - From Alice in Wonderland, the Disney version. When I was in high school my best friends Dawn and Kiley used to quote that movie, and others, in every conversation and we would laugh hysterically for hours.

"Peace (^_^)v" - A cute Japanese face making the peace sign. That's all.

"What Jung Really Said" - This really was random. I didn't know what to put for a title and I had a scroll down window of all the things I had searched for since the last time I reformatted my computer. This was the title of a book I was researching for my Sleep and Dreams class in the Fall 2004.

"Becca and Tucker I think it was..." - This chick (the one in the picture) was on a Disney TV show when I was younger. She was the main character, Becca(I think), and her best friend was Tucker. They lived right next door to each other and would talk on the phone while looking at each other out their windows. It was really cute and Tucker was really funny. I wonder what it was called... I should look it up on

"I wanted "Nina-isms" as my url, but someone already stole it" - If the post worked the way it was supposed to, then you should have been sent to the which had an article about G.W. Bush. This reminded me that I wanted my url to be Nina-isms. But someone already took it.

"Dear Strong-buttons, Let's not mince words...I love you guys!" - I don't go to very often but everyone who does knows that the strong bad emails are the best part. Whenever he checks his mail, he always says something witty that has to do with the website. This is a quote he made that I thought was cute. I don't remember what made me think of it at the time.

"Mars Power Make Up!" - In Japnaese, this is what Sailor Mars says when she transforms.

"Gobbledy Gook" - In my mind, this phrase reminds me of Thanksgiving and how I feel after eating mass quantities of food. I don't actually know what it means but I had to google it to figure out how to spell it. Google: Better than spell check any day (^_~)b

"If you had a time Machine, where would you put it?" - I was at work when I hear in the back of my head, Kevin asking Adam just this. It was the perfect amount of random. This was also the day that I introduced the gang to www. It helped to make a slow day at work turn into a fast paced competition to see who could catch the most bees in a bubble! Good times.

"He kissed her, little by little - Wicked pg 124" - This really stuck out at my while I was reading Wicked. (btw, strange book, excellent ending) The phrase really said "He kissed her, he kissed her, he kissed her, little by little by little." This was because the guy that was kissing her was a munchkin. So, he was really short which they brought much attention to seeing as that was his most unattractive quality. I wanted to put in the whole quote without the page number but this way, I feel like it makes me look like less of a pervert. See, I know what it means, and no one else was supposed to. So reading the phrase as it is, just looks odd…in a bad way.

“Rum Balls…but why is the rum gone?!” – Not one of my best titles. Christina and Dan were making rum balls while I was in the bedroom blogging. I don’t think of myself as a loser, but I speak only for myself.

Which brings us back to my latest blog title. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

Lady of the evening, lady of the evening, lady of the evening.... aka: Ho Ho Ho

Monday, December 19, 2005

Is it Christmas yet? No. No it's not.

1. I finished my Christmas shopping about a week ago. Now, I'm just waiting for Christmas so I can actually get them.
2. Since I have already purchased said presents and because I refuse to get a waste of my time and not worth the money winter job, I have been sitting at home bored as hell. I've been dying to post, but I decided to wait for some unflattering pictures. Besides, there's nothing interesting about a bored girl who refuses to work.
3. I'm bored....I might die.

So, updates, updates... right. I think I'll wait until I get my presents before I announce to the world what it is that I've received. There's something a little anti-x-mas about buying your own gifts. Don't get me wrong though, it's a sure fire way to get exactly what you want. But at the same time, there's just something missing.

I'd show you pictures of my Chirstmasy house, but I have none. Not just pictures, I don't even have a Christmasy house! I'm thankful to just have a house! I finally broke down last night and broke out the two foot fiber optic pos that my mother calls a "tree". It changes colors when you plug it in. It could be considered a Christmas tree if it weren't two say the least. How do you put my massive amount of presents under a two foot nothing, plastic, fruitloopy, green pipe cleaner?!?! It doesn't even smell like pine. This just isn't Christmas.

Maybe I'll take a picture of it with my new digital camera.... I will when I get it.

The weather has been nicely not cold. It doesn't feel like Christmas because it's not cold, but personally, I like the idea of being able to walk outside and not freeze my little flip flop wearing tootsies. This is Florida, it should always be a reasonable temperature if not wretchedly hot. Aside from the overcast, gloomy and drizzly sky, the weather has been very nice. (^_~)b

Now, onward to unflattering pictures!

Right before I left Orlando to return to my birthplace of doom, Christina and I hosted a small Christmas get together. Nothing big and fancy, just tacky. I tried to find the best pictures out of the bunch, but I didn't want anyone to look drunk, high, ugly, camel toe, or overall bad.

Contrary to popular belief, this isn't a picture of Christina. It is a picture of the awesome gift I gave her for Christmas. A six pack of Bellhaven Scottish Ale. It is our favorite and I just happened to stumble upon it when I was at a whole foods store. I picked myself up a pack too.

Even though Christina promised herself and me that she selfishly (and rightfully) wouldn't let anyone have some of her glorisous beverage, she still did. She's just not that selfish ;)

Next, here is the perfect example of what we were trying to go for. Cheese. Christina is wearing one of the most tacky outfits imaginable. The point: to look as cheesey as imaginable. Boots, red fishnets, a "vixen" pink t-shirt, and a gun. I really have no idea what it is that she's holding...but it looks like a gun to me.

In the background, you'll see out TV. She got a DVD of a woodburning fire. It sings Christmas carols too. So cute.

And this is Chrissy and Christina looking like they are having a great time. (cheesey shirt on Chrissy and a nice Charlie Brown tree on the ironing board. Our other roommates surprised us by putting the cutest tree skirt around it. Why they had a mini tree skirt lying around the house, I'll never know. But we still haven't told them how neat it was.)

Fun Times Mission: Accomplished

Rum Balls.... but why is the rum gone?!

Friday, December 9, 2005

I'm completely done with finals. I'm completely done with this semester!!! GLORY ONTO THE HIGHEST!!! I have survived!

In celebration of the ending of this horrendous school season, I have decided to give you a glimpse into what it is like to have Magic, Ritual and Belief at 7:30 in the AM with Nina the wonderful, beautiful and talented artist.

Here are the best of my notes. I have to write something to keep my interest up so that I didn't start fantasizing about the latest slice of beef cake. (They change as quickly as the channels when I'm surfing.)

We can all see what I was thinking about. Ghost in the shell for starters. (The Japanese says Tachikoma which happens to be what I drew) The second drawing is of a buffalo because we were talking about the Ghost Dances of the Native Americans (hence ghost in the shell). They believed that if they danced blah blah blah the buffalo would return... and other such things. Don't ask me what's up with me drawing right beside the hole punches.

I needed to get this part of the notes from Christina. Drawing can't always stop me from thinking of other more attractive things during class. Forgive me for not finding Psychic bashing interesting. I already know that most psychic readings are totally ridiculouss.

My teacher really liked saying some weird things. I think the early morning class took a toll on him as well. I don't care. I didn't like him well before the class began. He would say weird things like FIRE and FIZZLE, without so much inflection. But those bold words deserve such inflection. You can tell I took it that way. Those pictures off to the side are of a fire that is carbonatedd. It's fizzling.

You can tell what I was laughing to my self about. hahahaha

Let's just be thankful that I don't hand write this blog. My hand writingg is horrible regardless of how early or not early in the morning it is. This is my favorite picture. It's about the Cargo Cult of Melanesia. This is what is written in case you can't read it:

#2 - Cargo Cults -Melanesiaa - 1890's - 1960's - Deprived of self determination, power, rule. Under the thumb of European powers (damn whites). They didn't believe the Europeans were living up to what they are said to do. The could conquer (quere) the the world because they have cargo (pants) or manufactured pants goods. Difference between Europeans and Melanesians was cargo so they thought they needed cargo. Prophets sprung up saying they would be given their rightful cargo. Stopped working waiting for it.

Interesting I'm sure. But when I heard cargo all I could think about were cargo pants because I love them so much. Thank the lord for pockets!

More fire and fizzle. Can you believe it?! He said it again! How unoriginal! I couldn't let that go without more pictures.

So yes, these are my notes. My expensive education at it's best!

I really did learn a lot in that class and I'm glad I took it. Albeit, I'm a little bitter about the scheduled case you hadn't noticed.

He kissed her, little by little - Wicked pg 124

Monday, December 5, 2005

I can't remember what made me think about it this morning but there was a hilarious joke I found on the internet a few months ago. To my dismay I found that even though I saved the link, the joke itself has been taken down. Luckily for me, I'm cool enough that I accidentally saved it! WHOO! So, here is a funny joke for your enjoyment. Perhaps it will live on in eternity with my blog. I can only hope *sniffle*


Laughter is the face orgasm. When you laugh, the private organs must go, "What the heck was that? I thought we were in charge of fun!"

It must freak the ol' nads out. I imagine there's a running competition between the sex drive and the sense of humor. A battle between the funny bone and the boner. Which can cause more pleasure? The ha ha or the oo la la? Comedy or hot dripping sweaty naughty good times?

Which begs the question: After you share a big hearty laugh with someone--the kind that makes you convulse with nasal snort noises--do you still respect each other in the morning? Do you avoid each other, then bump into them at the water cooler and sheepishly go, "So. Things got weird, huh? I laughed. You laughed. One thing led to another..."

Ever look at someone and go, Man, I'd sure love to get together with that piece of funniness and laugh and laugh till milk shoots outta me. That person will make milk come out my nose over and over and over again. Ooh. Yeah. Tell me the one about the rabbi and the penguins, baby... Right there... Yeah... Ah! Ah! AH HA HA HA HA HA!

If you had a time Machine, where would you put it?

Friday, December 2, 2005

I love my job. Here's a window into the world that is The Computer Lab.

I recieved this email from my coworker Kevin. I cut out the just wasn't funny.

[begin email]

...while these shifts may have already taken place and were not covered, please feel free to use our Super-Dooper-SGA-Lab Time Travel Machine. It can be found over by the Office Supplies area. (home of the previously broken electric hole puncher, everlasting jammed stapler, and schreechingly loud paper cutter) It is located right to the left of the counter. You may look and see a simple paper shredder, but this is no ordinary paper shredder.

To use it, simply write the date and time of the shift you would like to cover on a plain white piece of paper, and insert accordingly. You will then appear in the lab ready to cover the desired shift, as long as it is still open. Please do not travel back to a time when the lab is closed, as you may find yourself locked in a dark room haunted by the evil spirits of our angriest of current and past lab customers.

For large group time travel, see the man in charge of our poster printer. It will cost you $2 per square foot of every person who wants to travel, and we round up to the next foot to ensure that no body parts are left out of the time travelex.

Please observe that you must insert one page at a time, in order to avoid catastrophic time machine travel failure. We've had other forms of failure here in the past (see: electric holepuncher failure) and that was able to be replaced. But since this new machine is recent technology, we cannot exactly gurantee that we can solve the problem. You will run the risk of half of yourself sent back to the desired time and date, and your other half will be left sitting here unable to walk out on your own because your legs are wandering off in Africa in the middle of the Sahara Desert looking for a bathroom to use.

If you have any further questions about our new Super Dooper Time Machine, see Kevin or Adam.

[end email]

Well, I thought it was cute.

Gobbledy Gook

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Currently listening to:
Death Cab for Cutie - Plans
Currently reading (just finished):
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (trilogy)

My favorite song of the moment is DCFC's song called Marching Bands of Manhattan from their album Plans. Totally loving it! Just be happy that I don't post the lyrics and bore you all! (all two of my devoted readers...)

This Thanksgiving was fantastic! Despite there being an over abundance of food, we had hardly any left overs and by the second night, there was nothing left. It just goes to show how tasty my mom's cooking is. I hope to one day be that good, but it won't be any time soon.

Things are coming together nicely for the end of this semester. I am working on my third and final essay. As soon as I'm done with that (Friday) I will have three finals to study for. No sweat.

I have a job now at the SGA Computer Lab on campus in the Student Union. It's been a long time since I've really enjoyed my job...have I ever enjoyed my job? One that I got paid for? It's debatable.

I've also been watching the first season of Scrubs on the DVD set that I got this past weekend. Is it wrong that I think Dr. Cox is..... a huge slice of the beef cake? If you see his picture (which I will not post for your amusement) you'll think I'm nuts, but just watch a few episodes of Scrubs and then you'll know I'm nuts. (^_~)b

Mars Power Make Up!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Aozora is so cool! My friend, Aozora, who is currently living in Japan, now has a job at a shrine. She reminds me of Rei from Sailor Moon. She's going to transform any minute and kick some major Nega-Verse ass!! ...with her phone. Hey, those Japanese phones can do everything! Among other things, they can be used as a blunt object. Very dangerous...

I'm so jealous!! o(>_<)o

She even has the cool socks (ToT)

Dear Strong-buttons, Let's not mince words...I love you guys!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Yeah for me, I got a picture-o-me-self!

With Chrissy and Darcy. Christina's taking the picture or she would have been in it too. Yeah for short hair! Only more than 6 weeks later. It was cuter when it was shorter. Less big and flat on top. I don't know if I can do this whole thing of getting my hair cut every month and a half. I got it short thinking it would be easier to take care of! (It is easier to take care of, but at a price...about $40 each cut!!)

The shirt that I'm wearing is my special "Sew and Tell T-Shirt". I just recently got the Box Set for Ghost in the Shell. In the box was this really awesome shirt for the Stand Alone Complex with the laughing man logo ("I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes" -Catcher in the Rye). But the shirt was XL. I was swimming in it! But I really liked it and though I wouldn't have spent money on it had it not been in the box set, I decided to spend the money to have it altered. The story behind it makes it worth it's price. $30 later, I'm sitting with a super cute T-shirt and my friends! Totally worth it! I was so impressed with the seamstress at the "Sew and Tell" tailor place! (I'm sure you can tell why I picked it out of the others, I totally had the intention of showing everyone and watching their eyes grow when they hear how big it used to be. She must have cut yards off of the thing!)

I wanted "Nina-isms" as my url, but someone already stole it

Friday, November 18, 2005

It would seem that Google is quite liberal and probably Democrat. Check this out:

1. Go to
2. Type in the search bar "Failure" without the quotes
3. Click on "I'm feeling lucky" instead of "search" and laugh at the website that comes up



Becca and Tucker I think it was...

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

You scored as Kaylee, the Mechanic.
Kaywinnet Lee Frye: tomboy and ace mechanic. Besides being super-cute, you are also adorable, which makes you a double-threat. I'll forgive you for choosing Simon over Jayne, but just this once.

FireFly Quiz

What Jung Really Said

Just over a half month later, I finally have a single picture worth posting from the Halloween party at Stephanie and Lupe's place. Personally, I think that the lighting could be better but you get the idea. Christina did a fantastic job with my makeup and she looks super sexy too!

This is the pg version of our costumes ;)

Peace (^_^)v

Next, to begin Essay #3 *sigh*
Will it never end?
Yeah, after I'm done with Essay #3, derh

This comic should be read out loud. It's funnier that way ;) Click on it to make it larger. Enjoy!

Time! Time! Who's got the time!!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

La La La wasting time, wasting time....

So, while I fool around, doing the minimum amount of essay writting, I've found a couple of great time wasters! Enjoy!


Sunday, November 6, 2005

I stumbled upon my nameless self in the local newspaper last night. Personally I'm shocked but apparently it's old hat. If you're interested by all means read! I'm just the little blurb at the bottom that says:

"A Largo High graduate who is studying Japanese in college and plans to teach English in Japan helped found the Japanese Friendship Club."

Thank you Mrs. P for putting in my two cents while I'm away at college!

Its times like these that make me realize how many people are going to be watching me and what'll happen if I let everyone down. It's really very intimidating!

I have to keep reminding myself that I'm not doing this for anyone else but myself and that's what gotten me to where I am now. If I did this for approval or because I thought people would like it, then I wouldn't have made it this far... I feel like the worst part is behind me; the studying and the waiting. But truly, it's barely begun!

Lost at Sea

Currently reading:
“Good in bed” by Jennifer Weiner
Currently listening to:
Eisley – Room Noise
(Both highly recommended)

Writing essays and studying for tests seems to be the main theme of my life these days. That and goofing off. There’s nothing I like better than good ol’ procrastination. Hence my update. I’m currently working on my second essay for my independent study class. Four pages and counting… I need 10 (ToT) Next, I have a take home test in essay format, and last I have a test to study for. All three of these things are due Thursday. Do I stress? Fret? Freak out?! Consult the Azande for a benge oracle?! NO! I procrastinate! Weeeeee

So…stuff’s happened since the last time I updated. I cut my hair and it looks fantastic! But I don’t have any pics to show. I’ll get some soon. I then straightened it and it looked even cuter! And you know my policies on keepin’ it cute!

I’ve found an awesome webcomic, thank you Dan, but the chick never updates so don’t count on anything, or so I’ve been told.
Here’s my favorite comic (She’s playing with string cheese btw):

Other than that, nothings going on. I’m trying to come up with a Christmas Wish List and so far I’ve got nothing. I have the entire series of Ghost in the shell, We <3 Katamary, and the last of the manga X. Stupid Animenation had to move right next to Fresh Start Church! What’s up with that?!?! So, got any ideas for good presents? Do I need a digital camera? What about stuff for long travels like a suit case? I definitely need one of those heavy duty ones, but do I want one for Christmas? I know the odds are good, but it’s like I’m counting my chickens before I’ve been accepted by JET. Maybe I should wait…

Why, Morrolan, you sexy beast

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Only my favorite author would be the one that has his own personality test. As in, he wrote an online personality test just to waste time between writing books. Yes, my favorite author is a slacker. I fear he is an ass as well. I love his books but I don't think I would like to ever know him.

Since we are on the topic, I would like to say that Steven Brust (broost) is not the best of authors but he has been my favorite for a few years now. He creates such an adventurous world with the most interesting characters! Morrolan!!! I can't get enough of him!!! I'm now reading his entire book series for the third time where as every other book in existence I can only read once. I love Steven Brust's work....except for his eccentric flamboyant and pompous Paarfi of Roundwood. The only thing I can say about that monstrosity is that after reading endlessly his mindless black hole of a pointless story I can now get through Lord of the Rings with ease....and enjoy it!

Here is a paraphrased quote from one of Paarfi's many irritating chapters:

This long chapter really doesn't have a point. It adds nothing to the story and is truly irrelevant. However, I wanted to let you know that boring stuff did actually in fact happen at this time in 'history' and I thought you should know. Now back to my retelling of a short story that I'm drawing out into a good five book series.... HUGE BOOKS!

I'm not joking. Paarfi really did write that!!! He wrote a whole chapter just to say that!!! And I read all of it just because I love the characters that Steven Brust created!! Oh the pain and suffering...I'd do it all over again ;)

So back to the point: (point?)
I'm waiting for Steven's publishing company, Tor, to finish editing and finally publish his next book Dzur so I can read it in one week. It should be out in August. Just in time for me to miss it if I am accepted into JET.

But the personality test! What about the personality test, you say! Alright, alright, here are the results. Enjoy!

You scored 38% Sociability and 64% Sophistication!
Your life can be difficult because of your insecurities, but you should know that it isn't your fault. YOU didn't ask to be thrown in around thirty times per page in every bodice-ripper on the shelf! Those who overuse you can kiss your . . . you know. You need to learn to hold your head high and glory in your solitude. You really do have excellent, scholarly tastes. You must never forget that your friend, the period, will be there to support you at the end of every sentence where you truly belong, and, if what is left out is as important as what is said, why, then you are as vital as the alphabet!

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 20% on Sociability
You scored higher than 70% on Sophistication

I speak good... enough

Thursday, October 6, 2005

Your Linguistic Profile:

70% General American English
15% Yankee
10% Dixie
5% Upper Midwestern
0% Midwestern

Can be chicken or not chicken

Everything has been going smoothly, boringly, and busily. Still no JET application. Still no completed essays for any of my classes. Just thought I would update and inform the internet that nothing special has happened to me. \(^_^)/ yeah

This great work of art is brought to you by Phil. Thank for Phil for your wonderfully dry humor. I love it!


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ah, it is always a strange occurrence when my life seems to flow like a movie plot complete with foreshadowing.

This independent study of mine has been a royal pain. It has been one obstacle after another:
1. Teacher can't remember me
2. Teacher doesn't show up for appointments
3. Teacher does not fill out paperwork correctly and I will most likely not receive credit if this is not remedied soon
4. Teacher leaves because of illness with the promise of returning, paper work has yet to be completed
5. Teacher will not be returning due to illness

On top off all of this, I begin worrying if I will even be able to complete the one mammoth assignment regardless of technicalities.

All omens seem to be pointing to "give up, this is so not worth it". On the other hand, isn't an accomplishment all the more savory when completed in the face of opposition? Yes, yes it is.

I will succeed!!! Already, within an hour of hearing the awful news of my first teachers untimely illness and perpetual absence, I have found a second and hopefully better teacher, Dr. Lanning, who not only is willing to sponsor my class, he also remembers who I am and is more lenient to boot!

Dare I speak to soon?

I can do this!!! Go Nina GO!!!


Sunday, September 18, 2005

Let's take some time to think about me for a minute. (this is of course a blogspot just for little ol' me after all... and only me. hee hee)
I love me. I think I am the coolest person ever. I do not, however, expect that everyone will love me just as much as I do. This is a big duh. Some people you just don't like and I'm cool with that.

Hence: I do not have self esteem issues!!!

Allow me to illustrate by telling some very famous Nina Quotes:
"I am so cool! I just did ____ and I'm so proud of myself. Go me!"
"I am the coolest person I know. I am so interesting! I love listening to me talk!"
(And here is the best one ever:)
"Everywhere you are, that's where you'll be'. Well that must mean that you should be content with where you are otherwise you'll never be happy anywhere....Well, that's all well and good but I think I'll take it to the Nina level. What that really means is that I rock. I rock so much, that everywhere I am is automatically ten times better than anywhere else just because I am there."

Now, don't get me wrong, for the most part this is a little bit of a joke. I don't go around looking in the mirror loving myself 24/7. I just really like who I am. I think I'm a good person. I have my flaws and am always up for improving on them. I'm not perfect....But that just makes me cooler ;)
(but then the question remains, who doesn't think they are a good person?)

But I do not have self esteem issues!!

In the end, I'm on cloud nine. Just wait when I'm really low and start talking about how I can't do anything right.

Nose Picking: When a Tissue Just Isn't Enough

Here is an excerpt from an email I sent to Jessica yesterday:

[Begin Email]
Subject: Must vent

So here's what happened. Last year, I went to James's Birthday. James is the guy in my Japanese class who is doing JET with me. Well, at this birthday there was one lone black dude with fro-y hair... I really don't remember anything besides his hair really. I found out through this experience though, that his name is David.

And that was it. The end of it. Then, about a week ago, I was at this coffee house with Dan and the gang when this guy stops by because he was working the night shift at Applebees which is in the same complex. This big, hot, well groomed, black man also goes by the name David. You can see where this is going. So two days later, I was talking to Dan and he brings up the name David and how he's looking for a girlfriend. I make it very clear that I think David is hot as hell. Dan says, oh the guy with the hair? I think for two seconds, hair? Yes David had hair, he wasn't bald right? Of course he had hair. So I say yes, that David. And then we start discussing where we both know these David's from. Dan says "the guy at James birthday" I say, "that's the same guy?" Dan says, "I don't know that many black people." And I leave it at that.

David just called.
D - we should get together what are you doing Saturday
N - oh I have plans, what are you doing tonight
D - I'm working the night shift
N - oh at Applebee's?
D- No, I don't work at Applebees....You know there are two David's right?
I know this now, and so does he.

I don't need a boyfriend this badly. I'm done.

Thanks for listening, I'm going to crawl in a hole now and die.

[End Email]

When David said, "Applebees? No, I don't work at an Applebees." That is when I knew. That is when I knew that I hated Dan.

I mean, come on! Dan says he doesn't have very many Black friends! But he does! He has three. Three black friends. Three black male friends. Three black male friends that all go by the name "DAVID".

What are the odds (ToT)

For the love of Japan

Friday, September 16, 2005

Things finally seem to be looking up, dare I speak too soon. Maybe the weather has changed from being so rainy and generally crappy to more heat and humidity. Ahhh just the way it should be here in sweltering Florida.

I have new found motivation to continue researching my 40 page paper. Everyone has been blown away that I'm actually going to do this. They want me to call it a thesis, graduates work, or at least honors credit. But no, I am going to only get 3 glorious credits and be done with it. But I'll be very proud of myself and I must say this is a first for me. But honestly, I am proud of myself and that's really all I need...For once. I must be growing up!

As for my checklist of things to get done for the JET application, I now have absolutely everything except a completed essay. I have about two paragraphs left to write to create a full two pages. But I don't know what else to write! I almost started asskissing but that's exactly what it sounded like so I guess it wasn't the best approach. It was something like: I want to rid all of Japan of it's stereotypes of Americans that they see on MTV... uh no. To an extent I really do want to do something like that, but I just don't want to state it like that. For example, in every anime that has an American in it, the men are cowboys or fat and loud and the women are blond busty and loud as well. Though I can't keep them from confirming that all American's are loud (especially in comparison to themselves) I can let them see that not all American women are big and busty. Right on!! *sobs*

Now it seems that the application for JET won't be out until October. WTF?!?! It doesn't matter. I'll have everything ready by the time it does come out and it'll be in the mail the instant I get my grubby little hands on it.

Sinead O'conner

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

That's IT! I'm going to cut off all of my hair and look like THIS: Oh wait, did that in 6th grade. It looked bad then and it looks even worse now since we aren't in the 90's anymore. Well shoot.
(btw, don't my sister and grandma look cute? This is probably sometime in December '95. We have all since, changed eyewear.)
Maybe I'll do something more like this (boobs included): Either way, I want something different. I stared at the back of this girls head in the middle of my Magic, Ritual, and Belief class (at 7:30 am!) And I noticed that not only does she have curly hair but lo and behold it's not all one length. Go figure. I asked her where she gets her hair done (because that's whatcha do) and she gave me the address for this place:
It just screams snobby and I know it'll be pricey. But her hair looked so good!! What to do, what to do...

We knew this would happen sometime

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

That's right, I've started a blog. Let's hope I can keep it cute and keep it updated! .... but mostly cute. Here's a pic of me! Because we all need a little fanservice sometime.
'94 was a good year for me (^_~)b

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