Someone's Breaking Down the Building!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

This is a blog post I've stolen from my friend Steven. I take no credit for this.

ps -I'll write about my Thailand trip later. I gotta steal some pictures from my friends :)


Earthquake 3.3

So I was just sitting there scratching my ass tonight at 9:48pm when I felt a big jolt, a split second long perhaps.

"Geez someone closed their car door loud!" was my first thought. (I live above our open garage)
Then, "Could it have been an earthquake?" was my second, then I started panicking cos there could be an aftershock and I ran through my head what I should do..."run to the toilet!"

I didn't do anything and as I got back to my computer I saw that Nina, whom I had been chatting to on gmail, had written this message: "omg did you feel that?!?!?!" and then I knew, it was real!

Apparently it was an earthquake with a magnitude of 3.3. Epicenter was Kochi city, 10km deep. Kochi city on the surface felt it as a magnitude 2 earthquake. The news site shows this:


Magnitude 2 in Nankoku and Konan city.

Everything just shook for that split second. Just felt like a big truck had passed by. Nothing fell, but it got my heart racing which was AWESOME.


Note that Nankoku (where they felt a magnitude 2) is only 10 minutes away from me. And Steven lives between there and Kochi city meaning he felt it a bit worse than I did.

But unlike scheve, I didn't think this was so awesome. Hurricanes, I am so ok with. Like the ones that throw themselves around and cause a lot of thunder and lighting and maybe some power outages but nothing more. Earthquakes freak me out ENTIRELY.

And now I'm going to attempt to fall asleep :P

pps - I don't use "omg" unless I am too excited/scared/in a hurry to write "oh my good golly!"

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