Random (tiny) Question

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

So, there's a random question portion of my profile that I decided to answer because it would be cute. But the damn thing can only be 150 characters. I wrote an answer that was 778 characters! So, I'm posting it here :)


Random Question:
You get to ride the big roller coaster three times in a row. What will keep your dad from taking a bite out of your candy apple?

Oh my GOD!!! Don't take my caramel apple! (I don't like candy apples, but caramel apples are by far my favorite)

He wouldn't eat it in the first place. Poor old man had a few problems:

1. He's lived at least 23 years with a bunch of girls. 4 to be exact. He knows his place.
2. His teeth are just barely there. He'd need to pull out his trusty Swiss army knife. But he's lost his keys...again. Little does he know that I'm keeping them in my pocket for safe keeping. But, CRAP! I'm on a roller coaster and they fall out! Now, we are doomed to a) call AAA to get us a cab...or whatever b) call mom and have her come bail us out c) crawl under the car and get the spare key we usually put under it, assuming that it hasn't fallen off due to offroading or d) stay at Bush Gardens fo-eva (my personal favorite).

Either way, I'm riding Montu 3 times in a row AND the man doesn't eat my caramel apple. I am content.

I druther be nekkid


Which Firefly (or Serenity) Character Are You?
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I get Kaylee again! Whoo! I love her character. I love all the characters!!! Especially Mal. Can I change the story so Kaylee gets with Mal? .....*drool*

Tag! You're it!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

We had a contest at work to see who could come up with the coolest new name tags. This is what I made:

I'm actually pretty proud of myself since I wasn't planning on doing one in the first place. It was just a whim because I was really bored. I have to give a big thanks to Kevin though because I really have no idea what I'm doing in Photo shop. Thank you Keviiiiiiin!!

Regardless of which name tag gets picked, I know one side's gonna look like this:

Two guesses for what it says.

In the end though, I think what Louis (the manager) is going to do is simply display all the name tags that were submitted and let everyone choose which one they want to wear. I'm totally wearing mine!!!!

Moeko the Beautiful

Saturday, January 28, 2006

I just finished reading Outpost Nine's editorial called "The Moeko Principle". If you decide to read it, first read the post called "Moeko's Owl". But if you don't want to read it, the basic thing you need to know is that Moeko has no idea that Azrael ever spoke about her and here she is making such an impression on a lot of peoples lives.

It got me thinking, I wonder how many other people are out there and have no idea that they've even affected a single person. To them it might seem insignificant what they've done but to another it may mean the world.

Remember that post I made about Dave? And how Dan set me up with the wrong guy? Well, I laugh with a lot of people about that, but the original Dave that I thought was hot has no idea that he's the involved in such a hilarious story!

At the same time, I remember when I was in junior year of high school and I told this girl Ashley that I thought the reason for dating was to find the person you wanted to marry, otherwise, you're really just wasting time and energy. I don't believe that so much anymore. At the time, she argued her point and I thought I nothing more of it when all was said and done. But the next year, I heard from her boyfriend, whom she had been dating for three years by then, that suddenly around that time, Ashley started talking about getting very serious and wondered if she could spend the rest of her life with him. Ironically the relationship never worked out (I know, shocker!) but I still can't believe that ever made an impression on someone when I didn't really put a whole lot of thought into what I was saying to begin with!

Can you imagine? Who have you made an impression on? Who's life have you changed? Do you even think you've helped someone ever? And now that you know that you can make such a difference, does this change how you act towards people? Will this make you think more closely about what you say and do knowing that there are people watching you?

I try to think that I watch what I do. I know there are people who take notice of what I do and it can effect them if they let it. Maybe they look up to me and try to learn from my life. Maybe they're just in my path and are along for the ride or get run over by my carelessness. I don't know.

And then there's the other side of it as well. There are plenty of people I've taken notice of and they have no idea how much their words, actions, and simple ideas have really affected my life. Some know it, and others don't.

Whatever the point of this post was, I can't remember now. Just remember, you're actions and words can hold so much more power than you could ever imagine. Don't take this power for granted and don't abuse it. Someone (or two) is out there and watching you so don't let them down.

You are most like Sally! You are a stupid,

fallacious bitch. You fit in perfectly well

with the clockwork of society, and are

popular among the others like you, and are

definitely a member of the 'beautiful

people.' You pretend to know quite a bit

about art, but couldn't recite a line of

Shakespeare if your life depended on it.

Which Catcher in the Rye Character do you think you are?
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Silently Freaking Out

Thursday, January 26, 2006

I usually check my email often. If I'm doing nothing all day, then I usually check it about every half hour. It's a good time waster. 8 seconds can go by just like that *snaps fingers* when you're having fun.....

Anyway, aside from my sad habits, with that said, I did pretty close to not a whole lot today. I skipped my morning class because Christina promised to take notes for me. She gets to skip Friday now. I like this little set up we have going. It works out in the best ways! After sleeping in, I got up, made rice, and checked my email....all morning. Oh, and I posted pictures on Facebook. It's to bad you all can't see Mark. Poor boy has a nudy photo of himself, albeit a bit blurry. Though it's crisp enough to see that he shaves his junk. Or used to as he claims. I have no confirmation either way.

After surfing the web and doing/finding nothing of interest, I went to my second class where I zoned out for most of the unimportant information. I had lunch with all my friends and really enjoyed myself. I'm liking this semester :)

(Trust me, I have a really great point at the end of this post. It's just that we all know how much I like to talk) So then I came home and checked my Email (notice a trend?) and did some laundry. It really should only take me about an hour and fifteen minutes to it, but I always take around two hours. It's just difficult to pry me away from "We Love Katamari". What can I say.

Then Christina came home from class and we watched "Must love dogs". Darcy joined us half way through it too. Very cute movie. I love John Cusack. He's so hot and I don't care how old he is! But the movie was a dud with way too much fluffy and predictable crap. (I was hoping for something similar to "When Harry met Sally" but they don't make movies like that any more *sigh)

Then, I came into my room, decided I would put my clothes away and make my bed. But first, I needed to check my mail. I mean hell, I could get something really good in the mail like...I could finally win that car!!! Or that $50,000 I'm always signing up for with www.Zoompanel.com

*Point of post [inset below]*

Instead, I found this:

Begin email

From: Mitsutoshi Sekita (Japanese Consulate)
Subject: JET program

Dear Ms. Ninamarie Carmella M***n,

It is my pleasure to inform you that you have successfully passed the 1st stage of the screening process for the 2006 JET Program year, and now I would like to schedule your interview date at Consulate General of Japan in Miami.

Your interview schedule as follows:

Date: Feb 23 (Thu), 2006
Time: 11:00 am

End Email

...I'm totally freaking out silently.

Unfortunately for me, I have some really important things to do that day. I have some small project to do with Chinese Civilization. It's also the class day before our test in said class. First test in said class. First of two tests, in said class. And it's not an easy class either. (all my classes are easy, this one is just the least of the easy)

But, it's good for me because it's on a Thursday and Christina doesn't have class which means she can come with me down to Miami and then I don't have to stay the night in crazy town because she'll help me drive. SCORE!!!

I'm sweating.

You've got a friend in me

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Low Blow

Monday, January 23, 2006

I made the mistake, if you can call it that, of checking websites of people who are interested in JET. I was actually looking for success stories but I found a lot of failures. So I read some of them to learn what not to do and some where blatantly obvious as to why they weren't chosen and then others seemed really good to me. I don't know why they weren't chosen. Which got me thinking, what if I'm not chosen? I've really been banking on the idea that, duh, I've gonna go...derh.

But what if I don't? I don't know what I'll do. Probably sit down on the floor for a few seconds and then come up with a plan. Just stand up and find something else to do. There's no reason to wallow in pity. That doesn't get me to Japan now does it.

So let me list out my great qualities, and you tell me if you think I'll make it. I need support!!!! ARE YOU WITH ME?!?!

1. I've visited Japan twice for two weeks each time. Loved it.
2. I've studied the Japanese language. I'm not very good but it's for lack of practice not lack of effort. (God, the effort I put into that!!)
3. I've had 11 exchange students at various times stay with me anywhere from two days to a month.
4. I've helped teach conversational English to Japanese students.
5. I made up the class "Japanese Culture" because they didn't offer it at my school. (I wanted it dammit, so I got it!)
6. A part of my major was Education. I have observed a number of different classes and had to write lesson plans for students ranging in grade level. ESOL was also one of those classes which taught me certain skills that help when teaching in a different language.
7. I am fluent in English.
8. I love learning about the Japanese culture.
9. I love talking. Especially about what I know, which is of course the American culture.
10. The school that I'm requesting is the sister school for my old High School. I have friends (teachers and administrators, not students) at both schools and I'm looking forward to creating pen pals, etc. I'm thinking of ideas that will help connect those schools better.

So what do you think? After looking back at these points...I think I've got a pretty good chance. I mean... DAMN!!! I ROCK!! I'm totally dedicated to this! I just hope they think so too. v(^_^)v

What's with the green shirt?

Sunday, January 15, 2006

How is it that I don't have any pictures of Dan?

Problem: Solved

I can do better than this though. Dan looks so much better!

New Semester, New me?

Saturday, January 14, 2006

I've been updating my photo albums. I just love my digital camera....if only I would take the time to read the manual, I'd probably take better pictures.

I think everyone at work thinks I'm nuts. I've had good days and I've had some down days but after being on the clock for about a half hour I can't help but feel happy. I just love my job!

Even when I'm not at my best I still feel comfortable around everyone. And they are such attractive and wonderful people too. Go Louis for knowing how to hire.

As for my classes...I think this semester will be easy enough but I'm not loving all my classes. Chinese history is turning out to be uninteresting though not boring. Philosophy is a bit over my head too. I think I just need to find the right groove.

Senioritis is setting in and I just don't feel like doing any work. I love going to class (most of the time). I enjoy living in Orlando and spending time on campus, especially with friends, I just don't feel like doing the nitty gritty work. Ah well, it comes with the territory and it's totally worth it ;)

Enjoy my pictures. I know I do (^_^)b

The Horror!

Saturday, January 7, 2006

Jessica's house is haunted. Call me weird, call me strange. You aren't the first and you won't be the last. It's true. I believe in ghosts.

Whenever pictures are taken at Jessicas house, funny spots show up in them. It never happens in any other places in the house besides the front room, her bedroom, and the hallway between them. Different cameras have shown the same things. There are creepy stories to go with these hauntings besides just the pictures as well.

Jessica has told me of how her TV has turned itself on before. No one was home and she was reading quietly in her bedroom when she heard the noise. The strange thing is that this is a very old TV. It can't be turned on with a remote control. A dial has to be turned for it to power up. (I'm talkin' ooooooold).

Most recently, Kim, Erin and I were hanging out at Jessica's house one afternoon. We were playing Poker in her bedroom and we were the only people home. (GOD! I hate poker). At one point someone came home, or so we thought. We never heard anyone walk through the door but we heard footsteps all through her house, especially the front room. We were too busy laughing to take any note of it, but we continued to hear the steps. After 10 minutes or so, when we didn't hear anyone announce their presence or just say Hi (how rude of them not to) We called out to see who would answer (we were too lazy to get up). When no one answered, Kim decided to get up to see who was home. But no one was there (dun dun dun). All of us heard the noises. She has wood floors that make plenty of sound when you walk. But we could find no one and when we asked, none of her family had come home and left without saying a word. Her doors were all locked as well (just to be on the safe side).

Those are just a few of the examples. I wouldn't be able to tell the real stories correctly. Maybe I'll get Jessica to document it for me one day. Everyone in her family thinks that she's nuts (well, except for her older sister who had a very personal experience herself).

Here are a few examples of the 'spots' we've been seeing at her house. We have plenty of pictures of the rest of her place, but they never show up there.

This was just two days ago. The spot is on Jessica's arm.

The same night. This time the picture is being taken from a different angle, but the spot is relatively in the same place.

There were at least 5 or 6 other pictures taken from both of these angles and these spots didn't appear in them.

This is interesting. This is a picture that I took of Jessica's sister (the other sister. This one thinks she's nuts) in Jessica's room. We were making a still movie called "Smack Attack" (That's a story for another time). This was about July of 2005. There are two light spots like the other two pictures, but along with them are two shiny blotches. It almost looks like someone smeared the spots with their thumbs.

The two lights spots are by her head and above the door on the left. The two smear spots are above the door to the right and in the center of the door close to the bottom. There are also a few smaller spots around the room and in the aforementioned hallway.

In the end, this is all up to your interpretation. I believe in ghosts, so naturally I believe these are ghost spots. There's no harm in believing in the supernatural....right?


Pictures for all the world to see

Thursday, January 5, 2006

I've updated my gallery. Nothing special. Just goofey pictures because I love my digital camera.

Ninjas can kiss my ass

Monday, January 2, 2006

Christmas is over. New Years is over (soon anyway). And in a week or so I'll be back in Orlando and not too soon afterwards, school will begin again. Finally. As much as I love the time off, I really enjoy going to my classes and learning and studying and kinda sorta stressing about whatever school related things I have to do. I'll miss it when I'm done but I'm excited for it to be my last semester as well. I'll never stop learning, though. It's just not me.

I've made a few changes to the site. Now, all the links should open in new windows. That's a cute little feature I've always loved. I've also put up a gallery. Check it out underneath the header "About me".

I just got back from Chicago and I had a great time. It was cold, which was the point, but it made me realize that I just don't know how to deal with that kind of weather! I'm a Florida girl. I'll always be one. I don't think I'll ever get used to the cold, especially when I'm in Japan next year with a space heater because there isn't any central heating. I really will die. You can bet I'll blog about it too ;)

I got everything I wanted this year for Christmas (go figure). Including my new digital camera! I'm not very good with taking pictures yet, but I'm sure to improve with practice. Check out my pictures and leave comments as you wish. I always enjoy them.

Peace! (^_~)v

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