Thursday, March 30, 2006

...or so it would seem. You know, breakdowns are just like vomiting. For me at least, they’re horrible to endure but I always feel better afterwards.

So yeah, I freaked out last night because I was just so damn overwhelmed. Most of my work has to be done for Philosophy class, which, dare I say, I hate! Also, add three quizzes to my Chinese ‘to do’ list. So, I went home at about midnight after work last night and discussed my issues with Christina. She advised me to skip my classes today and instead concentrate of getting my work done. (Hey, I do other classes homework in those classes anyway. I’m not missing anything. No joke)

Well, this morning I woke up, still in a panic, and began what I thought I might never finish. I ended up getting a lot more done than I expected and I feel fantastic! At around noon, I remembered that Kingdom Hearts II came out today so I jumped on over to GameStop and picked that up. Came back home and finished one of my essays. WHOOOOOOOOOO!

I then, took another break and went to the Student Union to help with fund raising. $1 per pie. (^_~)b

The only rule was, not in the ears. Check. I shoved one pie in Kevins face then smashed the other one on his head. Gently of course, I heard one girl smacked a guy in the face so hard she really hurt his nose!! I smeared it around for a little and then thought, Crap! Kevin's gotta breath! Ah, that was fun :) (check out the gallery for a couple of other pics)

After that, I hopped over to the registers office to figure out what the hell they were thinking. Somewhere along the line my name changed from Ninamarie Carmella to Nina Marie Carmella.


I tried to get this taken care of last week when I got an email yesterday saying that they had a problem with my form. Apparently I didn’t need to fill out a “change of name” form, I needed a “personal data sheet” form. Silly me. So as I walk into the registers office the lady listens to my problem, pulls up my files on the computer, and asks “Well, are you an employee here?” And I think, uh, no I’m a student, duh.

Right. Sill me again (*^_^*) Turns out, lo and behold I am an employee of UCF. Who knew? That meant I needed to go human resources in research park…pretty much BFE of UCF. I promptly got that taken care of as well.

By now it’s late and that means I have one hour before work to play Kingdom Hearts!!! One hour is not long enough to enjoy a brand new RPG. Just to letcha know.

Now, I’m at work, trying to study for my China quiz but it’s freakin hot!!! I’m in a room chock full of computers, monitors, printers and people and all of them are generating heat and the AC seems to be broken. Yeah. It’s hard to concentrate on anything academic. 1 step forward, 1 step back. Crap.

The next time I'm going to get to play KHII will be tomorrow night after 9pm and after that....if I get my work done...Saturday night after 9pm. I actually have to schedule in play time!!! (ToT)

Highlight This

Monday, March 27, 2006

So, all of my teachers have decided that the last three weeks of the semester is the perfect time to assign everything and also make it due in equally short of time. Yes, I've known that most of these assignment were coming up but half of them are difficult to do without actually taking the majority of the class. So, here's what I have to do before I can pass my classes:

1. Crime in America
-Group presentation (1 hour)
-Medium essay (2 hours)
-Final (after typing up notes, 1 hour of study)

2. Bio-behavioral Anthropology
-Speech (after reading article, 2 hours) DONE
-Final (after typing up notes, 3 hours of group study)

Ok, those first two, not bad. They are easy, piece of cake, water off a ducks back. I'm not worried about them.

3. Philosophy of Language
-Medium Essay #4 (half done, total of 2 days)
-Medium Essay #5 (probably 2 days)
-Medium Essay #6 (half a day) <-- Easier essay format
-Large Essay (1 week)
-Final (wing it, I have no idea what to study for)

Ok, so my teacherS (how do I emphasize that I have one too many teachers for this class?) told us that we had 6 essays plus a final large research paper to do. They made the first due half way through the semester, the second due three weeks after that and now they have one due every other class. What is up with that?! It's only taking me so long to write a philosophy paper because I have no idea what I'm talking about. There's barely any research that needs to be done and I still am at a complete loss. Most people think it's easy and for anyone that can BS, yes it is. But I can't BS. I don't know how to do it and I've been trying and getting B's on all my papers. Personally, I'm shocked as to why. They aren't very good, they don't say much of anything, and they aren't even written well!

4. Chinese History
-Book Assignment #2 (2 weeks to read the book, 1 hour to do assignment)
-Book Assignment #3 (1 week to read the book [that's all the time I have] two hours to bs the assignment)
-Book Report (2 weeks to read the book, 1 week to write paper)
-Final (study for 3 days straight)

These assignments are also not that bad but when I'm trying to write a bunch of Philosophy papers as well as read a bunch of books about Chinese history, it gets a little overwhelming. I want to do well in Chinese class so I'd like to actually read the books. I won't have that luxury for Book #3. She gave us more than half the semester to read the first book! Also, the final is essay format which means I have to memorize half a notebooks worth of notes. I barely scraped through with a B on the midterm and I really knew my stuff. (-_-;)

So, needless to say I've been reading a lot of articles, essays, and books. It's gotten pretty bad but I refuse to read a school book before I go to bed. I don't want to be dreaming about any Chinese Revolutions, Verbage Usages, or Sexual Dimorphic Mate Preferences in Japan. Instead, I've gone back to reading Lord of the Rings. I can't escape it though. While I was reading for all of 5 minutes last night before I passes out, I read something that might be important to know later on and I almost whipped out my pen to underline it so I could go back and take notes. (ToT) It was an automatic reaction that I won't miss after I graduate.

The Tan is Fading

Saturday, March 25, 2006

What does this picture show that I have a problem with?

A. Cleaning my room
B. Drinking too much water
C. Recycling
D. All of the above

Your guess is as good as mine, I'm not completely sure what the answer is myself.

If you had some ungodly amount of money, what outrageous thing would you do with it? If you could do anything?

I would:

1. Turn the Vlad Taltos book series into a television series, directed my Joss Weddon (of course written by Steven Brust) but I would choose who the actors were. I have an idea in my mind of how these characters are and I know they aren't the same ideas as the authors.

2. I would pay to have Firefly put back on the air. And not on FOX.

3. I would make a list of my favorite orchestral songs and have a full orchestra play them, while I am in the center of it all.

4. I would invest money in TokyoPop o(>.<)o

5. I would make a list of movies that would be better as books and find some good authors to write them. (Chronicles of Riddick, Underworld, etc)

For having mad amounts of money, I'm not very ambitious... eh, this is what I want :)


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I have succeeded! First day back at school and I feel fantastic! It's great to be back.

All spring break I sat around and relaxed, in anticipation for the release of Kingdom Hearts 2, I started playing 1 again, just to remind myself how it ended, and I forgot how much I loved playing that game! Oh Sora, Donald, and Goofy how I've missed them!

I also got a slight tan. There's something about the Florida beaches that'll do that to a person.

Other than that, hanging out with friends and such, I didn't do a whole lot for spring break. I'm glad to be back in Orlando and back to a routine. It makes me feel healthier.

Next, I checked my audit to make sure that when I bugged my adviser again, it wouldn't be for nothing. Turns out, he fixed it. That means I get to graduate and he's not a dick. Who knew?!

Also, those problems I was having with my computer, turns out it was three Trojans. Man! I'm relieved! So glad it's not the hardware. Software problems are much easier to solve. And, I didn't have to reformat my computer to fix it, another big plus ;)

So since things seem to be going my way, this only means that the trend will continue on into April and mere days before my birthday, I know I'll get the acceptance email from Mr. Mitsutoshi. That's the best Birthday present EVER! Well, that and the Sonicare toothbrush my mom got me while I was home. Early present and all. I've used it for two days and I'm in love!! Highly recommended. It was a bit expensive so my mom turns to me and says, "How about an early birthday present?" my answer was something along the lines of "who's birthday?" No joke, forgot it was coming up. Eh, makes no difference. JET is really all I'm caring about. I don't need any gifts...for now.

GOD waiting is such a bitch!

Spring Break

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Whooo Hoooo! It's Spring Break!! One whole week of sittin in the sun (^_^)b

Also, if you like any of the pictures in my gallery, save them. I'm going to be rotating things out every now and then as I get new pictures. I don't want to pay for stuff that no one really looks at anyway. Even if they did, I still wouldn't pay. But I digress, new pictures are up and old ones are gone. Enjoy!!

Still Waiting

Friday, March 10, 2006

I am in a constant state of wait.

I've kinda gone back to my feelings before the interview. Feelings of: I'm going to Japan in August. This time next year, what will I be doing in Japan? How should I be preparing?

This is such a comforting feeling because I've thought about this for so long that it's easy for me to believe that I've already made it. I have this sense that nothing can stop me and it's really a piece of cake. No worries.

...or not...

No amount of funny flash videos can take my mind off of it.

But I'm not just waiting for JET either. Right now, I seem to be waiting for just about everything.

I'm waiting for my adviser to fix my audit. If it's not fixed, I don't graduate. My adviser said he'd fix it but it's been a week and there's still no change. If he doesn't change it then I don't graduate and he's a dick. I know that I'll get this fixed before it's too late but he'll still be a dick if he's not the one to fix it or if I have to tell him one more time that if he doesn't, I won't graduate.

I'm waiting for this semester to be over but dreading it all the same. I'll miss everything once I'm gone but I still wanna get the hell outta dodge.

I'm waiting for my sister to have her baby. I still don't know what the sex is. It's strange because I don't really hear from anyone at home too often anymore. Not sure why. I think we are all just very involved in out lives and since I'm not around to witness it, I miss a lot of stuff. That's ok. Less drama to be involved in. It's interesting to come home after a month or so and see what's changed. I bet US HW 19 is still under construction and there's probably new furniture/boxes that don't belong there in my room. I'm sure Sarajane has gotten bigger and my mom's probably involved in another project with Kathy. My dad is someone that doesn't change though. I'm guaranteed that he'll always be the same when I go home.

I'm waiting for my birthday, I'm waiting for Kingdom Heats. I'm waiting for Firefly to come back and I'm waiting for Dzur to finally be published.

I've gotta keep telling myself, No matter where I am, that's where I'll be. It doesn't get any better than this...right?

In other news, I think my funputer is dying. It's going on over 4 years old and I've done some damage to my baby. What with trekking it across the state of Florida a number of times and pointless LAN parties I never even liked to begin with (I was a freshman, what can I say?) This is actually the second time writing this post. My computer froze up in the middle of writing it the firs time. It's the first time to happen but not the first signs of it showing it's age. The funniest part of this entire thing, I think, is that I decided to backup the most important things I have in preparation for the worst. I filled two Cd's.....

...I don't think you get the severity of this. This computer was built with a 40gig hd. I filled it so fast and so completely that I had to upgrade to an 80gig and that still didn't satisfy me! I have books and books of Cd's of junk that I've had to burn off and even now my hd only has 7ish gigs remaining. Without worrying about what I've already burned off, to fill only 2 discs worth of the most important things, I'm pretty proud of myself really. I'm actually banking on my computer not crashing. I have quite a bit of music that I don't want to hunt down all over again. As a rule I don't delete it if I listen to 4000 songs later, I don't want to lose it. But it's not something you can backup easily and iPod can kiss my ass. You can't use that $300 pos to backup music either. Not if you lose your playlists. Sucks doesn't it.

I'm so tired
Tired of waitin'
Tired of waitin' for youuuuuuu

More Funny

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Ok, so maybe less is more....

To accompany "Yellow Fever"

Tickling my Funny Bone

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Here are some Flash videos that I find particularly funny. I'll go ahead and add some really funny ones that most people have seen, and then some other ones not everyone knows about ;)

Poisoning Pigeons

Banana Phone


Everyone else has had more sex than me


Penguin Calls

The End of the World

Samsung Means to Come (don't sit too close to the screen for this one. But read quickly.)

Icon Story

I'll add more when I find them.


I've Found Some Happiness

Sunday, March 5, 2006

So, I've been wallowing in sorrow thinking about how I might not get into JET when the past three years have been devoted to "when I go to Japan..."

So today, I stopped reading the recent news on interviews that went well and started reading the usual, I'm in Japan and this is what it's like sort of stuff. It made me feel better because I know that'll be me. I'll make it one way or another, so why worry?

Anywho, I started making a list a few weeks ago (before the interview) of things that I think I should bring and a few reasons why. Here's what I've got so far:

Hair stuff
--De-Frizz stuff
--Hair dryer and diffuser
Dental Floss
Toothbrush (Electric and regular) and toothpaste
Pain/cold meds
--Italian dressing seasoning and bottle
Peanut Butter and Jelly
Mac and Cheese
Good shoes/insoles
Lap Top
Camera +accessories

Some of these things I've been advised to bring for various reasons. This is what I'm thinking when I made this list.
They don't have antiperspirant or tampons. A Japanese friend of mine said that she couldn't go swimming and I showed her a tampon. She thought it was a miracle. She had never seen one before.
No one in Japan has curly hair like I do. In fact, I heard a Japanese person comment that he had naturally curly hair. I giggled (inside, don't want to be insulting) because it was really more frizzy and wavy at best. They don't know curls, so I don't expect to find curly hair products.
I'm crazy about my teeth.
And my spices. I love that Italian dressing, there is none other like it.
I know that they have peanut butter and jelly and probably mac and cheese too but I'll bring it just in case I need some comfort food. It's what I can fit in a suit case.
I've heard that Japanese shoes are horrible for feet. I've witnessed this a bit myself though I haven't done real research on it and I haven't tried to buy shoes there. I just figured to get some good walking shoes. Ones that take a few minutes to lace up and are difficult to take off quickly. Irony is my middle name.
I love my pillow. It's down. And every pillow that I've come across in Japan, aside from those in hotels which are cotton, are made of beans. They are neat but not pleasant when you're used to down feathers. So I think I'll bring my own pillow which I'm currently having a love affair with. But I'm not hell bent on it. I'm sure it's a pain in the ass to pack.
Do they have AA and AAA batteries?

This is what's on my mind. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I am!

Tut Tut It Looks Like Rain

Friday, March 3, 2006

At 1:15 this afternoon I hopped on my bike to go to class when I saw that the sky was a bit dark. My first thought was, I didn't think it was supposed to rain today. Then I looked up.

Libra Community was on fire!!! The whole place burned to the ground and 12 people died while over 100 were seriously injured. There are no leads yet as to how it began but it took firefighters over 4 hours to get the fire under control.

Too bad it didn't rain.

Yeah right. It turned out that it was a controlled fire for an area of forest that UCF is trying to renovate. Gottcha ;)

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