Thursday, March 30, 2006

...or so it would seem. You know, breakdowns are just like vomiting. For me at least, they’re horrible to endure but I always feel better afterwards.

So yeah, I freaked out last night because I was just so damn overwhelmed. Most of my work has to be done for Philosophy class, which, dare I say, I hate! Also, add three quizzes to my Chinese ‘to do’ list. So, I went home at about midnight after work last night and discussed my issues with Christina. She advised me to skip my classes today and instead concentrate of getting my work done. (Hey, I do other classes homework in those classes anyway. I’m not missing anything. No joke)

Well, this morning I woke up, still in a panic, and began what I thought I might never finish. I ended up getting a lot more done than I expected and I feel fantastic! At around noon, I remembered that Kingdom Hearts II came out today so I jumped on over to GameStop and picked that up. Came back home and finished one of my essays. WHOOOOOOOOOO!

I then, took another break and went to the Student Union to help with fund raising. $1 per pie. (^_~)b

The only rule was, not in the ears. Check. I shoved one pie in Kevins face then smashed the other one on his head. Gently of course, I heard one girl smacked a guy in the face so hard she really hurt his nose!! I smeared it around for a little and then thought, Crap! Kevin's gotta breath! Ah, that was fun :) (check out the gallery for a couple of other pics)

After that, I hopped over to the registers office to figure out what the hell they were thinking. Somewhere along the line my name changed from Ninamarie Carmella to Nina Marie Carmella.


I tried to get this taken care of last week when I got an email yesterday saying that they had a problem with my form. Apparently I didn’t need to fill out a “change of name” form, I needed a “personal data sheet” form. Silly me. So as I walk into the registers office the lady listens to my problem, pulls up my files on the computer, and asks “Well, are you an employee here?” And I think, uh, no I’m a student, duh.

Right. Sill me again (*^_^*) Turns out, lo and behold I am an employee of UCF. Who knew? That meant I needed to go human resources in research park…pretty much BFE of UCF. I promptly got that taken care of as well.

By now it’s late and that means I have one hour before work to play Kingdom Hearts!!! One hour is not long enough to enjoy a brand new RPG. Just to letcha know.

Now, I’m at work, trying to study for my China quiz but it’s freakin hot!!! I’m in a room chock full of computers, monitors, printers and people and all of them are generating heat and the AC seems to be broken. Yeah. It’s hard to concentrate on anything academic. 1 step forward, 1 step back. Crap.

The next time I'm going to get to play KHII will be tomorrow night after 9pm and after that....if I get my work done...Saturday night after 9pm. I actually have to schedule in play time!!! (ToT)

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Dawn! said...

how DARE you hate philosophy!!! i LOVED it!!! what is the course number? I think i took.. um.. PHI1110 or something with an 11 in it.. Into to Philosophy or something- anyhow it did get kind of monotonous but all in all I really ended up liking it! (then again I took it at SPC ahahaha)

Nina said...

Of course you liked it. It was easy just like my philosophy 1***somethingsomething was. But I'm taking PHI 4221 that means that it's 4,000 times harder that intro to philosophy.

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