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Sunday, March 5, 2006

So, I've been wallowing in sorrow thinking about how I might not get into JET when the past three years have been devoted to "when I go to Japan..."

So today, I stopped reading the recent news on interviews that went well and started reading the usual, I'm in Japan and this is what it's like sort of stuff. It made me feel better because I know that'll be me. I'll make it one way or another, so why worry?

Anywho, I started making a list a few weeks ago (before the interview) of things that I think I should bring and a few reasons why. Here's what I've got so far:

Hair stuff
--De-Frizz stuff
--Hair dryer and diffuser
Dental Floss
Toothbrush (Electric and regular) and toothpaste
Pain/cold meds
--Italian dressing seasoning and bottle
Peanut Butter and Jelly
Mac and Cheese
Good shoes/insoles
Lap Top
Camera +accessories

Some of these things I've been advised to bring for various reasons. This is what I'm thinking when I made this list.
They don't have antiperspirant or tampons. A Japanese friend of mine said that she couldn't go swimming and I showed her a tampon. She thought it was a miracle. She had never seen one before.
No one in Japan has curly hair like I do. In fact, I heard a Japanese person comment that he had naturally curly hair. I giggled (inside, don't want to be insulting) because it was really more frizzy and wavy at best. They don't know curls, so I don't expect to find curly hair products.
I'm crazy about my teeth.
And my spices. I love that Italian dressing, there is none other like it.
I know that they have peanut butter and jelly and probably mac and cheese too but I'll bring it just in case I need some comfort food. It's what I can fit in a suit case.
I've heard that Japanese shoes are horrible for feet. I've witnessed this a bit myself though I haven't done real research on it and I haven't tried to buy shoes there. I just figured to get some good walking shoes. Ones that take a few minutes to lace up and are difficult to take off quickly. Irony is my middle name.
I love my pillow. It's down. And every pillow that I've come across in Japan, aside from those in hotels which are cotton, are made of beans. They are neat but not pleasant when you're used to down feathers. So I think I'll bring my own pillow which I'm currently having a love affair with. But I'm not hell bent on it. I'm sure it's a pain in the ass to pack.
Do they have AA and AAA batteries?

This is what's on my mind. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I am!

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OSB said...


Nina said...

Rechargeable batteries - check

Am I forgetting anything? Perhaps a good book...or two.

dan said...

Let me know when you want help looking for that laptop. I'm pretty good at the whole computer thing. Or so I'm told.

Kimi said...

definitly need some good books...but, if you forget anything atleast we can send you care packages of the good stuff you can't get there.

MatchaMonkey said...

Hey Nina,

I don't think you'll need the garlic. You can also find peanut butter here sometimes, but if you're partial to a particular brand, bring it. If you like strawberry jelly, you can get that here too, but if you like grape, you'll have to bring it. Depending on where you go, you might also have to pack lots of warm clothes. The heating isn't too good here.

Some tips for getting you hair cut...
(1) Bring a picture.
(2) Learn key phrases like "Please don't thin my hair."
(3) You might find another foreigner who's willing to cut your hair, but you will probably be dealing with an amateur, so that has risks as well.
(4) Ask other people with curly hair where they get their hair done. At least then you know the hair dresser will have seen curly hair before.

Good luck!

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