Still Waiting

Friday, March 10, 2006

I am in a constant state of wait.

I've kinda gone back to my feelings before the interview. Feelings of: I'm going to Japan in August. This time next year, what will I be doing in Japan? How should I be preparing?

This is such a comforting feeling because I've thought about this for so long that it's easy for me to believe that I've already made it. I have this sense that nothing can stop me and it's really a piece of cake. No worries.

...or not...

No amount of funny flash videos can take my mind off of it.

But I'm not just waiting for JET either. Right now, I seem to be waiting for just about everything.

I'm waiting for my adviser to fix my audit. If it's not fixed, I don't graduate. My adviser said he'd fix it but it's been a week and there's still no change. If he doesn't change it then I don't graduate and he's a dick. I know that I'll get this fixed before it's too late but he'll still be a dick if he's not the one to fix it or if I have to tell him one more time that if he doesn't, I won't graduate.

I'm waiting for this semester to be over but dreading it all the same. I'll miss everything once I'm gone but I still wanna get the hell outta dodge.

I'm waiting for my sister to have her baby. I still don't know what the sex is. It's strange because I don't really hear from anyone at home too often anymore. Not sure why. I think we are all just very involved in out lives and since I'm not around to witness it, I miss a lot of stuff. That's ok. Less drama to be involved in. It's interesting to come home after a month or so and see what's changed. I bet US HW 19 is still under construction and there's probably new furniture/boxes that don't belong there in my room. I'm sure Sarajane has gotten bigger and my mom's probably involved in another project with Kathy. My dad is someone that doesn't change though. I'm guaranteed that he'll always be the same when I go home.

I'm waiting for my birthday, I'm waiting for Kingdom Heats. I'm waiting for Firefly to come back and I'm waiting for Dzur to finally be published.

I've gotta keep telling myself, No matter where I am, that's where I'll be. It doesn't get any better than this...right?

In other news, I think my funputer is dying. It's going on over 4 years old and I've done some damage to my baby. What with trekking it across the state of Florida a number of times and pointless LAN parties I never even liked to begin with (I was a freshman, what can I say?) This is actually the second time writing this post. My computer froze up in the middle of writing it the firs time. It's the first time to happen but not the first signs of it showing it's age. The funniest part of this entire thing, I think, is that I decided to backup the most important things I have in preparation for the worst. I filled two Cd's.....

...I don't think you get the severity of this. This computer was built with a 40gig hd. I filled it so fast and so completely that I had to upgrade to an 80gig and that still didn't satisfy me! I have books and books of Cd's of junk that I've had to burn off and even now my hd only has 7ish gigs remaining. Without worrying about what I've already burned off, to fill only 2 discs worth of the most important things, I'm pretty proud of myself really. I'm actually banking on my computer not crashing. I have quite a bit of music that I don't want to hunt down all over again. As a rule I don't delete it if I listen to 4000 songs later, I don't want to lose it. But it's not something you can backup easily and iPod can kiss my ass. You can't use that $300 pos to backup music either. Not if you lose your playlists. Sucks doesn't it.

I'm so tired
Tired of waitin'
Tired of waitin' for youuuuuuu

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dan said...

Welcome to graduation limbo. I'm almost out of it. You're almost into it.

Welcome to the suck.

Good news though, my MP3 player does work for file storage. So when your funputer dies and you get a new one give me a holler and I'll throw all that music back on your pc. Awesome no?

Nina said...

You are my hero. My shining star. The wind beneath my wings. The light of my life. A true friend. Solid ground to stand on. Knight in shining armor.

Thanks ;)

dan said...

You sure know how to make a guy feel special. Swing dancing tonight?

reid said...

ipods handle playlists. you can even have itunes automatically update them, too. but anyways, don't you have a dvd burner yet? they're real cheap, and dvds make great backups. and us19 will be under construction forever! and ever! it was bad when i was there in early february. especially over between 60 and sunset. ugh.

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