The Final Product

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I finally got a picture of myself with my wonderful name tag!!

No amount of Japanese-name-tag-goodness is going to get me into JET. There's nothing I can do to improve my situation with them and there's nothing I can do to get it off my mind.

Time goes by slowly when you're waiting for it to pass. I do plenty of things to get it off my mind, but nothing works. Every time I think about something I usually imagine how it'll be different in Japan. I've been doing this for years and I can't very well stop now. And then I just think, but what if I don't go? Well, of course I'll go, just not with JET.

I'm thinking about this too much. Is it March yet?

Reading Between the Lines

Saturday, February 25, 2006

So, I keep going through the interview in my mind. I think that I could have said a lot more. I don't think I represented myself well. But it's over and I have to tell myself to relax but I'm really not doing a very good job about it. Shoulda-Coulda-Woulda keeps racing through my mind.

Anyway, one of the things that one of the gentlemen interviewing me asked was if I attended any of the activities that were Japan related in my area. I told him that I had never heard of any. For the most part I am on my own when it comes to events. I didn't think to tell him that I'm quite busy with school and I have to graduate before I can do anything else. It really is my first priority. Maybe I didn't need to say that. I hope not.

So then I get this email from the same person:

Dear Friend,

We are pleased to bring you a free Japan Anime Festival on March 19 from 2-9 pm at Florida International University, University Park Campus (11200 SW 8th St.) Greene Library (GL) 100. Join us for a lecture from Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, President of Production I.G. from Japan, who has produced hits such as Ghost in the Shell. Enjoy an anime film screening (PG-13) and more!

This event is brought to you by the Consulate General of Japan along with the Institute for Asian Studies at FIU, the Japan Foundation and Anything Goes Anime. Hope you can make it!

Sincerely yours,
The Consulate General of Japan in Miami

I have no idea how many people this was sent to. But I feel like it was sent to me directly because of what I said; that I'm never informed of anything like this. It was a lame excuse but it's true.

Personally, I thought JET frowned upon anime and manga in general. And I hate Miami!!! But I would love to go because I love Ghost in the Shell!!! I really truly do and it breaks my heart because I might see someone important there but then I might incriminate myself by proving that I like(d) anime and then if I don't go I'm showing him that even if I am informed about such events I still won't go because I'm not dedicated enough to the idea of getting the job but the truth is that I hate Miami and it's too damn expensive to take the time to go all the way down there just for one day of an anime convention!!!! *breathe*breathe*

I'm looking too into this. But the waiting and the lack of information is driving me crazy. I just wish to God that I had said more at the interview!!!!

Running Face First into the Real World Brick Wall

Friday, February 24, 2006

I went to Miami and thus, my JET interview.

Has anyone actually left that interview feeling good about it? I haven't actually heard any stories saying that the person kicked ass. I figured it was only because the people talking about their JET interviews were ones that bombed them. *sigh*

First, I hated Miami. I don't like the driving and I don't like the people. It's definitely a place I don't want to visit ever again unless I absolutely have to and even then, I don't wanna be the driver.

So the interview.... I really should have had this one covered but I went in over prepared with the wrong material. They didn't ask me things that I thought they would such as:

Do you have an interest in Japanese culture?
What do you plan to teach your students about your culture when you get to Japan?
What would you do if you were ‘groped’ on the train?
What do you think makes a good ALT?
etc etc

Instead they asked me:
What are your weaknesses?
Why didn't you study abroad in Japan but yet you went to Spain?
You have 10 minutes alone with a class, what are you going to do?
What kind of extra curricular activities will you do with the students?
Do you have a tattoo? (No, I at least got that one right!)

As I read these questions, I know all the right answers to them. I know that I really am good for this job, but it was so damn intimidating that I think I messed the whole thing up! I felt so unsure of myself. It was really unnerving. There were 4 people, two women, two men, and I was only introduced to one. They sat at a long table and I was in a chair in front of them; on display. I thought I looked good but I felt like a complete moron in front of them. I felt like I had nothing to offer that they would be impressed with and I just don't think that I did a very good job at all.

I'm going to crawl into a hole until my Birthday when I get my rejection letter.

They actually asked me what I would do if I didn't get into JET and I told them that I've checked into a couple of different programs and I would probably try one of those but that JET really is my first choice. As I was driving home I thought, but I don't want to join any other group. I want to work with JET!!!

Damn it!

Follow me on my Journey into HELL

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tomorrow morning I'm going to wake up bright and early so that I can drive to Titusville to pick up Dan and then we are on our way to Miami and then Thursday, at 11 in the morning, I'll be interviewed for the ALT position with JET. Afterwards, I will be calling some of my closest friends becuase if I don't....they'll kill me (o.0;)

Not nervous yet.

I actually have no desire to go to Miami. I've only heard bad things about that city. Mostly, I'm not looking forward to the traffic. So, to make sure that I don't have to make any U-turns, so I won't get lost, so I won't feel alien in a city with maniac drivers, I've printed out about 10 different versions of the map I'm taking with me. I have a complete path to get in and out without any problems. And when I say out, I mean like a bat outta hell! This is midterm week after all, and Nina's got two tests waiting for her as soon as she gets back!!

I think I'm more scared of the traffic than I am of the actual interview. I'm ready for that!

In fact, to get myself back into the mind set of JET, I've reread my essay that I sent to them. I'm actually really impressed with it, and since I don't think that anyone could possibly duplicate mine, since it is so unique, I'm showing it to you all. I hope you find it enlightening.

Statement of Purpose

When I was a junior in high school, in the summer of 2000, I was given the opportunity to travel to Japan as an exchange student. This once in a lifetime opportunity was made possible through the sister school relationship between Tosayamada high school in Kochi prefecture and my own Largo high school in Florida. During my two week stay, I met an English teacher from Britain who was a JET ALT. He played host for my group and through his guidance and help I soon fell in love with Japan.

Once I returned home and after some years of thinking, I decided that I too would like to be an ALT. In the summer of 2004, I returned to Japan once more as a representative of Largo high school. Since that time, I have kept in contact with not only Largo high school but also the friends that I have made in Tosayamada.

In requesting that I teach at Tosayamada high school I would like to continue to work as the liaison between the two schools. It has always been difficult to communicate between the two schools and I think that my participation would help to connect them more thoroughly. I may even be able to construct a pen pal system or other cultural exchanges between the two schools that involve all the students.

In addition, I have participated in English conversation classes to help teach Japanese students studying English at the University of Central Florida and have also taken four semesters of Japanese language. My generous and understanding family has allowed me to be host for six Japanese exchange students and each person has been unique and exciting, giving me a window into the Japanese world. As they taught me some of the amazing aspects of their culture, I was likewise overjoyed to show them my own. I enjoyed being host to those students so much that I know I would enjoy myself tremendously by being an ALT. I know that I can put my best face forward and show Japan how wonderful and rich American culture is.

Through my experiences as a host sister, a conversation teacher, and participating in a TESOL course through the University of Central Florida, I have learned a number of skills that will help me as an ALT. I have learned to speak more slowly, in simple and repeated phrases and vocabulary. I use hand gestures and facial expressions to help illustrate my point as well as put emphasis on the most important parts of sentences while still speaking in complete phrases.

I always find it most rewarding when I explain an aspect of American culture that a Japanese exchange student had not had any idea of before. The small differences between cultures always seem to be the most worthwhile and interesting. For example, at dinner one night my mother made a roast chicken and my Japanese friend was shocked that it was still complete on the bone. We laughed together but at the same time I learned how her mother usually prepares chicken which is certainly not still intact on the bone. Exchanges like that have always been the most satisfying.

In conclusion, I think that I would be a perfect candidate for the JET ALT position. I have traveled to Japan multiple times and understand some of the major differences from American life. I have studied and experienced the cultural and social structures. I know that I will be able to accept these differences and serve the entire year without breaking my contract. I am sure that I will be home sick at times, but the experience and excitement I will have from a fulfilling and rewarding position such as an ALT will keep me happy. Plus, I will take joy in every new experience that I will certainly encounter throughout my days in Japan.

Speaking of Cabin Fever

Monday, February 20, 2006

This past weekend all my roommates went home and I was very lonely. Something about this apartment eats away at me to my very core. Just one day alone here will drive me up a wall! No joke. I've freaked people out before by calling them constantly and being generally annoying all because I'm so lonely.

Artsy-Fartsy, me being bored and creative.

Thank god it doesn't happen often. Usually about once a year.

Well, this time, I took it out on Adam. He was a good sport about it too. Friday night I palled around and watched the movie Saved. I wanted to show it to him and Kevin and there were a bunch of other people there too. I think I know a couple of their names now that they've made fun of me for it, but what can I say, there were a lot of them and I get confused easily.

After the movie, David whipped out his PS2 guitar playing game and we all rocked out. Everyone really liked the game and it just reminded me of DDR so much! That's all I wanted to play too but not everyone has a pad and game just lying around. I knew I was going to get cabin fever by around noon Saturday so I forced them all into making plans to play DDR that night.

They really enjoyed themselves (^u^)

David, Josh, Nina. Notice the funny face Josh is making. I make the same faces too when I'm concentrating on this game. Adam saw that they had dance pads on sale so he got one and a used game. I brought my pad and my game and showed 'em how it was done ;)

My pad is of course the one wrapped in plastic on top of a wooden board. Does it show that I'm an uber nerd?

And this is how we spent out Saturday night. It was so much fun! I went home with sore cheeks because I was smiling and laughing so much.

I think Josh and I look good with coordinating footsteps. But I don't think that many of these pictures are flattering. Personally, I don't wear shorts very often, despite the Florida heat. I have two good reasons for this, 1. I don't like shaving. Sad truth, but I don't. 2. I have ugly legs! They are the skinniest part about me and every now and then I look in the mirror and think Damn, I'm way too thin! It's gross sometimes. But as for my legs, there's a reason for the skinny chicken legs.

I was born with Club feet. This means that both of my feet were turned inwards and facing each other. I had a couple of surgeries and plenty of casts and braces all over my feet well into my second year. I'm only going by stories that I was told when I was younger, so some of this information might be off, but it's close enough.

First, they cut a C on both of my ankles and shortened my Achilles tendon so my heal went up higher. Then they did something with a pin in my heal as well. I don't remember why. But the scars healed funny and now I have a little belly button on my right foot. :) very cute.

This procedure usually works in fixing the situation but sometimes it doesn't. So, the next thing they did was just have me grow into the right position. I had a bunch of different shoes and casts and I even had these little shoes that had a bar going between them so that they would hold my feet in place. In the end, my ankles are really thin because they never got the chance to grow properly. But hey! I can still walk and better yet, I can play DDR! It's really a miracle!

Once, when I was in high school, I saw this guy walking around on the balls of his feet and it took me a while to realize that he wasn't handicapped or anything, he had club feet and just like me, the first procedure didn't work. I guess something happened and they couldn't finish. His arms moved strangely when he walked to keep his balance and it really made him look odd. I'm so thankful that I can walk. I don't think I fully realize that I shouldn't be able to do anything when it comes to me legs.

I hung out again on Sunday. I really think I was wearing out my welcome. But what can I say, make some people a little uncomfortable for a few hours and have a few laughs at the same time, or go crazy at home. I chose the former. We played my version of cash, the card game. And good times were had by all!

Happy Valentines Day!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Nina e'Drien

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Noble Morrolan
Morrolan e'Drien:Your noble Dragaeran wizard would glady sacrifice
Easterner villages for you, regardless of his
personal reputation. The two of you will
doubtless spend hours contemplating deep
wizardry and possibly engaging in illegal
sorcery. We're sure you will have loads of
fun hosting parties in your new floating

Which Male Dragaeran is Your Soulmate?
brought to you by Which'>">Which Steven Brust character are you?
brought to you by What'>">What house are you in? (Based on the novels by Steven Brust)
brought to you by are born."

Tiassas are scheming, plotting folk, but not
without their honor. They will never shrink
from intrigue, not from seeking to learn
secrets, but when called upon to defend the
persons and good names of their friends, they
will fall to it with a will and with much
witty banter.

Khaavren, of "Phoenix Guards" and
"Five Hundred Years After" fame, is
a Tiassa, as is Countess Daro of Whitecrest.

Which'>">Which House of Dragaera do you belong to?
brought to you by

Is USB male or female?

Sunday, February 12, 2006

I cleaned my room! So there!!!

Bask in it's massiveness! It is true, I am a senior, still living on campus, and it is aue-some.

The view from the door makes my room look messy. But it's not. Those boxes under my bed are supposed to be there. That is where they belong. It is their home. And it is my home now that I've added three different types of padding to make my bed comfortable.

You may notice a few things. First, there is a white hat hanging on the bookshelf. I never wear hats but I feel a little sentimental value to it. It is the same hat I wore when I worked as a slab slave at Marble Slab Creamery. On the wall next to the closet and across from my bed is an out of date calendar from Bleach. My new calendar is on my desk, it's itty bitty and from Studio Ghibli. The towels are also supposed to be hanging at the base of my bed. I have nowhere else to hang them since the bathroom becomes so saturated when anyone takes a shower that after three days they usually smell like mildew. And that's just gross. The desk chair has a pillow on it because it is so old that the cushion has worn out. It's still a fantastically reclaimable chair. I usually curl up and take a nap in it. It's comfortable enough to actually fall asleep, but not comfortable enough to stay that way for longer than 10 minutes. It's the perfect amount of time to take a break from studying without getting too distracted. The TV that's right by the door....I think I've used it once. It's taking up space. It doesn't even look good! Lastly, Eeyore is on my bed. Two of them, to be exact. The older one is the lighter colored one and it works as a good head rest when I'm reading before I go to bed and the other one doesn't smell old so I keep it under my arm when I fall asleep.

I guess I posted this for two reasons. First, is that I showed my room to some friends yesterday and I was mortified that it was a mess. Second, and most importantly, also yesterday, I got the normal response that someone gives me when I say I live on campus.

Oh, so you're a freshman? Sophomore? Senior?! Oh... That's cool.

Riiiiiight. Some people say that I don't have to justify myself but I really think I do. I love living here. I have a huge room. I don't have to pay extra for internet and all the utilities are included in the flat rate. My RA doesn't bother me and I'm allowed to do whatever the hell I would normally do if I lived off campus like drink and make the same amount of noise (which is never very much). I also get to be on campus when anything important happens and I don't have to drive on the craptastic roads of Orlando! Personally, I love it here! Which is why I've chosen to be in this apartment for three years in a row.

This is my home. One day I'll grow up and live in the real world of landlords and monthly payments. I'll get the posters off my walls and get expensive artwork that needs to be framed, centered, and match the decor of the room. But for now, I'm just worrying about midterms.

Varying Degrees of Happy

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Adam emailed me this morning telling me that he had tried to post a story about something strange (to say the least) that happened to me one day at work....Wednesday to be exact. 1:30ish. But Google apparently ate his comment. Personally, I think it was human error but who am I to say that our System Administrator is incompetent?

Then I figured, why not tell the whole story the way it really happened and not the way it happened according to Mr. Monkey Brains.

I went over to the lab after lunch to give out brownies with sprinkles ;) I was leaning over the desk slightly so of course my rear-end sticks out a little, but everyone does it so why should I feel self conscious? I turn around at one point and see my friend Mark and his friend...we'll call him Joe. I don't remember the guys name.

Incidentally, Joe has recently started dating someone new. He's 21 and his girlfriend is 19. He thinks it's a bit young but he's willing to make sacrifices, she is legal after all. And again, who am I to judge? I dated a guy who was 18 when I was 20 (early 20!!). Same thing? No, mine is far more sad (ToT)

But I digress. Just keep that last bit of random information in mind.

So, I turn around and see Mark and Joe. I ask them what brings them to the second floor of the Union and they say "Oh, nothing. We're just checking out your ass". And here's where I surprise myself. I think most girls would turn completely around to face them and hide their butt, and others would probably get angry or blush or something else considered modest. Not me. No no, I turned completely in the opposite direction and stuck out my ass even farther and said something along the lines of "Really?! Isn't it cute? Oh, but let me take out my credit card, it leaves a weird square on my right cheek. You know, because I ride my bike everywhere, it's even toned but still round!" and they just chuckled and Mark turns to Joe and says, "See? I told you she'd be cool with it."

After hearing that comment I ask them what brings this up, and Joe says that he was telling Mark about his girlfriend and how she's all of 98lbs, 5'2" and has not weight except in her arse. (That's the exact description of me btw, in case you were curious) and that's when Mark said "Oh Nina's the same way, let's go look". I was a little mortified (but I didn't let on) because even though I like the way I look, I really hope no ones looking that intently to recognize that my rear-end is so "large". Besides, I'm a little self conscious because my older sister, who used not to have a large back end, makes me feel bad when I can't get into her size 0 pants. SIZE 0!!! No one fits those things! Especially if they have a nice dairyaire!

So I went home and told my roommate what happened. She tells me that I'm wrong, it didn't happen like that at all! It turns out, she was a part of that conversation and she's the person who made the comment that my ass was like Joe's girlfriends. This makes me feel better. I have no doubt that Mark and countless other men have checked me out before *blush* but I'm just glad to know that it was Christina, who has had numerous conversations with me on this and other such subjects, that brought up my backside. Not Mark.

So is it bad to think that I look good? Is is bad to really really like myself the way I do? I asked Christina and she said it was all good because I'm never so arrogant that I think I'm better than anyone else. No no! Not me! I love myself! And I love when other people love myself! If they hate me for being arrogant, how can they love me? Truer words, never spoken (^_~)v

My beautiful tukus. I know it's not large. I don't want hate mail or anything saying that I'm out of my mind. I know it's small. Everything about me is small. This part just happens to be larger than the rest.

And on a different note, I thought this picture would be appropriate. (If I haven't already posted it. I can't remember.) I found this fast food place in Chicago. Apparently, it's the only one so far. I really liked it and I wish they had one in Florida! I'd eat there all the time!

"Yee Haa!" said the Raven

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

I am so busy! It's insane. Yesterday, I had to wake up early so I could study for Chinese Civilization which I should have done all weekend, but didn't. I came home after that to scarf down my first meal of the day (noon) and not read the articles for Philosophy class because 1. It doesn't matter if I read them or not, I don't understand any of it and 2. I didn't think about it until I was on my way to class.

After that I went straight to work and had fun. Came home around 6, went grocery shopping, came home, had dinner, watched Euro Trip with Christina and Chrissy and remembered at 11:30 that I had to make brownies. I popped those in the oven and then remembered that I wanted to add sprinkles, so I waited until they were done because I remembered what my mom said about cheesecake "Don't open the oven door, it'll deflate like a souffle". But this isn't a cheesecake or a souffle and I should have opened the oven door to add the sprinkles because they just don't stay on when it's done cooking. I know this now. Will I remember it later? Probably not.

I was also supposed to do laundry last night but didn't. I just wanted to sit down! This morning was cold like I knew it would be and so I rummaged through my dirty clothes hoping there was something that wasn't so gross that I couldn't wear it. I pulled out a shirt, smelled it, turns out I'm a very clean person. Who knew? It smelled great! As if I had never worn it or thrown it in the hamper for a week! Still Gain fresh :)

It's the little things in life that make me the happiest. That, and the big things.

So, this weekend...hmmmm where to begin.

My sister is pregnant. She's due in May. You do the math. She thinks the kid is a boy. I think it's a girl just for spite. Either way, it'll be called Adrian. We have no idea either because the child has it's legs crossed. I think for spite as well.

Note the dog, bearing it's teeth! See the ferocious beast protect it's master! Run in terror of this monster! The horrors!!!

No really. It's just yawning. This is bear. My grandmothers crappy dog. He smells and bites himself incessantly because no one takes him to the vet because my grandmother thinks all doctors are stupid, even veterinarians. And he smells because he's a dog. Duh. It doesn't matter how many times someone gives this dog a bath, as soon as he goes outside for his business, he smells like...yeah.

This is the first time that bear has seen my sister since she's been pregnant. He freaked out. Followed her around, sat next to/on her. Laid at her feet. In fact, at one point in the evening, she decided that she might want to take a relaxing bath. Bear followed her into the bathroom, watched her get in the water, and promptly jumped in after her and then right out again because he suddenly remembered that he never liked water to begin with. So now, we have this little wet rat running around the bathroom getting water everywhere. So much for a relaxing soak. I came in, removed the dog, and handed him to my dad. I don't deal with that animal anymore than I have to. I'm sure you've noticed that I don't think he's cute and I don't like him.

This dog went absolutely nuts. He started tensing up. You could feel him shaking and just generally having an anxiety attack. My dad dried him off and let him loose. He went right back to the bathroom where he parked it and began whining.

You should have seen it when she left for the evening at around midnight. The dog didn't stop freaking out until she came back the next morning. He didn't sleep. He just paced around the house, barking occasionally, and biting himself. He started biting even more than normal too! I think it turned into a nervous habit for him! Crazy!

I know all of this because I was sleeping on the couch. Why was I on the couch? you ask. Well, that's because I wanted to monitor this stupid dog and make sure I got a complete report of his crazy so I could thoroughly blog about it later. WRONG! It's because I'm stupid...haha why else would I do it?

This is the next day. My sister and her step son (boyfriends son? Her baby's daddy's son?) Issac trying to tiptoe around bear so that he can talk to Sarajane (my sister) Bear looks like he's sniffing the box in the middle of our kitchen floor, where it belongs, but he's not. He's really checking out Issac and making sure he doesn't do anything shifty.

And again, the stupid dog terrorizing poor Issac. I told him to kick the dog...politely. For all the animal rights out there, he didn't go through with it. But I wish he had.

Lastly, as a final note. My name-tag was a hit.

Let's curb the enthusiasm, shall we?

Unfortunately it came out a little dark...

And I haven't gotten one yet because:

This was a week ago, too. (ToT)

It's Late! YEAH!!

I found it! I found my old post! Rapture!!!!!!

So, it seems that Blogger is having it's problems. I've emailed them. And ghetto rigged the solution myself. I've located my old post. I had to google for it. I love google, hence my devotion to blogger. I have faith in this company :)

Anyway, here's the link, hopefully I'll be able to delet this post when Blogger fixes things to be normal. And to think I was going to post about my sisters pregnancy and my grandmothers overprotective dog... pssssshh no way! Not when I can repost what people have already read!!! FUN!

I forgot

Saturday, February 4, 2006

I'm posting at work again, so God help me...

Anyway, I forgot that there were some cute stories that went with every person that I posted a picture of yesturday. So I'm writting about it now.

1. Nicole. She is the girl on the bed. I can recall when we were freshman and had at least three of four classes together. This was the norm in the magnent program we were in (21st century learning center and teaching arts achademy magnent program) We were in History class, first block, Mr. Kehelor's class (I spelled that mans name wrong but who cares, it's pronounced Kaler) We were working in a group together and we had our desks facing each others. She was babbling on about something that I really didn't understand and when I came back into the conversation she was saying that she couldn't tell if she looked more like an Italian or Greek (I think) and at the time, I didn't know what the stereo type was and so I said...uhhhh you look more like you're mixed. And her eyes got really wide and she says "What do you mean I look mixed?!?!" and I told her that I simply thought she looked like a mixture of both Greek and Italian, or whatever groups she was talking about. She apparently thought that I thought she was white and black, hence "mixed". It took me a while to figure out why she was so shocked.

2. Erica. I have a few memories of Erica. I always tried to watch what she was doing because I always thought she was really cool and popular. In Elementary school, she was popular. At least as popular as you could get at such a young age. She sat next to me in Art class once in 5th grade and we were carving plastic tiles so that we could make stamp art. I accidently cut myself so I had to go to the office to get a bandaid. I came back for the last bit of class and after I had sat down, Erica looked at me and said, "I'll be back, I have to use the bathroom," and then rather spastically she finished with "bandaid girl!" and walked away. I thought it was hilarious at the time!

Most everything she did was spastic. Like when we had science class together in sophomore year. We were doing group projects (again) and she was in the front of the class where as I was in the back. She stands up suddenly and yells to the entire class "I just want everyone to know that I love men! That's right! Men. I love them!" and sat down. It just made me wonder what the conversation her group was having that made her stand up like that.

3. Chris. I met Chris when I was working a Nielson Media Research calling people with surveys. I thought he was an alright guy and I needed someone to talk to, so we struck up a conversation. I don't remember how it got started but we ended up talking about Anime and this was at my height of anime-obession, so we hit it off imediately. He was the first person that I had ever met who wasn't weird but still liked anime. I ended up hanging out with him after work a couple of times. In fact, the first time we hung out, I ended up sitting on the phone for about an hour talking/arguing with my boyfriend at the time. He ended up getting a call from a girl friend of his who was having problems, so we were equally rude to each other and it evened out in the end. He was a really cool guy. They always say that you can judge a guy by his friends and his friends are very diverse. You can't tell by looking at any of them what type of person he is. His personality is just as diverse as they are.

4. Mike. He was like a little flash of lightning on the dance floor at the Wednesday Night Swing Dance Club. I always loved dancing with him. I actually met him through my friend Aozora. When she was leaving to go back to Japan, he ended up tagging along and I spent the entire night talking to him about random things. He brought up questions about himself that I wish I could have gotten answers too, but we ran out of time before I could bring them back up. He's an artsy guy, coming from Gibbs High School, but he's not as weird as my sister and her friends were, who also went to Gibbs. (this isn't so much of a story as it is....just is)

5. Kevin....a story about Kevin?...hmmm He likes taking Karymi's artwork and putting it through the shredder. He takes such joy in it, he can sometimes giggle like a little girl, it makes him so happy. He watched the Notbook, volunatarily, but I can't be sure if he liked it. It didn't make him cry. He's too manly for that. ....Hmmm I'm having a very hard time coming up with a story. Oh! I know! Kevin, why don't you write a story about me? I know you're reading this! Post a comment with a story about something stupid I did at work. That'll not only be a funny story, but it'll be easy to think of. I can tell by the look in your eyes that I'm always doing something you find stupid.

So those are my stories. I hope you found them interesting. I have this sneaky suspicion that my blog is going from pointless to boring. Just wait until I get to Japan. Then things'll get interesting!!

Time has been kind to us

Friday, February 3, 2006

I absolutely HATE posting at work. I HATE when I post some really cool thing and when I click "spell check" because we all know that my spelling is atrocious, it clears the entire blog because of pop up blocking crap!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH RAGE!!!

So I'm going to continue posting at work, again, and I'm not going to check my spelling. You'll all have to deal with it.


Now, what was I saying? There was something very profound about friends that I hadn't gotten as close as I would have liked to. Ah yes, I was surfing facebook, like ya do, and I kept seeing all these strange pictures. I just had to show everyone. Then, it occurred to me that most of these pictures, though they were my friends on facebook, weren't actually very close to me.

These people have made at least a little bit of an impact on my life, and I doubt any of them know it. So, I'm not letting them know. Instead, I'm telling the internet.

This is Erica and Nicole. I went to High School with both. I also went on a group trip to Spain with Nicole. Erica actually went to Elementary and Middle school with me as well. This is kind of a big deal for me because she's the only person to do this. There were only 4 people (all girls) that went from my middle school to my high school. I always thought that Erica was a really cool person and I bet we have a lot more in common than we would ever give ourselves credit for, but we just never made it as friends. I was never outgoing enough and I think I was always a little too uptight. It's too bad really. I still remember what she was like in Elementary school. We sat next to each other in art class. She was always making jokes.
(And btw I have no idea what's going on in this picture)

This is Chris. I met him in the summer of '03. I guess I've always kinda sorta looked up to him. He is such a great and well rounded guy. There was nothing he couldn't do. A jack of all trades. I think he definitely has his head on straight. He knows where he's going and he's loving every minute of it even when things don't go his way. Then I saw this picture. I don't know if this scares me, or just confirms my own opinions about him.... he definitely knows who he is.

I met Mike last summer. We used to go swing dancing together and I always loved his style. Even after I started school and left Clearwater, he's still not that far away because now he's a freshman at Rollins College. But we still never see each other and I think that's too bad. It just seems that life gets in the way sometimes. He looks so sad here too.

Now, Kevin actually reads this blog. Yeah for me! I just thought this picture was funny. Kevin is like a pet rottweiler. One that you actually own and know. He seems scary to everyone, at least when he starts growling (and he does growl too!) but deep down you know that he's just a really friendly guy that wants to play around and maybe even fetch once in a while. He's a really good guy. Him, and everyone else that I work with. Except for Ryan. He's just an ok guy.

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