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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tomorrow morning I'm going to wake up bright and early so that I can drive to Titusville to pick up Dan and then we are on our way to Miami and then Thursday, at 11 in the morning, I'll be interviewed for the ALT position with JET. Afterwards, I will be calling some of my closest friends becuase if I don't....they'll kill me (o.0;)

Not nervous yet.

I actually have no desire to go to Miami. I've only heard bad things about that city. Mostly, I'm not looking forward to the traffic. So, to make sure that I don't have to make any U-turns, so I won't get lost, so I won't feel alien in a city with maniac drivers, I've printed out about 10 different versions of the map I'm taking with me. I have a complete path to get in and out without any problems. And when I say out, I mean like a bat outta hell! This is midterm week after all, and Nina's got two tests waiting for her as soon as she gets back!!

I think I'm more scared of the traffic than I am of the actual interview. I'm ready for that!

In fact, to get myself back into the mind set of JET, I've reread my essay that I sent to them. I'm actually really impressed with it, and since I don't think that anyone could possibly duplicate mine, since it is so unique, I'm showing it to you all. I hope you find it enlightening.

Statement of Purpose

When I was a junior in high school, in the summer of 2000, I was given the opportunity to travel to Japan as an exchange student. This once in a lifetime opportunity was made possible through the sister school relationship between Tosayamada high school in Kochi prefecture and my own Largo high school in Florida. During my two week stay, I met an English teacher from Britain who was a JET ALT. He played host for my group and through his guidance and help I soon fell in love with Japan.

Once I returned home and after some years of thinking, I decided that I too would like to be an ALT. In the summer of 2004, I returned to Japan once more as a representative of Largo high school. Since that time, I have kept in contact with not only Largo high school but also the friends that I have made in Tosayamada.

In requesting that I teach at Tosayamada high school I would like to continue to work as the liaison between the two schools. It has always been difficult to communicate between the two schools and I think that my participation would help to connect them more thoroughly. I may even be able to construct a pen pal system or other cultural exchanges between the two schools that involve all the students.

In addition, I have participated in English conversation classes to help teach Japanese students studying English at the University of Central Florida and have also taken four semesters of Japanese language. My generous and understanding family has allowed me to be host for six Japanese exchange students and each person has been unique and exciting, giving me a window into the Japanese world. As they taught me some of the amazing aspects of their culture, I was likewise overjoyed to show them my own. I enjoyed being host to those students so much that I know I would enjoy myself tremendously by being an ALT. I know that I can put my best face forward and show Japan how wonderful and rich American culture is.

Through my experiences as a host sister, a conversation teacher, and participating in a TESOL course through the University of Central Florida, I have learned a number of skills that will help me as an ALT. I have learned to speak more slowly, in simple and repeated phrases and vocabulary. I use hand gestures and facial expressions to help illustrate my point as well as put emphasis on the most important parts of sentences while still speaking in complete phrases.

I always find it most rewarding when I explain an aspect of American culture that a Japanese exchange student had not had any idea of before. The small differences between cultures always seem to be the most worthwhile and interesting. For example, at dinner one night my mother made a roast chicken and my Japanese friend was shocked that it was still complete on the bone. We laughed together but at the same time I learned how her mother usually prepares chicken which is certainly not still intact on the bone. Exchanges like that have always been the most satisfying.

In conclusion, I think that I would be a perfect candidate for the JET ALT position. I have traveled to Japan multiple times and understand some of the major differences from American life. I have studied and experienced the cultural and social structures. I know that I will be able to accept these differences and serve the entire year without breaking my contract. I am sure that I will be home sick at times, but the experience and excitement I will have from a fulfilling and rewarding position such as an ALT will keep me happy. Plus, I will take joy in every new experience that I will certainly encounter throughout my days in Japan.

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Kimi said...

You are darn right I will kick your ass if you don't call. I also have a message from Eliason...he says don't worry you'll kick ass.

Good Luck my love muffin!!!!

Dan said...

I'm ready. Get over here whenever!

Anonymous said...

oooops. looks like you're the perfect candidate.

Mark said...

Good luck, hope you get what you want. I was in Tosayamada in 1993/94, I was visiting the 1st JET ALT who was then my fiance. I went back 3 times and have maintained contact with friends in Kochi. Enjoy your time there, it is a wonderful place and experience.

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