Alright, who put the bullet in the furnace?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

  • It seems I will be going to Thailand after all. The airports are open and the protesting has stopped. Overall, it seems "safe"
  • Today is the coldest day of the year so far. It rained two days ago making it QUITE warm then suddenly the temperature just dropped down into the negatives. No snow...yet.
  • On my way to the Winter Summer Festival, I spotted what looked like my bike parked at the Circle K just down the street from my apartment. I did the check I always do when passing any red bike: Is it red? Yes. Does it have the right kind of basket? Yes. Does it have my lock around the base of the seat? Yes. YES!!! It's my bike!!! I made the fastest (and safest) U turn and booked it back to the convenience store. I looked around and saw two middle school girls lounging around looking "idle". I'd blame them but I have no proof. They seemed mildly amused as I left. Either because I took the bike they planned to use or because they were surprised to see a foreigner. It could be either. Surprisingly though, I don't feel happy about this. I feel really angry. Like, really angry. To ride my bike home, I had to leave my car there. I was actually worried that those girls might key it. This is Japan!!!! *sigh* I guess there are jerks in every country :P
  • I've been trying to find a good recipe for "microwave cake" aka: the most dangerous cake. I've come to the conclusion that any cake in the microwave, regardless of how much sugar or baking powder it does or does not have, will always come out like crap. Cakes were never meant to be nuked.
  • I can tell I've been in Japan too long because every time I watch an American TV program, my first reaction to a beautiful girl is to marvel at how large her eyes are. No joke. Is it me? Or are Summer Glau's eyes REALLY big? Does she does that on purpose?! I think she does that on purpose.
  • I've been really getting into some American TV shows recently. I can't get enough! The Office, 30 Rock, The Terminator Sarah Conner Chronicles. I love it :)
  • I wore a skirt on the coldest day of the year and only my hands were cold. I've really been here too long.

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