Thursday, April 17, 2008

Strawberry picking. $12 for all you can pick and eat. No take out boxes

I was just trying to take a nap! Then Michelle comes by and steals my couch right from under me. I had to retaliate somehow!

Hanami viewing party at my place. But we were too interested in trying to start the grill than enjoy the scenery.

Later that night

International music party. I sang acapella when there were no other acts to be had. Everyone was too drunk, myself included. Which is why I was able to get up there in the first place!

Dancing at the first genki performance weekend.

Again, the first genki performance weekend. That's right. I'm in a towel on stage and then I get to kick ass to the "Wild Wild West" in that same towel. YeeHa!

Goofing around in the only 3 minutes I have to just relax during the whole play. Every other minute, I'm either on stage or waiting for my cue. I'M TIRED!!!

And I still have another weekend to go. Anyone else taking a vacation day Monday? Say "aye".


How I Spend My Lunch Break

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It is now the end of the break between school years. AKA, one of the two times out of the year that I sit at my desk with nothing to do for more than a month at a time. It's actually a little hard to say since the days seem to drag on and have kind of molded into one another, but I'm pretty sure this has been going on for a month and a half now. A MONTH AND A HALF!!!!

At first, I was really great about keeping productive. I've actually gotten a lot done! I mean, you all know how much I don't want to be a teacher. But I actually wrote up a whole sylabus and enjoyed it just because it gave me something to do! (Also, I think it'll be a really kick ass class if I can pull it off but that's another story for another time)

But thank god that the time is coming to an end. Hopefully, classes will start just in time for my birthday. I don't know if I should take this as a bad omen or not

Anyway, one of the great things about not having classes is that I can take a long lunch break. Normally, I'm not allowed to eat off campus. I'm allowed to leave to run errands and to actually go buy my lunch but it's frowned upon if I stay out too long. I can understand this.

But over the school holidays, I can take as long as I like. I got the idea from my fellow teachers! They'd take me out to lunch and the break would last anywhere from an hour to three!

It took me a while, but this time around, I finally learned the joys of going home for lunch. Making my own (cheap) meal and playing around during the daylight hours in my own, relaxed, Flows To The Tune Of Nina, apartment.

But recently, the middle and elementary schools have caught up with the high schools and my fellow ALT friends in the area are also stuck at their desks doing nothing. Complaining that it's going on the second week in a row. Cry me a river!!!

Anyway, it just means that we can go out for lunch together! And since it's spring, we've certainly enjoyed searching around our area for beautiful Hanami viewing spots. Hanami only blooms for two weeks at best, so really, this time shouldn't be squandered behind a computer screen or a book (which I happen to be reading 5 of....out of sheer boredom!)

The two hour lunches help to break up the monotony of the day. Plus, I'm looking forward to hosting my own Hanami party. I'll be sure to post pictures!!!

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