Thursday, April 17, 2008

Strawberry picking. $12 for all you can pick and eat. No take out boxes

I was just trying to take a nap! Then Michelle comes by and steals my couch right from under me. I had to retaliate somehow!

Hanami viewing party at my place. But we were too interested in trying to start the grill than enjoy the scenery.

Later that night

International music party. I sang acapella when there were no other acts to be had. Everyone was too drunk, myself included. Which is why I was able to get up there in the first place!

Dancing at the first genki performance weekend.

Again, the first genki performance weekend. That's right. I'm in a towel on stage and then I get to kick ass to the "Wild Wild West" in that same towel. YeeHa!

Goofing around in the only 3 minutes I have to just relax during the whole play. Every other minute, I'm either on stage or waiting for my cue. I'M TIRED!!!

And I still have another weekend to go. Anyone else taking a vacation day Monday? Say "aye".


2 shared their love:

jessica said...

It all looks so fun and you look so cute! Love you!

Anonymous said...

This was posted April 17th and it is now May 13th!!! What am I to read????

I will be e-mailing you soon. Lots to tell, but nothing really interesting.

Love You!!!!


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