Orientation: Straight

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Step 1: Blow dry

Step 2: Brush

Step 3: Straighten


Step 4: Remove static (*^_^*)

Everest Revisited

Friday, April 28, 2006

Thank Kevin for this wonderful Photoshop project. Very talented :)


Thursday, April 27, 2006

Good lordé have I been bizé!

I am currently done with finals and I find myself at work with…nothing to do…everyone’s studying but two days into finals week and I’m completely done! I have nuthin’ ta do. So sad. Still can’t read any good books because I have none. Can’t buy one either because I am stranded…but all that in due time.


Let’s see, let’s see…So, when last we left Nina she was getting ready for finals. Well, I’ve already explained how easy/hard they were expected to be so there’s no reason to go over that again. Basically, I know I was going to have to study my ass off for Chinese history, pray for my soul in Philosophy and sleep through Biobehavior and Crime in America.

Saturday came and went and I passed the entire day studying. Except when the sun went down at which time I drew henna on Chrisitna’s back and my hand. They came out quite nicely I think. But my hand art is far too distracting. Every time I look down at what I’m doing I’m caught off guard because I think I have something gross on my hand. EEEEUUUUU GET IT OFF!!! Then I remember it’s my own crappy drawings.

That night I went to bed early, wrapped up like a mummy because the longer you leave henna on your body, the darker the stains. So, I slept in toilet paper and plastic wrap. I think my efforts proven fruitful :)

I then woke up Sunday morning at 6am so I could jump in the shower, head to Chrissy’s house, drive to Disney and pick up a park hopper’s ticket. We ran around all day going from one park to the next starting at Animal Kingdom, Epcot, MGM, Epot, and ending up at Magic Kingdom. We went to Epcot twice because it pretty much sucked but we stayed long enough to pick up a fast pass for Soarin and leave until our time came.

By about 8 in the evening we were literally running through the parks trying to get everything in before they closed down for the evening. We didn't get home until about 2am.

This is all four of us riding Everest for the first time. I highly recommend it (^_^)b We had no idea what to expect, had no idea it was a real rollercoaster, that it was in the dark, or that it went backwards for the majority of the ride. Sooooo much fun.


Needless to say I didn’t get any studying done on Sunday. Much to my sadness. I woke up Monday morning with bags under my eyes because after an exhausting run in the sun and only 5 hours of sleep, you really need at least 2 days to recover. But Nina doesn’t have time for that. Remember, it’s finals week. So I get my ass outta bed and continue studying.

My Chinese History final would have kicked my ass if it weren’t for the cute little 3x5 card I was allowed to take in with me. Point 3 font, thank you very much :) This test consumed one large blue book (the official essay booklet of crappy essay type tests)

Next, directly after the first, I had my Philosophy final. This consumed two full blue blooks. Bastards. I am so happy to be done with that class!!!!

I know I did well-ish on the Chinese final and I know I didn’t fail the philosophy final so I’m guaranteed an A or a B in both classes! Whoo!

On Tuesday, I also picked up my cap and gown. Joy! But…somewhere between the bookstore and my apartment, I completely lost my life in card format. That’s right. You name a card that would consist of Nina and I lost it. My Credit card, Check card, Drivers license, and UCF ID... I flipped out.

By 8 that night everything had been canceled and now I’m just waiting for my new cards in the mail. This could take up to 2 whole weeks. Until then…I have no cash. But I sold my books back today so I’ve got $10 in my pocket. wee

After the initial shock I’ve come to find a few very good things about losing my cards.
1. Now, I can’t go grocery shopping which means I have to eat all the food I’ve had lying around the fridge that I would probably have thrown away when I move out in a week.
2. I just got my UCF ID replaced (Why? I hear you all scream in unison: student discounts. duh) and found out through this ordeal that I had about $200 on it that is refundable and I would not have known this if I hadn’t come in. That money would have been lost forever waiting for me to return to UCF which…is probably never going to happen *sob*
3. I usually keep a little more than $50 on my card that is not replaceable if it’s lost. Well, not 2 weeks ago I just happened to use all of that cash up and did not replace it, therefore, my loss totaled 20 cents! ($15 for the card, and 20cents)

Look on the bright siiiide of life *wistle**wistle*

Today was my last day of finals. Talk about two easy tests! I studied about a half hour for each and I know I aced them. But, I didn’t start studying until this morning and since my first final was at 8, that meant I had to wake up at 7. The first thing I do for my study ritual is to turn on my computer and check my email…what?

When I went to my computer this morning, it didn’t turn on.

Remember that virus I had a while back? Well, I did in fact have a virus problem but I also had a hard drive problem and now it’s back in full swing. I got it to start working but I fear it shall not last the week. But we'll see. I realized that some files are too important to lose and I really REALLY began backing up my hard drive. 20 gigs on 700mg. Gawd it took all day! But now I feel a lot safer watching my hard drive die a slow and painful death. (How cruel of you Nina! Just pull the damn plug! Dogs have more humane deaths than that!!!)

And now, for the grand finale of the super long post:


So, a lot of people come into the lab asking the same questions and I usually try to come up with something witty just for my own insanity.

Question: Do you guys have a paperclip, stapler, pen, sticky note, etc?
Answer: Yeah but it’ll cost you $0.50 per item and if you don’t have the money handy right now, I can place it on lay away for you. Or, if you need it right now, you can sign your name on this contract…yes, right there…in blood please…good…this is just promising me your first born. I hope it’s a boy :) The God’s like those the most. Their feistier.

Question: I don’t have my ID can I still use a computer?
Answer: No

Actually, I’ve gotten really good at keeping a straight face for this one and I get the best range of emotions. Some people are resigned to their fate of computerlessness while others look like they are going to start crying or even yelling. They open their mouth to shout that they were just in here yesterday and the nice asian girl signed them in and why the hell can’t they get a computer now, before I smile and say “kidiiiiiiiing”

Question: I’ve never been here before, how does this work?
Answer: Well, first you hav to raise your hands above your head…go on…and turn around once and end in a bow to me saying “I would like a computer please” then swipe your card at the machine to your right and get in line.

(I’ve gotten people to do this)

Question: I over printed. How can I pay for that?
Answer: *sigh* How many pages did you over print? Only 3? Alright hold out the back of your hand. Light tap on the back of the hand, and with a completely straight face I say “Don’t do it again.”

I only did this once and I was really tired when I did it. I couldn’t really get a lot of enthusiasm behind it so it didn’t have the feel of a joke but it was clearly a joke! If I had been the person, I would have been rolling on the floor laughing!!!! But instead this rather cute guy turned away with equal enthusiasm as I was showing to him (or lack there of) but I think I caught a smirk on his way out :)

Other times you can catch me hopping about the lab or deleting people print jobs just for the hell of it, depending on my mood.

Finals are over! I’m graduating! I’m so HAPPY!!!

David Con't 3

Thursday, April 20, 2006

So remember that story way back in September about the mix up between black Davids? And then how I commented about it later saying that everyone was laughing about the story but yet one of the party members had no idea that everyone knew and he had no idea of what went down in his name? (Link)

Well I finally met Bald Dave last night. He came into the lab and I sat there listening to his conversation with Mat for a little while before I realized who it was.

Me: "David? You're David?! The guy who used to work at Applebee's, the bald one, the one who used to work here?"
Dave: "Do I know you?"

So I then told him the story. I have to admit that it took a little bit of courage to admit to him that this entire thing happened because I thought he was hot.

Me: "So yeah, I met you this one night..."
Dave: "I remember that night, someone was wearing a shirt that said pervert in Japanese"
Me: "Yeah that was me, so anyway, after that Dan said that his friend Dave was looking for a girlfriend and didn't mind white chicks so I made it quite clear to him that I thought his black friend Dave was very hot" (I'm turning red, he just smiles and listens) "You mean the guy with the hair?".... and if you want to know the rest, read the damn stories as I posted them so long ago.

The Dave Dan was thinking about, who I am now friends with (<--)

The Dave that I thought he was talking about. The one I thought had hair (-->)

On a different note, I showed Bald Dave's picture to a friend of mine and told her yet again the funny story. (It's really not so funny that I need to be repeating it to everyone, but another chapter always warrants at least a recap) and she looks at him and says "Oh, Dave! I know him, he was in my Italian class...isn't he gay?"

Might as well be.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Eat Your Heart Out McDonalds

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Have I ever mentioned my issues with food? It's not so much the food that I have issues with, it's everyone else's perceptions of me and food.

I don't think I can express how much I enjoy eating. I truly do. Food is a gift from heaven and I praise the lord every time I take a bite. I've annoyed many a people by making pleasure noises while I eat something particularly tasty. Yesterday's lunch was one of those and so I just thought I had to share:

Roast Turkey, Black Sugar Ham, Hard Salami, Provolone, Lettuce, Tomato, Hummus, Italian Dressing, all on a toasted Everything Bagel. AH! Heaven!

Add Lay's Baked Bar-B-Q potato chips with it and a big glass of water and that is the perfect meal! I highly recommend it :)

So then, why is it that people think I have an eating problem? People have asked my roommate behind my back if I ever ate and she looked at them like they were nuts. I've heard many a Freudian slip as well. It's too bad I can't remember any of them but it's the funniest thing when someone accidentally slips that they think you have an eating disorder!

In other news, I made a fool of myself again. I had all my JET papers together and I put them into an envelope, hopped on down to the post office and sent it on it's way. This was about 2 and the mail gets picked up at 2:30. I then drive home and recheck my paperwork to make sure that I sent everything and sure enough I had forgotten a copy of my passport. SHIT!!!!

No time to call the post office by the time I find there number it'll be gone! I ran to the car (no really, I ran) and drove at top speed down there with my passport in hand. If need be, I'll just send that with it! I got there at about 2:25. I got my mail back but because I didn't want another day to pass because of my stupidity, I ran to the bookstore next door, got a copy of my passport, neatly ripped open my envelope, put everything together and sent it off just in time. Now I'm just hopping that there really isn't anything more that I forgot cuz lord knows I'd be going to a very special hell for making such a dumb mistake ;)

Getcho Fat Ass..

...to the Gym!!!

So I did. Christina says it's senioritus but I think it's the lack of exercise that's making me feel so tired and unmotivated. Perhaps it's a little of both. I'll just sit in front of my computer all day playing Solitaire. How unstimulating! But I've gotten quite lazy recently so I decided to go to the gym and only a small workout on the ellipticals made my legs feel like jelly. I think I'll be going there for often until I have to leave.


After I got my paperwork in the mail, I filled everything out and went to get a physical. I never did get to see the X-Rays of my lungs. I think that would have been neat to see. But oh well. I also noticed on the paper that JET sent me it said: "Even if X-ray for TB is not warranted, please comment on health of lungs."

Does that freakin' mean I didn't have to get the X-Ray to begin with?! GUH! Too late now. I'm going to have radioactive babies :)

After that was taken care of I got my passport photos and everything should be in the mail tonight. Woo!


Talk about ridiculous! Everyone who came over to my place decided to get in on the wacky water bottle drop off behind my door. I got so frustrated with not being able to open my door completely that I crushed ever last one of them and sent them on their way to the recycling heaven where they belong! It doesn't look like it (Because I stupidly focused on the door handle rather than the floor) but there are over 40some bottles there. For Crying Out Loud!!

As for school, I have now finished reading the 5 different books that I had to get done for this semester. I don't know what to do with myself. Does this mean that I can read a book...for....pleasure? JOY of all JOYS! But I took all my books to my parents place already. Horrible Irony!!! So I've got Lord of the Rings or the optional readings for class...I'm so over China right now, I think I'll stick with sleepy time Lord of the Rings.

Also, I don't remember if I mentioned it or not, but I am finally me in my records. That's right, I'm back to Ninamarie Carmella the way I should be :)

One week of school then finals!

Hormonal Beef

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Nina: McDonald's has destroyed all of America's Petite women. Thank you McDonald's, I am now one of the last of my kind.
Christina: Say what?
Nina: Isn't there something with the hormones in the beef? Makes the meat bigger but then makes people bigger to?
Christina:Uh...no, it's actually proper eating that's caused so many Americans to grow so tall. The fat thing is McDonald's, but the lack of petite people is really just vitamins and such.
Nina:...I'm still a dying bread

So thank you Vitamins and proper eating habits. Now, I can't find a dress for graduation. How many hours do I spend shopping for clothes that really just don't fit?! I found an extra small at old navy today, extra small for whom? Big Bertha? Everything's baggy on me, too long, and falls off my tiny tiny body. This sucks.

So, now I have to find a petite store. I found an Anne Taylor Loft at Waterford and they have really nice clothes. I actually found a dress that I really like and low and behold it fit me well! It was a little long and the bust was a tad too big but it fit me nicely. But not nice enough for $90. (The dress)

When I got to Japan, I can only hope that I'll have a better time finding clothes (^_^)


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It's My Birthday and I'll Have Pie if I Want To

The big 22. I don't feel older and I haven't paid much attention to the passing few days of celebration. I've been too busy getting ready for graduation and JET!

First, I still have a crap load of homework to finish. Second, I just got my JET information in the mail and I have to send it off within the next two weeks. That's easier said than done. I have to get a physical before I do that and there's something in there about x-rays. What could they need X-Rays for!?! So I've made appointments with doctors and I just hope the results come in, in time for the deadline. If this paperwork isn't completed and received by Friday the 21st, then I don't get to go. Something tells me it'll be there on time with little bells attached to it for cuteness sake :)

As for parties celebrating the existence on Nina, I had lots of fun with lots of different people. I went home this past weekend and played Cranium with 9 people. The more the merrier and it was a blast! Pics are up btw.

Then, I came back to Orlando and had another party where we ate cake and celebrated me :) I love these celebrations!! Christina had just finished her third and best corset and so we all tried it on. I was too small to fit in hers so I put on the one that she had made just for little ol' me. I had cleavage! Who knew?!

The weekend was a great break from homework and I had a fantastic time with wonderful friends.

Get Over Yourself

Friday, April 7, 2006

So, the initial feelings of blah I was feeling before over being accepted by JET I think were just shock. I woke up this morning and with every passing minute I got more and more excited! I'm going to JAPAN!!! I'm graduating college and I'm outta here!!! FANTASTIC!!!

I hope everyone that passes me in the hallways wonders why I'm grinning like a lunatic. And then I hope it puts a smile on their faces too. (^_~)v

In other news (<-- I really like using that phrase...I think I'll continue, I really like it) I have been recognized formally at the lab. (-->)

Yesh, it's true, I rock at mini golf and I'm glad everyone can appreciate this fact (^w^)...

That's a horrible lie and everyone knows it. The truth of the matter is that I barely beat my manager at mini golf because we all suck miserably at it and in my gloating I told him that I should get a raise or something for it. Perhaps a certificate or recognition, anything would suffice. Then he turns to me and says something along the lines of "Nina, I as your manager, recognize that you beat me at mini golf" and I was satisfied. Then I came into work to see this! Not only did my manager sign it formally but so did his boss the big head honcho! I feel so special *tear*

Have I mentioned how much I love my job? Cuz I love it lots :D

Gimme your women and bring me a fork! -David Super Gaijin

Thursday, April 6, 2006

Thank you all for your support! I never knew how many people read this blog until every last one of you left a comment not 5 hours after posting that I was accepted!

As for now, I don't have a whole lot of time to devote to thinking about going to Japan...but I do it anyway :) Even though I thought I was pretty prepared, suddenly I'm coming up with all these questions that I can't find answers to, like what kind of clothes do I really need to bring and what about medication, and what's up with Japanese doctors and suppositories?

I decided to check out BigDaikon because I was told that was the place to go for such questions and I had heard of the website before and knew it to be swimming with good answers. Well, it's swimming with something alright. I have never seen so many hostile posts in my life!! It seems like that forum is devoted to everyone bashing Americans! I didn't even do anything and I feel sad for having wronged so many people!

In search for real information I came across this post, which is the most ignorant thing I have read in a long time. It made me want to cry for their utter stupidity and the equally stupid responses and then kill someone for being dumb. I was torn. Pulling out or keeping your legs closed. Becuase the pill is only used for stopping babies. PLEASE!

The next problem was that even after that post, I couldn't find any really good information. I got a few iffy answers and I have hopes that I'll eventually find what I'm looking for, but I was just shocked at how much hate there was on Big Daikon. I think I'll stay clear of that site unless I am at a complete loss for ideas.


Oh, I've also been noticing a lot of people who also want to either do the Japan thing or at least go abroad after graduation. I highly recommend it! But I'm just amazed at the amount of people. This reaction is far different than it was when I was a Freshman in college. I suppose I've come a long way. See, sometime in 2002, there was a huge Japan boom. Suddenly everyone wanted anime and manga and everyone wanted to go to Japan. I was resentful of this because I thought it was my idea. I figured that by the time I got out of college and into Japan that the entire county would look like America and it would be pointless to even go. But, luckily, it's really more of a fad and people were never serious about going to Japan anyway. Sure, some of them are doing the same thing I am, but not everyone, and I'm content with that. Besides, I gotta have some fellow gaijin to joke with ;)

In other news, my reactions to being accepted have completely surprised me. After I found out that I was accepted, sure I was happy and excited and then the excitement died down and the happiness turned to indifference. Yeah, I got in, why did I even worry? I have been planning this for 4 years, this is just one more day closer to going. So what's the big deal? And then, I felt justified. Can you believe it?! Justified! Justified to finally use Japanese in everyday language even when I know that people don't understand it. To wear my otaku shirts and not be ashamed! To finally say that, yes I am accomplishing something and it's not just a hobby and it's not just speculation that I'll make it! I'm justified because I have transcended shameful otaku! I am now: Professional Otaku!!!!

*I went back and checked that post, it wasn't so bad and you can tell that the guy originally posting is an ass and everyone knows it. But there were other posts that were equally horrific and I can't find them now! Now, I'm finding really useful stuff! Go figure.


Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Let's finally get this thing started!

I got it! I’m going to Japan!!!!!

Now my blog finally has a point, from this moment on, I will be logging all the Japan related doings that I deem important enough to share. That, and anything else I feel like typing about.

What a wonderful feeling! And who was worried? Certainly not me. I wasn’t worried that I might not make it. I didn’t stay up at night thinking about it. I didn’t make myself upset for nothing. That’s because I knew I would make it (^_^)b

And now, I’m in the same predicament that I was in during Senior year of high school. I’ve already been accepted and now I really really have senioritis. Why do work? I’ve already got the next thing lined up! (Because if you don’t, you won’t graduate and then you can’t do anything.)


Now I can finally get some luggage because I’m certain that I’ll be going!!! WHOO HOO!!!


Sunday, April 2, 2006

It’s absolutely amazing what I can do when I realize that I have no other choice. I’m completely ahead of schedule and I’m shocked at how easy it’s becoming for me to write my philosophy papers. Who knew BS could be so simple?!

So everything has been going pretty wonderfully. I’m getting my work done, I’m working and making money, hanging out with friends, reading some really good books despite their academic value, and playing Kingdom Hearts II!!! (<-- can’t stop playing!! I’m already 6 hours into it and I’ve had it for 4 days..woo [for anyone that can’t do that math, that’s a sad amount of hours. For having it for 4 days, I should be at least 20 or so into it. It should have at least broken into the teens! Just goes to show how busy I’ve been])

I’ve updated my photos page. Last night….well….Friday night we all went over to Islands of Adventure because SGA did their annual rent a theme park for the evening and opened it to only UCF students. I love UCF :)

So, the pictures are mostly of use standing in line for the Terradactyl ride in the Jurassic Park area. It was a 90 minute wait for about a minute of a ride. It was so much fun though. I’d do it all over again. We were using Christina’s camera and she and I both pack our digis in a sock because it’s smaller than a camera case. So that brown thing that we are all playing with is her camera sock. That camera made the evening worth every bit of the free ticket!

Soooooo, it’s pretty late and I can’t think of anything else to write about. I’m still waiting for JET and it’s truly killing me. I’m doing everything in my power to stop thinking about it. I'll knw by Monay…or Tuesday….we shall see….

I have good friends (^_^)

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