Nose Picking: When a Tissue Just Isn't Enough

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Here is an excerpt from an email I sent to Jessica yesterday:

[Begin Email]
Subject: Must vent

So here's what happened. Last year, I went to James's Birthday. James is the guy in my Japanese class who is doing JET with me. Well, at this birthday there was one lone black dude with fro-y hair... I really don't remember anything besides his hair really. I found out through this experience though, that his name is David.

And that was it. The end of it. Then, about a week ago, I was at this coffee house with Dan and the gang when this guy stops by because he was working the night shift at Applebees which is in the same complex. This big, hot, well groomed, black man also goes by the name David. You can see where this is going. So two days later, I was talking to Dan and he brings up the name David and how he's looking for a girlfriend. I make it very clear that I think David is hot as hell. Dan says, oh the guy with the hair? I think for two seconds, hair? Yes David had hair, he wasn't bald right? Of course he had hair. So I say yes, that David. And then we start discussing where we both know these David's from. Dan says "the guy at James birthday" I say, "that's the same guy?" Dan says, "I don't know that many black people." And I leave it at that.

David just called.
D - we should get together what are you doing Saturday
N - oh I have plans, what are you doing tonight
D - I'm working the night shift
N - oh at Applebee's?
D- No, I don't work at Applebees....You know there are two David's right?
I know this now, and so does he.

I don't need a boyfriend this badly. I'm done.

Thanks for listening, I'm going to crawl in a hole now and die.

[End Email]

When David said, "Applebees? No, I don't work at an Applebees." That is when I knew. That is when I knew that I hated Dan.

I mean, come on! Dan says he doesn't have very many Black friends! But he does! He has three. Three black friends. Three black male friends. Three black male friends that all go by the name "DAVID".

What are the odds (ToT)

3 shared their love:

Nina said...

Side note:

I found out recently that the original David shaves his head so yes, he was in fact bald.

Anonymous said...

Whoo...oh, the hilarity. bumped into Bald Dave since? I sure haven't.

D - Former Fro Fanatic

Nina said...

Only met him the once. In fact, Monica at work just asked me today on a completely unrelated note if I ever met the Dave that used to work there. She said he was bald. *sigh*

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