Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ah, it is always a strange occurrence when my life seems to flow like a movie plot complete with foreshadowing.

This independent study of mine has been a royal pain. It has been one obstacle after another:
1. Teacher can't remember me
2. Teacher doesn't show up for appointments
3. Teacher does not fill out paperwork correctly and I will most likely not receive credit if this is not remedied soon
4. Teacher leaves because of illness with the promise of returning, paper work has yet to be completed
5. Teacher will not be returning due to illness

On top off all of this, I begin worrying if I will even be able to complete the one mammoth assignment regardless of technicalities.

All omens seem to be pointing to "give up, this is so not worth it". On the other hand, isn't an accomplishment all the more savory when completed in the face of opposition? Yes, yes it is.

I will succeed!!! Already, within an hour of hearing the awful news of my first teachers untimely illness and perpetual absence, I have found a second and hopefully better teacher, Dr. Lanning, who not only is willing to sponsor my class, he also remembers who I am and is more lenient to boot!

Dare I speak to soon?

I can do this!!! Go Nina GO!!!

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