Sinead O'conner

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

That's IT! I'm going to cut off all of my hair and look like THIS: Oh wait, did that in 6th grade. It looked bad then and it looks even worse now since we aren't in the 90's anymore. Well shoot.
(btw, don't my sister and grandma look cute? This is probably sometime in December '95. We have all since, changed eyewear.)
Maybe I'll do something more like this (boobs included): Either way, I want something different. I stared at the back of this girls head in the middle of my Magic, Ritual, and Belief class (at 7:30 am!) And I noticed that not only does she have curly hair but lo and behold it's not all one length. Go figure. I asked her where she gets her hair done (because that's whatcha do) and she gave me the address for this place:
It just screams snobby and I know it'll be pricey. But her hair looked so good!! What to do, what to do...

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