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Thursday, April 20, 2006

So remember that story way back in September about the mix up between black Davids? And then how I commented about it later saying that everyone was laughing about the story but yet one of the party members had no idea that everyone knew and he had no idea of what went down in his name? (Link)

Well I finally met Bald Dave last night. He came into the lab and I sat there listening to his conversation with Mat for a little while before I realized who it was.

Me: "David? You're David?! The guy who used to work at Applebee's, the bald one, the one who used to work here?"
Dave: "Do I know you?"

So I then told him the story. I have to admit that it took a little bit of courage to admit to him that this entire thing happened because I thought he was hot.

Me: "So yeah, I met you this one night..."
Dave: "I remember that night, someone was wearing a shirt that said pervert in Japanese"
Me: "Yeah that was me, so anyway, after that Dan said that his friend Dave was looking for a girlfriend and didn't mind white chicks so I made it quite clear to him that I thought his black friend Dave was very hot" (I'm turning red, he just smiles and listens) "You mean the guy with the hair?".... and if you want to know the rest, read the damn stories as I posted them so long ago.

The Dave Dan was thinking about, who I am now friends with (<--)

The Dave that I thought he was talking about. The one I thought had hair (-->)

On a different note, I showed Bald Dave's picture to a friend of mine and told her yet again the funny story. (It's really not so funny that I need to be repeating it to everyone, but another chapter always warrants at least a recap) and she looks at him and says "Oh, Dave! I know him, he was in my Italian class...isn't he gay?"

Might as well be.

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Kimi said...

Aren't all the good ones gay!! :(

I'm excited that you finally got to meet him.

ZubKabeed said...

I just wanted to say I think the whole situation is funny, but I feel bad you had to go through the awkwardness of explaining it to the real david, lol

Glad you got it all straightened out now!

Jessica said...

Funny shit dude! funny shit....

Adam said...

I would very much have liked to have been present while you explained all of this, TOO funny!

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