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Thursday, April 6, 2006

Thank you all for your support! I never knew how many people read this blog until every last one of you left a comment not 5 hours after posting that I was accepted!

As for now, I don't have a whole lot of time to devote to thinking about going to Japan...but I do it anyway :) Even though I thought I was pretty prepared, suddenly I'm coming up with all these questions that I can't find answers to, like what kind of clothes do I really need to bring and what about medication, and what's up with Japanese doctors and suppositories?

I decided to check out BigDaikon because I was told that was the place to go for such questions and I had heard of the website before and knew it to be swimming with good answers. Well, it's swimming with something alright. I have never seen so many hostile posts in my life!! It seems like that forum is devoted to everyone bashing Americans! I didn't even do anything and I feel sad for having wronged so many people!

In search for real information I came across this post, which is the most ignorant thing I have read in a long time. It made me want to cry for their utter stupidity and the equally stupid responses and then kill someone for being dumb. I was torn. Pulling out or keeping your legs closed. Becuase the pill is only used for stopping babies. PLEASE!

The next problem was that even after that post, I couldn't find any really good information. I got a few iffy answers and I have hopes that I'll eventually find what I'm looking for, but I was just shocked at how much hate there was on Big Daikon. I think I'll stay clear of that site unless I am at a complete loss for ideas.


Oh, I've also been noticing a lot of people who also want to either do the Japan thing or at least go abroad after graduation. I highly recommend it! But I'm just amazed at the amount of people. This reaction is far different than it was when I was a Freshman in college. I suppose I've come a long way. See, sometime in 2002, there was a huge Japan boom. Suddenly everyone wanted anime and manga and everyone wanted to go to Japan. I was resentful of this because I thought it was my idea. I figured that by the time I got out of college and into Japan that the entire county would look like America and it would be pointless to even go. But, luckily, it's really more of a fad and people were never serious about going to Japan anyway. Sure, some of them are doing the same thing I am, but not everyone, and I'm content with that. Besides, I gotta have some fellow gaijin to joke with ;)

In other news, my reactions to being accepted have completely surprised me. After I found out that I was accepted, sure I was happy and excited and then the excitement died down and the happiness turned to indifference. Yeah, I got in, why did I even worry? I have been planning this for 4 years, this is just one more day closer to going. So what's the big deal? And then, I felt justified. Can you believe it?! Justified! Justified to finally use Japanese in everyday language even when I know that people don't understand it. To wear my otaku shirts and not be ashamed! To finally say that, yes I am accomplishing something and it's not just a hobby and it's not just speculation that I'll make it! I'm justified because I have transcended shameful otaku! I am now: Professional Otaku!!!!

*I went back and checked that post, it wasn't so bad and you can tell that the guy originally posting is an ass and everyone knows it. But there were other posts that were equally horrific and I can't find them now! Now, I'm finding really useful stuff! Go figure.

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OSB said...

Yeah, Big Daikon. That website sucks, but you can sometimes squeeze some good info from it.

Be prepared to meet some people like that though. You'll meet some great people in Japan, but you're also going to come across a lot of anti-social assholes.

There are a few other websites though. I've got a few linked on my blog.

And as for feeling blase about JET, don't. You did really well to be accepted. There are a lot of people who didn't get in who are hating life right now. You should feel lucky.

You get to spend the next 1-3 years making a lot of money and traveling.

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