Thursday, April 27, 2006

Good lordé have I been bizé!

I am currently done with finals and I find myself at work with…nothing to do…everyone’s studying but two days into finals week and I’m completely done! I have nuthin’ ta do. So sad. Still can’t read any good books because I have none. Can’t buy one either because I am stranded…but all that in due time.


Let’s see, let’s see…So, when last we left Nina she was getting ready for finals. Well, I’ve already explained how easy/hard they were expected to be so there’s no reason to go over that again. Basically, I know I was going to have to study my ass off for Chinese history, pray for my soul in Philosophy and sleep through Biobehavior and Crime in America.

Saturday came and went and I passed the entire day studying. Except when the sun went down at which time I drew henna on Chrisitna’s back and my hand. They came out quite nicely I think. But my hand art is far too distracting. Every time I look down at what I’m doing I’m caught off guard because I think I have something gross on my hand. EEEEUUUUU GET IT OFF!!! Then I remember it’s my own crappy drawings.

That night I went to bed early, wrapped up like a mummy because the longer you leave henna on your body, the darker the stains. So, I slept in toilet paper and plastic wrap. I think my efforts proven fruitful :)

I then woke up Sunday morning at 6am so I could jump in the shower, head to Chrissy’s house, drive to Disney and pick up a park hopper’s ticket. We ran around all day going from one park to the next starting at Animal Kingdom, Epcot, MGM, Epot, and ending up at Magic Kingdom. We went to Epcot twice because it pretty much sucked but we stayed long enough to pick up a fast pass for Soarin and leave until our time came.

By about 8 in the evening we were literally running through the parks trying to get everything in before they closed down for the evening. We didn't get home until about 2am.

This is all four of us riding Everest for the first time. I highly recommend it (^_^)b We had no idea what to expect, had no idea it was a real rollercoaster, that it was in the dark, or that it went backwards for the majority of the ride. Sooooo much fun.


Needless to say I didn’t get any studying done on Sunday. Much to my sadness. I woke up Monday morning with bags under my eyes because after an exhausting run in the sun and only 5 hours of sleep, you really need at least 2 days to recover. But Nina doesn’t have time for that. Remember, it’s finals week. So I get my ass outta bed and continue studying.

My Chinese History final would have kicked my ass if it weren’t for the cute little 3x5 card I was allowed to take in with me. Point 3 font, thank you very much :) This test consumed one large blue book (the official essay booklet of crappy essay type tests)

Next, directly after the first, I had my Philosophy final. This consumed two full blue blooks. Bastards. I am so happy to be done with that class!!!!

I know I did well-ish on the Chinese final and I know I didn’t fail the philosophy final so I’m guaranteed an A or a B in both classes! Whoo!

On Tuesday, I also picked up my cap and gown. Joy! But…somewhere between the bookstore and my apartment, I completely lost my life in card format. That’s right. You name a card that would consist of Nina and I lost it. My Credit card, Check card, Drivers license, and UCF ID... I flipped out.

By 8 that night everything had been canceled and now I’m just waiting for my new cards in the mail. This could take up to 2 whole weeks. Until then…I have no cash. But I sold my books back today so I’ve got $10 in my pocket. wee

After the initial shock I’ve come to find a few very good things about losing my cards.
1. Now, I can’t go grocery shopping which means I have to eat all the food I’ve had lying around the fridge that I would probably have thrown away when I move out in a week.
2. I just got my UCF ID replaced (Why? I hear you all scream in unison: student discounts. duh) and found out through this ordeal that I had about $200 on it that is refundable and I would not have known this if I hadn’t come in. That money would have been lost forever waiting for me to return to UCF which…is probably never going to happen *sob*
3. I usually keep a little more than $50 on my card that is not replaceable if it’s lost. Well, not 2 weeks ago I just happened to use all of that cash up and did not replace it, therefore, my loss totaled 20 cents! ($15 for the card, and 20cents)

Look on the bright siiiide of life *wistle**wistle*

Today was my last day of finals. Talk about two easy tests! I studied about a half hour for each and I know I aced them. But, I didn’t start studying until this morning and since my first final was at 8, that meant I had to wake up at 7. The first thing I do for my study ritual is to turn on my computer and check my email…what?

When I went to my computer this morning, it didn’t turn on.

Remember that virus I had a while back? Well, I did in fact have a virus problem but I also had a hard drive problem and now it’s back in full swing. I got it to start working but I fear it shall not last the week. But we'll see. I realized that some files are too important to lose and I really REALLY began backing up my hard drive. 20 gigs on 700mg. Gawd it took all day! But now I feel a lot safer watching my hard drive die a slow and painful death. (How cruel of you Nina! Just pull the damn plug! Dogs have more humane deaths than that!!!)

And now, for the grand finale of the super long post:


So, a lot of people come into the lab asking the same questions and I usually try to come up with something witty just for my own insanity.

Question: Do you guys have a paperclip, stapler, pen, sticky note, etc?
Answer: Yeah but it’ll cost you $0.50 per item and if you don’t have the money handy right now, I can place it on lay away for you. Or, if you need it right now, you can sign your name on this contract…yes, right there…in blood please…good…this is just promising me your first born. I hope it’s a boy :) The God’s like those the most. Their feistier.

Question: I don’t have my ID can I still use a computer?
Answer: No

Actually, I’ve gotten really good at keeping a straight face for this one and I get the best range of emotions. Some people are resigned to their fate of computerlessness while others look like they are going to start crying or even yelling. They open their mouth to shout that they were just in here yesterday and the nice asian girl signed them in and why the hell can’t they get a computer now, before I smile and say “kidiiiiiiiing”

Question: I’ve never been here before, how does this work?
Answer: Well, first you hav to raise your hands above your head…go on…and turn around once and end in a bow to me saying “I would like a computer please” then swipe your card at the machine to your right and get in line.

(I’ve gotten people to do this)

Question: I over printed. How can I pay for that?
Answer: *sigh* How many pages did you over print? Only 3? Alright hold out the back of your hand. Light tap on the back of the hand, and with a completely straight face I say “Don’t do it again.”

I only did this once and I was really tired when I did it. I couldn’t really get a lot of enthusiasm behind it so it didn’t have the feel of a joke but it was clearly a joke! If I had been the person, I would have been rolling on the floor laughing!!!! But instead this rather cute guy turned away with equal enthusiasm as I was showing to him (or lack there of) but I think I caught a smirk on his way out :)

Other times you can catch me hopping about the lab or deleting people print jobs just for the hell of it, depending on my mood.

Finals are over! I’m graduating! I’m so HAPPY!!!

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reid said...

wow, busy week! congrats, though! when do you move back to clearwater?

and you should've called me with regards to your backing up your hard drive! i would've let you borrow one of my dvd burners! 4.7gb each!

OSB said...

any JET news?

Nina said...

Shoot I knew there was something I forgot!!!

There is JET news:

There will be a person to person meeting in June. I have the option of going to one in Miami and one in Tampa. Thank god for that too. Tampa is only 20 minutes from me! And I'm making a list of the things I really want to ask a real person about. The internet can only be trusted so much.

OSB said...

Ah, yes, the meeting in Tampa...I remember that

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