It's My Birthday and I'll Have Pie if I Want To

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The big 22. I don't feel older and I haven't paid much attention to the passing few days of celebration. I've been too busy getting ready for graduation and JET!

First, I still have a crap load of homework to finish. Second, I just got my JET information in the mail and I have to send it off within the next two weeks. That's easier said than done. I have to get a physical before I do that and there's something in there about x-rays. What could they need X-Rays for!?! So I've made appointments with doctors and I just hope the results come in, in time for the deadline. If this paperwork isn't completed and received by Friday the 21st, then I don't get to go. Something tells me it'll be there on time with little bells attached to it for cuteness sake :)

As for parties celebrating the existence on Nina, I had lots of fun with lots of different people. I went home this past weekend and played Cranium with 9 people. The more the merrier and it was a blast! Pics are up btw.

Then, I came back to Orlando and had another party where we ate cake and celebrated me :) I love these celebrations!! Christina had just finished her third and best corset and so we all tried it on. I was too small to fit in hers so I put on the one that she had made just for little ol' me. I had cleavage! Who knew?!

The weekend was a great break from homework and I had a fantastic time with wonderful friends.

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reid said...

i wasn't even in the same state this year, so happy birthday a couple of days late!

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