Hormonal Beef

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Nina: McDonald's has destroyed all of America's Petite women. Thank you McDonald's, I am now one of the last of my kind.
Christina: Say what?
Nina: Isn't there something with the hormones in the beef? Makes the meat bigger but then makes people bigger to?
Christina:Uh...no, it's actually proper eating that's caused so many Americans to grow so tall. The fat thing is McDonald's, but the lack of petite people is really just vitamins and such.
Nina:...I'm still a dying bread

So thank you Vitamins and proper eating habits. Now, I can't find a dress for graduation. How many hours do I spend shopping for clothes that really just don't fit?! I found an extra small at old navy today, extra small for whom? Big Bertha? Everything's baggy on me, too long, and falls off my tiny tiny body. This sucks.

So, now I have to find a petite store. I found an Anne Taylor Loft at Waterford and they have really nice clothes. I actually found a dress that I really like and low and behold it fit me well! It was a little long and the bust was a tad too big but it fit me nicely. But not nice enough for $90. (The dress)

When I got to Japan, I can only hope that I'll have a better time finding clothes (^_^)

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Jérôme said...

This is a really nice dress, I like it and I hope to see a picture of you in it, dearest Nina.

I guess you will actually not have these problems in Japan, because my prejudical and cliché-loaded knowledge (did I mention that I don't know how to speak in english?) tells me: all people in Japan are small and not taller than 5'2 (you taught me that, so don't tell me it is wrong), and so you will be a happy little girl.

I'm sorry, it is late, I am drunk (but just a little and just with coke - Coca Cola, not Pepsi Cola!) and I... well, you shouldn't let people comment on your blog, it is your own fault.

Well, should I talk about sexual organs like in my previous comments? I guess not, huh?

Melissa said...

Hey Nina, its Melissa! I know exactly how you feel... we should band together to create a clothing company for people like us... or maybe just the two of us. I got pulled into the Ann Taylor stuff too trying to look for a suit one night... I found one that was cute and it fit, but yeah it was way too expensive. Anyhoo, good luck in the fashion world

Nina said...

I know, right! Talk about the bane of our existence.

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