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Tuesday, April 18, 2006 the Gym!!!

So I did. Christina says it's senioritus but I think it's the lack of exercise that's making me feel so tired and unmotivated. Perhaps it's a little of both. I'll just sit in front of my computer all day playing Solitaire. How unstimulating! But I've gotten quite lazy recently so I decided to go to the gym and only a small workout on the ellipticals made my legs feel like jelly. I think I'll be going there for often until I have to leave.


After I got my paperwork in the mail, I filled everything out and went to get a physical. I never did get to see the X-Rays of my lungs. I think that would have been neat to see. But oh well. I also noticed on the paper that JET sent me it said: "Even if X-ray for TB is not warranted, please comment on health of lungs."

Does that freakin' mean I didn't have to get the X-Ray to begin with?! GUH! Too late now. I'm going to have radioactive babies :)

After that was taken care of I got my passport photos and everything should be in the mail tonight. Woo!


Talk about ridiculous! Everyone who came over to my place decided to get in on the wacky water bottle drop off behind my door. I got so frustrated with not being able to open my door completely that I crushed ever last one of them and sent them on their way to the recycling heaven where they belong! It doesn't look like it (Because I stupidly focused on the door handle rather than the floor) but there are over 40some bottles there. For Crying Out Loud!!

As for school, I have now finished reading the 5 different books that I had to get done for this semester. I don't know what to do with myself. Does this mean that I can read a book...for....pleasure? JOY of all JOYS! But I took all my books to my parents place already. Horrible Irony!!! So I've got Lord of the Rings or the optional readings for class...I'm so over China right now, I think I'll stick with sleepy time Lord of the Rings.

Also, I don't remember if I mentioned it or not, but I am finally me in my records. That's right, I'm back to Ninamarie Carmella the way I should be :)

One week of school then finals!

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