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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Have I ever mentioned my issues with food? It's not so much the food that I have issues with, it's everyone else's perceptions of me and food.

I don't think I can express how much I enjoy eating. I truly do. Food is a gift from heaven and I praise the lord every time I take a bite. I've annoyed many a people by making pleasure noises while I eat something particularly tasty. Yesterday's lunch was one of those and so I just thought I had to share:

Roast Turkey, Black Sugar Ham, Hard Salami, Provolone, Lettuce, Tomato, Hummus, Italian Dressing, all on a toasted Everything Bagel. AH! Heaven!

Add Lay's Baked Bar-B-Q potato chips with it and a big glass of water and that is the perfect meal! I highly recommend it :)

So then, why is it that people think I have an eating problem? People have asked my roommate behind my back if I ever ate and she looked at them like they were nuts. I've heard many a Freudian slip as well. It's too bad I can't remember any of them but it's the funniest thing when someone accidentally slips that they think you have an eating disorder!

In other news, I made a fool of myself again. I had all my JET papers together and I put them into an envelope, hopped on down to the post office and sent it on it's way. This was about 2 and the mail gets picked up at 2:30. I then drive home and recheck my paperwork to make sure that I sent everything and sure enough I had forgotten a copy of my passport. SHIT!!!!

No time to call the post office by the time I find there number it'll be gone! I ran to the car (no really, I ran) and drove at top speed down there with my passport in hand. If need be, I'll just send that with it! I got there at about 2:25. I got my mail back but because I didn't want another day to pass because of my stupidity, I ran to the bookstore next door, got a copy of my passport, neatly ripped open my envelope, put everything together and sent it off just in time. Now I'm just hopping that there really isn't anything more that I forgot cuz lord knows I'd be going to a very special hell for making such a dumb mistake ;)

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reid said...

haha seriously! i know you eat! your mom wouldn't let me not eat whenever i used to go over there, even if i'd just eaten!

"hi reid, how are you? are you hungry?"
"hi, no i just ate, thank you though"
"oh don't be silly, i have some _____ that i just made! you'll love it!"

your mom wanted to make me fat :P

Adam said...

In completely related news, 5 postal employees took their own lives today after having to process, unprocess, and reprocess the same packages...

Adam said...

That's UNrelated, of course, I must have been thinking about eating disorders and had a freudian slip.

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