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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Adam emailed me this morning telling me that he had tried to post a story about something strange (to say the least) that happened to me one day at work....Wednesday to be exact. 1:30ish. But Google apparently ate his comment. Personally, I think it was human error but who am I to say that our System Administrator is incompetent?

Then I figured, why not tell the whole story the way it really happened and not the way it happened according to Mr. Monkey Brains.

I went over to the lab after lunch to give out brownies with sprinkles ;) I was leaning over the desk slightly so of course my rear-end sticks out a little, but everyone does it so why should I feel self conscious? I turn around at one point and see my friend Mark and his friend...we'll call him Joe. I don't remember the guys name.

Incidentally, Joe has recently started dating someone new. He's 21 and his girlfriend is 19. He thinks it's a bit young but he's willing to make sacrifices, she is legal after all. And again, who am I to judge? I dated a guy who was 18 when I was 20 (early 20!!). Same thing? No, mine is far more sad (ToT)

But I digress. Just keep that last bit of random information in mind.

So, I turn around and see Mark and Joe. I ask them what brings them to the second floor of the Union and they say "Oh, nothing. We're just checking out your ass". And here's where I surprise myself. I think most girls would turn completely around to face them and hide their butt, and others would probably get angry or blush or something else considered modest. Not me. No no, I turned completely in the opposite direction and stuck out my ass even farther and said something along the lines of "Really?! Isn't it cute? Oh, but let me take out my credit card, it leaves a weird square on my right cheek. You know, because I ride my bike everywhere, it's even toned but still round!" and they just chuckled and Mark turns to Joe and says, "See? I told you she'd be cool with it."

After hearing that comment I ask them what brings this up, and Joe says that he was telling Mark about his girlfriend and how she's all of 98lbs, 5'2" and has not weight except in her arse. (That's the exact description of me btw, in case you were curious) and that's when Mark said "Oh Nina's the same way, let's go look". I was a little mortified (but I didn't let on) because even though I like the way I look, I really hope no ones looking that intently to recognize that my rear-end is so "large". Besides, I'm a little self conscious because my older sister, who used not to have a large back end, makes me feel bad when I can't get into her size 0 pants. SIZE 0!!! No one fits those things! Especially if they have a nice dairyaire!

So I went home and told my roommate what happened. She tells me that I'm wrong, it didn't happen like that at all! It turns out, she was a part of that conversation and she's the person who made the comment that my ass was like Joe's girlfriends. This makes me feel better. I have no doubt that Mark and countless other men have checked me out before *blush* but I'm just glad to know that it was Christina, who has had numerous conversations with me on this and other such subjects, that brought up my backside. Not Mark.

So is it bad to think that I look good? Is is bad to really really like myself the way I do? I asked Christina and she said it was all good because I'm never so arrogant that I think I'm better than anyone else. No no! Not me! I love myself! And I love when other people love myself! If they hate me for being arrogant, how can they love me? Truer words, never spoken (^_~)v

My beautiful tukus. I know it's not large. I don't want hate mail or anything saying that I'm out of my mind. I know it's small. Everything about me is small. This part just happens to be larger than the rest.

And on a different note, I thought this picture would be appropriate. (If I haven't already posted it. I can't remember.) I found this fast food place in Chicago. Apparently, it's the only one so far. I really liked it and I wish they had one in Florida! I'd eat there all the time!

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Dr. Sardonicus said...

Just dropping a note to say hi. And yes, you do have a nice ass. No, I didn't immediately think "Let's go see Nina, she has a big ass!", no worries about that. I've gotta hand it to you, removing the credit card was pure class.

Nina said...

You sure know how to make a girl feel like a Lady. ;)

Jessica said...

Ow ow ow! I love your ass too Nina!

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