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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Noble Morrolan
Morrolan e'Drien:Your noble Dragaeran wizard would glady sacrifice
Easterner villages for you, regardless of his
personal reputation. The two of you will
doubtless spend hours contemplating deep
wizardry and possibly engaging in illegal
sorcery. We're sure you will have loads of
fun hosting parties in your new floating

Which Male Dragaeran is Your Soulmate?
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Tiassas are scheming, plotting folk, but not
without their honor. They will never shrink
from intrigue, not from seeking to learn
secrets, but when called upon to defend the
persons and good names of their friends, they
will fall to it with a will and with much
witty banter.

Khaavren, of "Phoenix Guards" and
"Five Hundred Years After" fame, is
a Tiassa, as is Countess Daro of Whitecrest.

Which'>">Which House of Dragaera do you belong to?
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