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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

I am so busy! It's insane. Yesterday, I had to wake up early so I could study for Chinese Civilization which I should have done all weekend, but didn't. I came home after that to scarf down my first meal of the day (noon) and not read the articles for Philosophy class because 1. It doesn't matter if I read them or not, I don't understand any of it and 2. I didn't think about it until I was on my way to class.

After that I went straight to work and had fun. Came home around 6, went grocery shopping, came home, had dinner, watched Euro Trip with Christina and Chrissy and remembered at 11:30 that I had to make brownies. I popped those in the oven and then remembered that I wanted to add sprinkles, so I waited until they were done because I remembered what my mom said about cheesecake "Don't open the oven door, it'll deflate like a souffle". But this isn't a cheesecake or a souffle and I should have opened the oven door to add the sprinkles because they just don't stay on when it's done cooking. I know this now. Will I remember it later? Probably not.

I was also supposed to do laundry last night but didn't. I just wanted to sit down! This morning was cold like I knew it would be and so I rummaged through my dirty clothes hoping there was something that wasn't so gross that I couldn't wear it. I pulled out a shirt, smelled it, and....it turns out I'm a very clean person. Who knew? It smelled great! As if I had never worn it or thrown it in the hamper for a week! Still Gain fresh :)

It's the little things in life that make me the happiest. That, and the big things.

So, this weekend...hmmmm where to begin.

My sister is pregnant. She's due in May. You do the math. She thinks the kid is a boy. I think it's a girl just for spite. Either way, it'll be called Adrian. We have no idea either because the child has it's legs crossed. I think for spite as well.

Note the dog, bearing it's teeth! See the ferocious beast protect it's master! Run in terror of this monster! The horrors!!!

No really. It's just yawning. This is bear. My grandmothers crappy dog. He smells and bites himself incessantly because no one takes him to the vet because my grandmother thinks all doctors are stupid, even veterinarians. And he smells because he's a dog. Duh. It doesn't matter how many times someone gives this dog a bath, as soon as he goes outside for his business, he smells like...yeah.

This is the first time that bear has seen my sister since she's been pregnant. He freaked out. Followed her around, sat next to/on her. Laid at her feet. In fact, at one point in the evening, she decided that she might want to take a relaxing bath. Bear followed her into the bathroom, watched her get in the water, and promptly jumped in after her and then right out again because he suddenly remembered that he never liked water to begin with. So now, we have this little wet rat running around the bathroom getting water everywhere. So much for a relaxing soak. I came in, removed the dog, and handed him to my dad. I don't deal with that animal anymore than I have to. I'm sure you've noticed that I don't think he's cute and I don't like him.

This dog went absolutely nuts. He started tensing up. You could feel him shaking and just generally having an anxiety attack. My dad dried him off and let him loose. He went right back to the bathroom where he parked it and began whining.

You should have seen it when she left for the evening at around midnight. The dog didn't stop freaking out until she came back the next morning. He didn't sleep. He just paced around the house, barking occasionally, and biting himself. He started biting even more than normal too! I think it turned into a nervous habit for him! Crazy!

I know all of this because I was sleeping on the couch. Why was I on the couch? you ask. Well, that's because I wanted to monitor this stupid dog and make sure I got a complete report of his crazy so I could thoroughly blog about it later. WRONG! It's because I'm stupid...haha why else would I do it?

This is the next day. My sister and her step son (boyfriends son? Her baby's daddy's son?) Issac trying to tiptoe around bear so that he can talk to Sarajane (my sister) Bear looks like he's sniffing the box in the middle of our kitchen floor, where it belongs, but he's not. He's really checking out Issac and making sure he doesn't do anything shifty.

And again, the stupid dog terrorizing poor Issac. I told him to kick the dog...politely. For all the animal rights out there, he didn't go through with it. But I wish he had.

Lastly, as a final note. My name-tag was a hit.

Let's curb the enthusiasm, shall we?

Unfortunately it came out a little dark...

And I haven't gotten one yet because:

This was a week ago, too. (ToT)

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Kevin said...

HAHA curb the enthusiasm...
I was awake all night the night before, working on some computer programming. Troubleshooting is fun but not when you can't get things to work. Not to mention trying to stay awake the next day looking like a zombie with bloodshot eyes.

Great job on the name tags, it doesn't matter if the pegasus is too dark, they still look pretty dang sweet. Thank you for the delicious brownies! =)

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