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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I finally got a picture of myself with my wonderful name tag!!

No amount of Japanese-name-tag-goodness is going to get me into JET. There's nothing I can do to improve my situation with them and there's nothing I can do to get it off my mind.

Time goes by slowly when you're waiting for it to pass. I do plenty of things to get it off my mind, but nothing works. Every time I think about something I usually imagine how it'll be different in Japan. I've been doing this for years and I can't very well stop now. And then I just think, but what if I don't go? Well, of course I'll go, just not with JET.

I'm thinking about this too much. Is it March yet?

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Kimi said...

Damn! you good in that shirt.

reid said...

awww :)

OSB said...

Hey Nina,

They're going to tell you in March? Last year they made us wait until April.

If you don't get in, I'll give you 50 reasons for why you wouldn't want to come here. If you get in, I'll give you 50 reasons to be excited to come here.

Nina said...

I'm hoping early April. But the sooner March gets here, the sooner April will follow!

Anonymous said...

Speakin' of pictures, you got any from the partay?


Nina said...

Updated the album just for you. I put up less than half though. There's no reason to show stupid drunken, eyes half open, blurred, and other random not looking-good-ness. You're in most of the good pics so enjoy :)

Mr. Deebs said...

Hey Nina,

I applied to the program also.. I am also hyper nervous/excited about the possibility of going overseas! Anyways, I wish you the best of luck getting in !

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