Tut Tut It Looks Like Rain

Friday, March 3, 2006

At 1:15 this afternoon I hopped on my bike to go to class when I saw that the sky was a bit dark. My first thought was, I didn't think it was supposed to rain today. Then I looked up.

Libra Community was on fire!!! The whole place burned to the ground and 12 people died while over 100 were seriously injured. There are no leads yet as to how it began but it took firefighters over 4 hours to get the fire under control.

Too bad it didn't rain.

Yeah right. It turned out that it was a controlled fire for an area of forest that UCF is trying to renovate. Gottcha ;)

2 shared their love:

OSB said...

Don't you love the term:

"controlled burn?"

Adam said...

Giving me a heart attack this morning really wasn't as funny as you probably think it was. I was like "Oh god, I know people who live in each building!"

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