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Saturday, March 25, 2006

What does this picture show that I have a problem with?

A. Cleaning my room
B. Drinking too much water
C. Recycling
D. All of the above

Your guess is as good as mine, I'm not completely sure what the answer is myself.

If you had some ungodly amount of money, what outrageous thing would you do with it? If you could do anything?

I would:

1. Turn the Vlad Taltos book series into a television series, directed my Joss Weddon (of course written by Steven Brust) but I would choose who the actors were. I have an idea in my mind of how these characters are and I know they aren't the same ideas as the authors.

2. I would pay to have Firefly put back on the air. And not on FOX.

3. I would make a list of my favorite orchestral songs and have a full orchestra play them, while I am in the center of it all.

4. I would invest money in TokyoPop o(>.<)o

5. I would make a list of movies that would be better as books and find some good authors to write them. (Chronicles of Riddick, Underworld, etc)

For having mad amounts of money, I'm not very ambitious... eh, this is what I want :)

2 shared their love:

Jérôme said...

If eye (just emphasizing, me stupid german/french dick (with a huuuuge dick, but this is just an additional information for you interested american people and to prove that I am able to make a difference between being and having a dick dick dick dick) had this amount of money... Oh, now I spoiled my own joke. I planned to say "dick" later in this comment. But now I f**ked it up. Uuuuuh, the bad "d"-Word. And the bad "f"-word. And... if you put both together, then...

I guess I'll burn in hell, isn't it? :)

reid said...

mmmm yes, firefly. good stuff! i got into it way too late, sadly.

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