Spring Break

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Whooo Hoooo! It's Spring Break!! One whole week of sittin in the sun (^_^)b

Also, if you like any of the pictures in my gallery, save them. I'm going to be rotating things out every now and then as I get new pictures. I don't want to pay for stuff that no one really looks at anyway. Even if they did, I still wouldn't pay. But I digress, new pictures are up and old ones are gone. Enjoy!!

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reid said...

are you going home for the break? or just staying here in orlando?

dan said...

What gives? You're on Spring break, you post on my site, yet you don't post on yours? Share teh updates.

Nina said...

Hey, if there's nothing to talk about, don't talk about it. Nothing's happening!! I'm scraping things together as it is, my last two posts were about funny videos that anyone could have found themselves. I'm really dying for material here!!

Dan said...

Ha! My blog will wininate!

I think tomorrow I'll call friends to say hi, but stay in town. Maybe go to a pub or two. Then on Saturday I'm gonna see V for Vendetta with some peoples... And thats about it.

dan said...

welcome back!

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