Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I have succeeded! First day back at school and I feel fantastic! It's great to be back.

All spring break I sat around and relaxed, in anticipation for the release of Kingdom Hearts 2, I started playing 1 again, just to remind myself how it ended, and I forgot how much I loved playing that game! Oh Sora, Donald, and Goofy how I've missed them!

I also got a slight tan. There's something about the Florida beaches that'll do that to a person.

Other than that, hanging out with friends and such, I didn't do a whole lot for spring break. I'm glad to be back in Orlando and back to a routine. It makes me feel healthier.

Next, I checked my audit to make sure that when I bugged my adviser again, it wouldn't be for nothing. Turns out, he fixed it. That means I get to graduate and he's not a dick. Who knew?!

Also, those problems I was having with my computer, turns out it was three Trojans. Man! I'm relieved! So glad it's not the hardware. Software problems are much easier to solve. And, I didn't have to reformat my computer to fix it, another big plus ;)

So since things seem to be going my way, this only means that the trend will continue on into April and mere days before my birthday, I know I'll get the acceptance email from Mr. Mitsutoshi. That's the best Birthday present EVER! Well, that and the Sonicare toothbrush my mom got me while I was home. Early present and all. I've used it for two days and I'm in love!! Highly recommended. It was a bit expensive so my mom turns to me and says, "How about an early birthday present?" my answer was something along the lines of "who's birthday?" No joke, forgot it was coming up. Eh, makes no difference. JET is really all I'm caring about. I don't need any gifts...for now.

GOD waiting is such a bitch!

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Jérôme said...

You made me curious - now I also want to play that game. Gotta look where I can... uhm... buy it :).

Besides that: great to have you back. Okay, I have never met you, we even don't know each other for a really long time, but I always wanted to say something like that.

I've got a dick. Is that something bad *innocent look*? =)

Anonymous said...

Horrah for random creepy dudes posting about their peni!

Truely the internet is a double edged sword.

Nina said...

Having a dick = good
Being a dick = bad

See the difference? There's a very thin line between the two ;)

Jérôme said...

Hoorrray for random anonymous people posting anonymous stuff.

Truely the internet is a double edged sword.

But, to be serious, because I see that you didn't get the point: I was celebrating my being no native american. Not even native english speaker. Making fun of myself. See the point? I know the difference between being a dick and having a dick. But thanks nonetheless.

Nina, do you at least know what I meant, or better: what I didn't mean? Hmm?

Nina said...

Dude! Mr. German/French! So good to hear from you again!

Didn't we have a conversation about sarcasm? Yes, I suppose both of us have fallen victim to the lack of verbal communication and the loss of meaning when sarcasm is typed. *sigh*

I repeat: It's people like you who make me afraid of the internet ;)

Mr. Deebs said...

Kingdom Hearts = 3/5 in my book, just couldn't get into the whole "disney thing", but each his/her own.

Now, what I can't wait for is FF 12, Famitsu gave it a perfect rating ;-)



OSB said...

ummmm, yeah, I replayed KH, too. I'll be in Saipan on April 15, so it looks like I'll be getting KH2 via amazon.

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