Tickling my Funny Bone

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Here are some Flash videos that I find particularly funny. I'll go ahead and add some really funny ones that most people have seen, and then some other ones not everyone knows about ;)

Poisoning Pigeons

Banana Phone


Everyone else has had more sex than me


Penguin Calls

The End of the World

Samsung Means to Come (don't sit too close to the screen for this one. But read quickly.)

Icon Story

I'll add more when I find them.


5 shared their love:

dan said...

Excellent choices! But where is Magical Trevor? I love that one. If you've never heard of it google search for it. If you have heard of it...

Look at him now, disappearing a cow
Where is the cow, he's hidden right now....

Good luck getting that out of your head.

M said...

Nina check this out.


"juggernaut bitch" is the name, keep sound low depending on who is around.

Nina said...

GOD!!! Who showed me Juggernaut?? I think it was Kevin. Yeah, didn't like it. It got old FAST.

Magical Trevors cute though.

OSB said...

You know that end of the world movie? Emily was always saying HoKay, but we recently found out that it is another word for 'foreskin' in Japanese. She doesn't say it as much now.

Nina said...

Now that is useful knowledge.

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