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Friday, February 24, 2006

I went to Miami and thus, my JET interview.

Has anyone actually left that interview feeling good about it? I haven't actually heard any stories saying that the person kicked ass. I figured it was only because the people talking about their JET interviews were ones that bombed them. *sigh*

First, I hated Miami. I don't like the driving and I don't like the people. It's definitely a place I don't want to visit ever again unless I absolutely have to and even then, I don't wanna be the driver.

So the interview.... I really should have had this one covered but I went in over prepared with the wrong material. They didn't ask me things that I thought they would such as:

Do you have an interest in Japanese culture?
What do you plan to teach your students about your culture when you get to Japan?
What would you do if you were ‘groped’ on the train?
What do you think makes a good ALT?
etc etc

Instead they asked me:
What are your weaknesses?
Why didn't you study abroad in Japan but yet you went to Spain?
You have 10 minutes alone with a class, what are you going to do?
What kind of extra curricular activities will you do with the students?
Do you have a tattoo? (No, I at least got that one right!)

As I read these questions, I know all the right answers to them. I know that I really am good for this job, but it was so damn intimidating that I think I messed the whole thing up! I felt so unsure of myself. It was really unnerving. There were 4 people, two women, two men, and I was only introduced to one. They sat at a long table and I was in a chair in front of them; on display. I thought I looked good but I felt like a complete moron in front of them. I felt like I had nothing to offer that they would be impressed with and I just don't think that I did a very good job at all.

I'm going to crawl into a hole until my Birthday when I get my rejection letter.

They actually asked me what I would do if I didn't get into JET and I told them that I've checked into a couple of different programs and I would probably try one of those but that JET really is my first choice. As I was driving home I thought, but I don't want to join any other group. I want to work with JET!!!

Damn it!

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reid said...

in my experience (and by that, i mean from my own interviews, along with those of friends i've had/have), it sounds like you had a fairly typical interview experience. and yeah, miami does suck. i have friends who live there and don't even like it that much.

js said...

I felt good leaving my interview last year, but ended up as an alternate who never got upgraded.

I left feeling...okay this time.

We just have to be really patient.

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