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Sunday, February 12, 2006

I cleaned my room! So there!!!

Bask in it's massiveness! It is true, I am a senior, still living on campus, and it is aue-some.

The view from the door makes my room look messy. But it's not. Those boxes under my bed are supposed to be there. That is where they belong. It is their home. And it is my home now that I've added three different types of padding to make my bed comfortable.

You may notice a few things. First, there is a white hat hanging on the bookshelf. I never wear hats but I feel a little sentimental value to it. It is the same hat I wore when I worked as a slab slave at Marble Slab Creamery. On the wall next to the closet and across from my bed is an out of date calendar from Bleach. My new calendar is on my desk, it's itty bitty and from Studio Ghibli. The towels are also supposed to be hanging at the base of my bed. I have nowhere else to hang them since the bathroom becomes so saturated when anyone takes a shower that after three days they usually smell like mildew. And that's just gross. The desk chair has a pillow on it because it is so old that the cushion has worn out. It's still a fantastically reclaimable chair. I usually curl up and take a nap in it. It's comfortable enough to actually fall asleep, but not comfortable enough to stay that way for longer than 10 minutes. It's the perfect amount of time to take a break from studying without getting too distracted. The TV that's right by the door....I think I've used it once. It's taking up space. It doesn't even look good! Lastly, Eeyore is on my bed. Two of them, to be exact. The older one is the lighter colored one and it works as a good head rest when I'm reading before I go to bed and the other one doesn't smell old so I keep it under my arm when I fall asleep.

I guess I posted this for two reasons. First, is that I showed my room to some friends yesterday and I was mortified that it was a mess. Second, and most importantly, also yesterday, I got the normal response that someone gives me when I say I live on campus.

Oh, so you're a freshman? Sophomore? Senior?! Oh... That's cool.

Riiiiiight. Some people say that I don't have to justify myself but I really think I do. I love living here. I have a huge room. I don't have to pay extra for internet and all the utilities are included in the flat rate. My RA doesn't bother me and I'm allowed to do whatever the hell I would normally do if I lived off campus like drink and make the same amount of noise (which is never very much). I also get to be on campus when anything important happens and I don't have to drive on the craptastic roads of Orlando! Personally, I love it here! Which is why I've chosen to be in this apartment for three years in a row.

This is my home. One day I'll grow up and live in the real world of landlords and monthly payments. I'll get the posters off my walls and get expensive artwork that needs to be framed, centered, and match the decor of the room. But for now, I'm just worrying about midterms.

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dan said...

It's both!

How kinky.

Adam said...

For the record, your room is awesome and I felt privledged to have been given a brief tour (completely innocent now, no one get the wrong idea!) Also, this book you recommended to me is dangerous, intoxicating, and even erotic. I think I like it.

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