It's Late! YEAH!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

I found it! I found my old post! Rapture!!!!!!

So, it seems that Blogger is having it's problems. I've emailed them. And ghetto rigged the solution myself. I've located my old post. I had to google for it. I love google, hence my devotion to blogger. I have faith in this company :)

Anyway, here's the link, hopefully I'll be able to delet this post when Blogger fixes things to be normal. And to think I was going to post about my sisters pregnancy and my grandmothers overprotective dog... pssssshh no way! Not when I can repost what people have already read!!! FUN!

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Hunter said...

When my step mom was pregnant five years ago, the dog was the first one to know. She (a lab) would make whining noises and rest her head on my step mom's lap. She growled when ever my dad came over. At the time no one knew what was up and it was really weird.

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