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Friday, February 3, 2006

I absolutely HATE posting at work. I HATE when I post some really cool thing and when I click "spell check" because we all know that my spelling is atrocious, it clears the entire blog because of pop up blocking crap!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH RAGE!!!

So I'm going to continue posting at work, again, and I'm not going to check my spelling. You'll all have to deal with it.


Now, what was I saying? There was something very profound about friends that I hadn't gotten as close as I would have liked to. Ah yes, I was surfing facebook, like ya do, and I kept seeing all these strange pictures. I just had to show everyone. Then, it occurred to me that most of these pictures, though they were my friends on facebook, weren't actually very close to me.

These people have made at least a little bit of an impact on my life, and I doubt any of them know it. So, I'm not letting them know. Instead, I'm telling the internet.

This is Erica and Nicole. I went to High School with both. I also went on a group trip to Spain with Nicole. Erica actually went to Elementary and Middle school with me as well. This is kind of a big deal for me because she's the only person to do this. There were only 4 people (all girls) that went from my middle school to my high school. I always thought that Erica was a really cool person and I bet we have a lot more in common than we would ever give ourselves credit for, but we just never made it as friends. I was never outgoing enough and I think I was always a little too uptight. It's too bad really. I still remember what she was like in Elementary school. We sat next to each other in art class. She was always making jokes.
(And btw I have no idea what's going on in this picture)

This is Chris. I met him in the summer of '03. I guess I've always kinda sorta looked up to him. He is such a great and well rounded guy. There was nothing he couldn't do. A jack of all trades. I think he definitely has his head on straight. He knows where he's going and he's loving every minute of it even when things don't go his way. Then I saw this picture. I don't know if this scares me, or just confirms my own opinions about him.... he definitely knows who he is.

I met Mike last summer. We used to go swing dancing together and I always loved his style. Even after I started school and left Clearwater, he's still not that far away because now he's a freshman at Rollins College. But we still never see each other and I think that's too bad. It just seems that life gets in the way sometimes. He looks so sad here too.

Now, Kevin actually reads this blog. Yeah for me! I just thought this picture was funny. Kevin is like a pet rottweiler. One that you actually own and know. He seems scary to everyone, at least when he starts growling (and he does growl too!) but deep down you know that he's just a really friendly guy that wants to play around and maybe even fetch once in a while. He's a really good guy. Him, and everyone else that I work with. Except for Ryan. He's just an ok guy.

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Anonymous said...

Crrrrawwwwwlling in my textttboxx, these woooorrrrds will not be speelckkkeddddd.

Hunter said...

So uh....

What happened to your other posts?
Oh, and hi I'm Hunter.

Nina said...

Thank you hunter for the heads up....I'm going through all the emotions here. I'm angry and sad and confused and really pissed...

I've emailed Blogger and I hope that it can be fixed. I'm missing two posts for the record and one was originally saved as a draft which I found. But the other, the one about my dream, is missing completely. I usually don't save them as drafts before I post. Maybe I should from now on.

I really hope Blogger fixes this. I know I'm going to lose sleep over it...grrrrrr

Dan said...

You could always type your entries in Word and save them. That's what I'm doing on my site... I need to back-up my files.

Nina said...

Too much work

Adam said...

Nina has two mental note files. One is the mental notes that Nina keeps herself, this file has room for about 3 characters and lasts for about as many seconds, so she usually writes things down or opens up Notepad.exe and captures her thoughts. Nina's other mental note file that I am aware of is the one in MY head regarding Nina. My mental note filing system is more like a very complex tree with a lot of fastidious (as in meticulous) librarian monkeys, gathering and storing large volumes of bananas of information. Anyway, one monkey's banana in my uberbaum(tree) of mental notes says that Nina is more likely to lift a finger out of random movement then out of effort or will to accomplish something. Ok, I exaggerate a little, but we have discussed the CONSIDERABLE effort of toggling between two open windows on a computer. I'm not saying she's lazy, she just can't know she's may be accidentally accomplishing work and she's much more efficient. As an addendum, this other Banana says she looks nice with blue streamer(or even a ribbon) in her hair.

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