The Horror!

Saturday, January 7, 2006

Jessica's house is haunted. Call me weird, call me strange. You aren't the first and you won't be the last. It's true. I believe in ghosts.

Whenever pictures are taken at Jessicas house, funny spots show up in them. It never happens in any other places in the house besides the front room, her bedroom, and the hallway between them. Different cameras have shown the same things. There are creepy stories to go with these hauntings besides just the pictures as well.

Jessica has told me of how her TV has turned itself on before. No one was home and she was reading quietly in her bedroom when she heard the noise. The strange thing is that this is a very old TV. It can't be turned on with a remote control. A dial has to be turned for it to power up. (I'm talkin' ooooooold).

Most recently, Kim, Erin and I were hanging out at Jessica's house one afternoon. We were playing Poker in her bedroom and we were the only people home. (GOD! I hate poker). At one point someone came home, or so we thought. We never heard anyone walk through the door but we heard footsteps all through her house, especially the front room. We were too busy laughing to take any note of it, but we continued to hear the steps. After 10 minutes or so, when we didn't hear anyone announce their presence or just say Hi (how rude of them not to) We called out to see who would answer (we were too lazy to get up). When no one answered, Kim decided to get up to see who was home. But no one was there (dun dun dun). All of us heard the noises. She has wood floors that make plenty of sound when you walk. But we could find no one and when we asked, none of her family had come home and left without saying a word. Her doors were all locked as well (just to be on the safe side).

Those are just a few of the examples. I wouldn't be able to tell the real stories correctly. Maybe I'll get Jessica to document it for me one day. Everyone in her family thinks that she's nuts (well, except for her older sister who had a very personal experience herself).

Here are a few examples of the 'spots' we've been seeing at her house. We have plenty of pictures of the rest of her place, but they never show up there.

This was just two days ago. The spot is on Jessica's arm.

The same night. This time the picture is being taken from a different angle, but the spot is relatively in the same place.

There were at least 5 or 6 other pictures taken from both of these angles and these spots didn't appear in them.

This is interesting. This is a picture that I took of Jessica's sister (the other sister. This one thinks she's nuts) in Jessica's room. We were making a still movie called "Smack Attack" (That's a story for another time). This was about July of 2005. There are two light spots like the other two pictures, but along with them are two shiny blotches. It almost looks like someone smeared the spots with their thumbs.

The two lights spots are by her head and above the door on the left. The two smear spots are above the door to the right and in the center of the door close to the bottom. There are also a few smaller spots around the room and in the aforementioned hallway.

In the end, this is all up to your interpretation. I believe in ghosts, so naturally I believe these are ghost spots. There's no harm in believing in the supernatural....right?


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Jessica said...

Rock on my little ghost detective! Nice way of sneaking in how much you hate poker by the way...I'm still taking you to Vegas, because hell, even though you hate it you always win...damn you! Much love

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