Silently Freaking Out

Thursday, January 26, 2006

I usually check my email often. If I'm doing nothing all day, then I usually check it about every half hour. It's a good time waster. 8 seconds can go by just like that *snaps fingers* when you're having fun.....

Anyway, aside from my sad habits, with that said, I did pretty close to not a whole lot today. I skipped my morning class because Christina promised to take notes for me. She gets to skip Friday now. I like this little set up we have going. It works out in the best ways! After sleeping in, I got up, made rice, and checked my email....all morning. Oh, and I posted pictures on Facebook. It's to bad you all can't see Mark. Poor boy has a nudy photo of himself, albeit a bit blurry. Though it's crisp enough to see that he shaves his junk. Or used to as he claims. I have no confirmation either way.

After surfing the web and doing/finding nothing of interest, I went to my second class where I zoned out for most of the unimportant information. I had lunch with all my friends and really enjoyed myself. I'm liking this semester :)

(Trust me, I have a really great point at the end of this post. It's just that we all know how much I like to talk) So then I came home and checked my Email (notice a trend?) and did some laundry. It really should only take me about an hour and fifteen minutes to it, but I always take around two hours. It's just difficult to pry me away from "We Love Katamari". What can I say.

Then Christina came home from class and we watched "Must love dogs". Darcy joined us half way through it too. Very cute movie. I love John Cusack. He's so hot and I don't care how old he is! But the movie was a dud with way too much fluffy and predictable crap. (I was hoping for something similar to "When Harry met Sally" but they don't make movies like that any more *sigh)

Then, I came into my room, decided I would put my clothes away and make my bed. But first, I needed to check my mail. I mean hell, I could get something really good in the mail like...I could finally win that car!!! Or that $50,000 I'm always signing up for with

*Point of post [inset below]*

Instead, I found this:

Begin email

From: Mitsutoshi Sekita (Japanese Consulate)
Subject: JET program

Dear Ms. Ninamarie Carmella M***n,

It is my pleasure to inform you that you have successfully passed the 1st stage of the screening process for the 2006 JET Program year, and now I would like to schedule your interview date at Consulate General of Japan in Miami.

Your interview schedule as follows:

Date: Feb 23 (Thu), 2006
Time: 11:00 am

End Email

...I'm totally freaking out silently.

Unfortunately for me, I have some really important things to do that day. I have some small project to do with Chinese Civilization. It's also the class day before our test in said class. First test in said class. First of two tests, in said class. And it's not an easy class either. (all my classes are easy, this one is just the least of the easy)

But, it's good for me because it's on a Thursday and Christina doesn't have class which means she can come with me down to Miami and then I don't have to stay the night in crazy town because she'll help me drive. SCORE!!!

I'm sweating.

5 shared their love:

Dan said...

Rock out! That is some kind of awesome news! Now when do we have that party?!!

I was so happy when I read that, that I frightened the dog. Woo!!!!!

Kimi said...

Congrats!!!! I knew your e-mail complusion would come in handy!!!

You better call on the 24th!!


jessica said...

Oooohh you sooo kick ass!! Rock on little doggy! I agree with Kimi, if you don't call I kick your butt, but hey I know you're going to be great either way...Much love and kudos to you!!

OSB said...

You'll get to know Mitsutoshi pretty well. He's the guy that takes care of the JET program in Miami.

He'll be at the interview, too. He's a young skinny Japanese dude. He won't be the one asking you questions though.

Dipple said...

Congrats!! So when can we come visit you in Japan??? How about Xmas, so we can freeze our butts off together???? :)

Plus, I must side with Kim and Jess and if I don't get a call on the 24th I will equally partake (sp?) in the butt kicking of your scrawny little backside.

Lots of lovein'

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