Saturday, January 28, 2006

You are most like Sally! You are a stupid,

fallacious bitch. You fit in perfectly well

with the clockwork of society, and are

popular among the others like you, and are

definitely a member of the 'beautiful

people.' You pretend to know quite a bit

about art, but couldn't recite a line of

Shakespeare if your life depended on it.

Which Catcher in the Rye Character do you think you are?
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Dan said...

I seriously doubt the validity and infallibility of that online quiz.

But then again I might be biased

Nina said...

Dude! I am totally hot!!! That's what the test results said! The other test I took also said that I was Kailey from Firefly. She's and I are both hot and cute! Who cares if I know nothing about art. phsssh. Who needs are when I'm standing in front of you?!

Dan said...

Can someone truly beautiful have no knowledge of art? Art is a part of the human experience, like breathing. Knowing the forms and terms is less important than knowing and recognizing art.

Nina said...

So you're saying I'm ugly?

Dan: No no, not ugly. I never said "ugly". I just meant "Not truely beautiful"

Nina: ....right

Dan said...

NO! Gah... I said that knowing art is like breathing! I'm not saying your ugly, I'm saying that you have to know art to be as purdy as you are.

Dan said...

how's about you show some love and post on my site? =p

Anonymous said...

You're reading Catcher in the Rye? How do you like it? I love that book.

Lupe said...

oops. i forgot to put my name in the how you like the book question.

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