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Friday, December 9, 2005

I'm completely done with finals. I'm completely done with this semester!!! GLORY ONTO THE HIGHEST!!! I have survived!

In celebration of the ending of this horrendous school season, I have decided to give you a glimpse into what it is like to have Magic, Ritual and Belief at 7:30 in the AM with Nina the wonderful, beautiful and talented artist.

Here are the best of my notes. I have to write something to keep my interest up so that I didn't start fantasizing about the latest slice of beef cake. (They change as quickly as the channels when I'm surfing.)

We can all see what I was thinking about. Ghost in the shell for starters. (The Japanese says Tachikoma which happens to be what I drew) The second drawing is of a buffalo because we were talking about the Ghost Dances of the Native Americans (hence ghost in the shell). They believed that if they danced blah blah blah the buffalo would return... and other such things. Don't ask me what's up with me drawing right beside the hole punches.

I needed to get this part of the notes from Christina. Drawing can't always stop me from thinking of other more attractive things during class. Forgive me for not finding Psychic bashing interesting. I already know that most psychic readings are totally ridiculouss.

My teacher really liked saying some weird things. I think the early morning class took a toll on him as well. I don't care. I didn't like him well before the class began. He would say weird things like FIRE and FIZZLE, without so much inflection. But those bold words deserve such inflection. You can tell I took it that way. Those pictures off to the side are of a fire that is carbonatedd. It's fizzling.

You can tell what I was laughing to my self about. hahahaha

Let's just be thankful that I don't hand write this blog. My hand writingg is horrible regardless of how early or not early in the morning it is. This is my favorite picture. It's about the Cargo Cult of Melanesia. This is what is written in case you can't read it:

#2 - Cargo Cults -Melanesiaa - 1890's - 1960's - Deprived of self determination, power, rule. Under the thumb of European powers (damn whites). They didn't believe the Europeans were living up to what they are said to do. The could conquer (quere) the the world because they have cargo (pants) or manufactured pants goods. Difference between Europeans and Melanesians was cargo so they thought they needed cargo. Prophets sprung up saying they would be given their rightful cargo. Stopped working waiting for it.

Interesting I'm sure. But when I heard cargo all I could think about were cargo pants because I love them so much. Thank the lord for pockets!

More fire and fizzle. Can you believe it?! He said it again! How unoriginal! I couldn't let that go without more pictures.

So yes, these are my notes. My expensive education at it's best!

I really did learn a lot in that class and I'm glad I took it. Albeit, I'm a little bitter about the scheduled case you hadn't noticed.

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Tegan said...

Moshi Moshi, How are you? Found you through Face book. Wow you are board.

Nina said...

How is it that no one mentioned that I wrote Tachikoma wrong in Katakana? Does no one know Japanese?!?!?!

For those that care, I wrote it in hiragana first but becasue it's a made up word I really should have been using katakana. But I don't use katakana very often and I've forgotten some of it. In the end, I wrote Tachikomu. Thanks a lot guys!
Correct --> タチコマ 
Incorrect --> タチコム

I could have written horrible insults to you all and no one would know... *sigh*

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