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Sunday, November 6, 2005

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“Good in bed” by Jennifer Weiner
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Eisley – Room Noise
(Both highly recommended)

Writing essays and studying for tests seems to be the main theme of my life these days. That and goofing off. There’s nothing I like better than good ol’ procrastination. Hence my update. I’m currently working on my second essay for my independent study class. Four pages and counting… I need 10 (ToT) Next, I have a take home test in essay format, and last I have a test to study for. All three of these things are due Thursday. Do I stress? Fret? Freak out?! Consult the Azande for a benge oracle?! NO! I procrastinate! Weeeeee

So…stuff’s happened since the last time I updated. I cut my hair and it looks fantastic! But I don’t have any pics to show. I’ll get some soon. I then straightened it and it looked even cuter! And you know my policies on keepin’ it cute!

I’ve found an awesome webcomic, thank you Dan, but the chick never updates so don’t count on anything, or so I’ve been told. http://rts.lunistice.com/index.html
Here’s my favorite comic (She’s playing with string cheese btw):

Other than that, nothings going on. I’m trying to come up with a Christmas Wish List and so far I’ve got nothing. I have the entire series of Ghost in the shell, We <3 Katamary, and the last of the manga X. Stupid Animenation had to move right next to Fresh Start Church! What’s up with that?!?! So, got any ideas for good presents? Do I need a digital camera? What about stuff for long travels like a suit case? I definitely need one of those heavy duty ones, but do I want one for Christmas? I know the odds are good, but it’s like I’m counting my chickens before I’ve been accepted by JET. Maybe I should wait…

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