Why, Morrolan, you sexy beast

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Only my favorite author would be the one that has his own personality test. As in, he wrote an online personality test just to waste time between writing books. Yes, my favorite author is a slacker. I fear he is an ass as well. I love his books but I don't think I would like to ever know him.

Since we are on the topic, I would like to say that Steven Brust (broost) is not the best of authors but he has been my favorite for a few years now. He creates such an adventurous world with the most interesting characters! Morrolan!!! I can't get enough of him!!! I'm now reading his entire book series for the third time where as every other book in existence I can only read once. I love Steven Brust's work....except for his eccentric flamboyant and pompous Paarfi of Roundwood. The only thing I can say about that monstrosity is that after reading endlessly his mindless black hole of a pointless story I can now get through Lord of the Rings with ease....and enjoy it!

Here is a paraphrased quote from one of Paarfi's many irritating chapters:

This long chapter really doesn't have a point. It adds nothing to the story and is truly irrelevant. However, I wanted to let you know that boring stuff did actually in fact happen at this time in 'history' and I thought you should know. Now back to my retelling of a short story that I'm drawing out into a good five book series.... HUGE BOOKS!

I'm not joking. Paarfi really did write that!!! He wrote a whole chapter just to say that!!! And I read all of it just because I love the characters that Steven Brust created!! Oh the pain and suffering...I'd do it all over again ;)

So back to the point: (point?)
I'm waiting for Steven's publishing company, Tor, to finish editing and finally publish his next book Dzur so I can read it in one week. It should be out in August. Just in time for me to miss it if I am accepted into JET.

But the personality test! What about the personality test, you say! Alright, alright, here are the results. Enjoy!

You scored 38% Sociability and 64% Sophistication!
Your life can be difficult because of your insecurities, but you should know that it isn't your fault. YOU didn't ask to be thrown in around thirty times per page in every bodice-ripper on the shelf! Those who overuse you can kiss your . . . you know. You need to learn to hold your head high and glory in your solitude. You really do have excellent, scholarly tastes. You must never forget that your friend, the period, will be there to support you at the end of every sentence where you truly belong, and, if what is left out is as important as what is said, why, then you are as vital as the alphabet!

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 20% on Sociability
You scored higher than 70% on Sophistication

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