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Sunday, June 4, 2006

I just got back from San Francisco and I'm tired but not enough to actually sleep yet. I have a lot to write about it but I don't feel like it right now. I just want to get things off my mind and I'll write about my adventures later. Promise.

I got home about 11pm (8pm California time) and the house is completely dark. Despite the 6 cars in the driveway and street, my dad was the only person home. I came into my room at it's a complete disaster! My bed's not made because I'm sure someone slept in it and didn't care to do anything with the sheets after washing them (at least they're washed!) And my room is filled with boxes. Boxes that I was in process of cleaning out and were in the living room where no one ever goes and boxes from my x-bedroom. I don't know why my crap from there is now here but I'm assuming that Jules got annoyed with it sitting in her room. It's not like she doesn't have the space for it! It was on my list of things to clean after the living room. I'm just annoyed as hell that they moved my crap while I was away.

The whole flight home I was coming back to reality. The vacation was a really nice escape and I had to keep reminding myself today of all the things I need to do.

I need to clean like crazy and throw out anything I'm not taking to Japan with me. I need to finish fixing the computers. I think I went on the vacation with the sole purpose of getting away from that responsibility. Well…close enough anyway. I need to get ready for Japan. Copy my diploma which came in while I was away, finish getting luggage, make a list of questions for the Q&A session, buy clothes and other necessities and figure out what else I have to do!!!

It’s not overwhelming but the shit in my room and the unmade bed is not helping my moral. I can’t believe no one’s here!!!


btw, I got an email from my contracting organization. I’ll be working at Tosayamada, surprise. Maybe I was hoping for a surprise deep down inside. I’m happy about my placement though.

I hope it's not my only school. I hear all these stories of people with two or three different schools that they go to and if I only get one school I might be sad. Then again I might not either. Kami doesn't seem to be the biggest of areas...

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