Swimming Makes My Eyes Dry and Itchy

Monday, June 19, 2006

At least if I swim for longer than 2 hours like I did today.

That's right, it's too hot for the majority of the day to continue biking everywhere. I've taken up swimming. But because I'm a spoiled brat when it comes to water temperature, I usually won't go swimming unless the water is at least 85 degrees and preferably at 86-90 degrees. So to compensate for the temperature today (which was 85) I sat out in the sun reading my poorly written but good book (to the left) for about 20 minutes before the heat became unbearable and then I jumped in the pool and was quite content. It felt great!

Also, I remember what I wanted to write about in my last post. Yesterday, I was a little bored so I pulled out my PS2. My only choices of games that weren't final fantasy/long as RPGs were Katamari Damacy, We <3 Katamari, and DDR Max. So I played Katamari for a little while and then whipped out DDR. Unfortunately, I gave my dance pad away. I hadn't gotten much use out of it since I rarely played and it's not like I'm going to take it to Japan with me or anything. I doubt I'll be bringing my PS2 even! So instead of dancing to the game, I played with my controller. But this only made me crave the actual dancing part of it so I promptly stood up and danced on the carpet while I did the moves on my hand held controller.

This was both a good and bad idea. 1) I started tripping on the cord to my controller 2) I didn't actually have the dance pad so if I messed up it didn't count against me 3) because I was using the controller and I had to use both hands, I couldn't flail my arms as I normally do. So my balance was of. So I messed up my feet a lot. Which I then got confused and started pressing the wrong buttons. And I failed a few songs.

But in the end I danced and had fun (^_^)

It would have been fun to watch too. Sorry I didn't get any pictures ;)

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