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Sunday, June 18, 2006

ummmmmm there was something that I was supposed to be posting about but I have no idea what it was now....

Well, the general update is as follows:

Emily is doing fantastic. I just got my camera back from Canon and I started taking pictures immediately. Or rather Sarajane did. She continued where she last left off which was taking pictures of absolutely everything this child does and then some. mmmmm baby drool. Gotta get a picture of that.

I've finished the computers! HOOO RAY! Talk about a big weight off my chest. I was so inwardly stressed about it because it was one of my only responsibilities to do here and I was almost completely helpless. I just didn't know how to fix it. So I got the help of my good friend Elias and we worked on them together.

"Yeah, can you put the camera down and get back to work? SLAVE!"

Actually, I was the slave driver. I wanted Elias to work miracles on these machines. This picture is only of half the room that my family calls "the study" but don't be fooled. There is no studying that is ever done in this room and it's also not as big as it appears. It's tiny as hell and it was hard to get around with everything all over the floor.

I've been trying to get my gifts together for my trip to Japan. It's becoming frustrating but it gives me something to do nonetheless and I'm not stressing about it like I did the computers. I have time and it's almost better that I don't get the gifts now. I have have a meeting to go to on the 25th and they'll tell me anything I really need to know about gifts and everything else.

Favorite stalker song of the moment: Imogen Heap - Goodbye and go (
Talk about the story of my life!!!!

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Kimi said...

Hey my love!

I miss you!! I can't believe that I'm not going to be there to see you off. :(

One of the things that I miss the most is the ability to read your blog. I was soo behind!!

I'm caught up now. Emily is adorable.

Can't wait for the cd!

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