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Friday, June 16, 2006

So, there are a couple of people I must list.

Mr. Morioka - The principal of Yamada (Tosayamda) High School
Kimura Sensei - My supervisor at Yamada High and also my main JTE (Japanese Teacher of English)
Tsubasa - A good friend of mine that I met in December of 2000. He went to Yamada high and I've kept in touch with him all these years and now he's an intern there as well. I'll probably be teaching with him! What a small world.
Adam - A guy who went to college in Miami and is now an ALT in Kochi. He will be a second year JET when I begin working.
Julianna - My predecessor. She's from Hawaii and is of Chinese decent so she doesn't get as many gaijin stares as Adam does.

So, I've been emailing a lot between all five of these different people and there is much exchanging of information. Here are some of the things that I've learned:

1. My apartment comes equipped with washing machine, TV, dishes, futon, refrigerator, gas stove, and toaster oven. It's about 10 minute walk to school and 20-40 minute bus ride to my other school which is in Odochi. Supposedly, my apartment is next to a street that is lined with Hanami trees. YES! That street leads to Yamada's largest shrine. After I heard that I knew I had been there before. The last trip I took to Yamada I walked to that shrine and saw the trees and thought to myself that it would probably be beautiful in April but in the middle of June they just looked like regular trees. I can't believe that I'm living next to that street! It's a beautiful area, I'm really lucky.

2. I think I'm going to go the way of the bi-biker. I'm going to get two bikes. One that takes me around the kami-shi area (where Yamada high is) and one to leave at the Kochi city train station so I can bike around Kochi where I'm going to do most of my non-grocery shopping.

3. I originally thought that I had about four people to give gifts to but I was wrong. I actually have about 14 gifts to give and I think I might be rounding down. That doesn't include the students that I need to buy rewards for or the Lions Club members that I might be dealing with. I don't know if I'm going to get them anything but they've always been very kind to my group of Largo exchange students. Maybe I should...

4. It's going to be cold as hell. Surprise

5. There is a strict dress code of no jeans and no sleeveless shirts. So, knowing this before anyone told me so, I went out and bought a whole new wardrobe. I might not have any style or know how to coordinate outfits but I know how to spend money. I got over 50 articles of clothing for a little more than $300. SCORE! And they're good clothes too they were just all on sale. Very professional and cool for those hot summers. Now, I just need to buy an entire cold weather wardrobe *crying bitter tears*

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Tegan said...

OMG your at Tosayamada. How is Tsubasa? I gave up emailing him years ago when I never heard back. I am so jelous.

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