Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I have created a scavenger hunt contest! The winner will receive a $25 gift certificate (for where? Life...or your choice. Whichever comes first) I will be participating in this as well so you have some stiff competition! The judge of the scavenger hunt will be my mother so there isn't any bias in the winner ;)

Ok, the rules!

The scavenger hunt is pictures. I want pictures!!! But not just any pictures, no no. I'm looking for pictures that I can take with me to Japan that show what life is like in America. I'm looking for normal but interesting things. I'm also looking for things that Japan has but is different. I've compiled a list of things that I am looking for:

Street signs (lot's of English. Street signs that show the names of streets (Japan doesn't have street signs. Weird I know) and also signs that show exists or construction zones or anything interesting but I also need to be able to explain them so nothing that's very complicated or weird)
RR X-ing signs
Gas station/pumping gas
Pedestrian crossing sign White man walking and Orange hand stopping (separate points for each)
Beach things (people, shops, sunset, etc)
Grocery shopping (carts, products, check out, etc)
Play ground
Fire station
Post office
Mail car
Post office mail box
Police station
Police car
Garbage truck
School bus
School classroom
American flag
American propaganda
Florida flag
Americanized Japanese things (the sign for Arigatos Steak House. I'm not looking for nitty gritty, I don't care to see how some restaurant made sushi and/or sukiyaki incorrectly. I want obvious things)
Anything else that you can think of that represents American life. Cooking a meal? Dinner with the family? Typical house? Extra points for creativity!!

Extra points for American Sized items
Grocery store - find the biggest stores such as Sams/Cosco. Then, find the biggest items in them
Car - Hummer limo
Flag - car dealership sized flag
Biggest meal, hamburger, burrito, etc.

Extra points go to action shots.

Frame pictures in such a way that the subjects are easily recognized. Try to prove how large an object is by measuring it to a standard sized item such as yourself.

I need pictures that I can show to my students so keep them clean and slightly professional. Happy people in my pictures are always a plus. I'm really looking for mostly action shots so bring a friend and have a good time!!! I know I will :)

For now, I leave you with an example:


Actually, if you can get a better shot, that would be sweet. If I have duplicate pictures, points go to the best shot!!

If you're going to participate or if you have any questions email me or leave a comment or surprise me!!

Thanks and have fun!

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jessica said...

I have decided, upon much ponderance, that the stingray shuffle sign is way cooler than the hummer limo...I mean, people in our own country have no clue what that is!! Plus stingrays do sharks...hell i'll even throw in those cool little shiney fish..wait where was I??? oh yeah mine is cooler than yours...nani nani boo boo...

dan said...

Good times. I love a challenge. I'll see what I can find around town here. Would you be terribly apposed to photos of other kinds of American vehicles? Like

The link might not hold for long but I'll host whatever I can find somewhere and let you know.

Nina said...

Hmmm that is a very interesting picture and it is definitely usable. But my main focus was on normal rockets. I don't happen to have one in my neighborhood or around the corner so....I don't think of it as being very normal...

On the other hand, I am thinking of getting pictures of Bush Gardens and I know that's something not very normal so I'm always willing to bend the rules ;)

Keep up the good work! Email me your pics and I'll post em as they come!

That's right Jess, gimme that stingray pic!

Anonymous said...

I'd be all over this...if I had a camera. Yeah, I know...way to slack off in the tech department.

You should buy me one...and interpet my dreams for me.

The David

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