Oh Bike, My One True Love

Thursday, June 8, 2006

After I left UCF I pretty much stopped biking which made me sad. So a couple of weeks later I decided to go for a bike ride around my neighborhood which is kinda boring but I make the best of it. My dad decided to put a bit too much air in my tires and just as I was really getting into my music and about a block away from my house my front tired threw up on me. It was green throw up too. I thought I ruined my pants. Thank god I was wrong.

In the beginning of the year (fall) someone slashed this same front tired and I replaced the inner tube but not the tread and when my dad put too much air in my tire, poof, there goes my tire. It smelled like fish. eeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuw.

Welp, that was a few weeks ago and I finally got my front tire fixed!!! WEEEEEEE!

I've been biking around the neighborhood with new vigor and esteem and the exercise feels great. I've decided to give my excursions purpose as well by biking to different places to buy things. The last two days I went to Publix and got cheese, bread, and milk. :) Nothing too big or I won't be able to get it home. Today, I didn't need anything at Publix so I took a different route and just happened to pass my favorite sushi restaurant. I could get used to this biking/buying thing (^u^)

But all this riding has made me notice a few things.
a) It's freaking hot out there! I usually ride around 7pm because I don't get up early enough to beat the sun's heat and because I don't want to be out when it's too dark.
b) These sidewalks were not intended to be usable. I don't think enough people use them because they are all overgrown with weeds and bushes and if they're not then the sprinklers are watering them making it impassable unless you want to get all wet and smell like poo. I don't mind the wet part though. As I've mentioned before, it's hotter than balls out there.
c) Not a whole lot of crosswalks or safe roads when going anywhere outside of my neighborhood. I'm a bike so I'm supposed to ride in the street...but I'd rather get pulled over by a cop and pay the fine (in the unlikely case) than be dead.

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