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Monday, June 5, 2006

There are at least 4 gaijin in this picture. Can you find them?

My Supervisor is also in this picture. I just got my contracting organization information in the mail and I have a predecessor and a supervisor. It turns out that I met my supervisor, Kimura Sensei the last time I visited. I found a few pictures of her. She's always standing in the back but she's a really nice person and her English is great!!!

In fact, funny story, I was sitting in on her class once and was working with the students. She handed us a paper filled with English and the students had to figure out what it was talking about. She has used a word incorrectly and I subtly told one of the students that I was friends with. He then called Kimura Sensei over to point out the glaring mistake. Clearly she was wrong since the American had told him so. I was so embarrassed. I didn't want to make her look bad. It was only a small mistake! She just nodded and smiled. Ugh. Well, guess it's gonna be my job now :) Talk about foreshadowing.

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Mom (guessing what gaijin means) said...

Well, it looks to me like one is you, one is the guy with the pony tail, one is the guy with the plaid shirt, and the last one is the girl with the black shirt. Am I close? I can't really tell if the person with the black shirt is a girl, but I'm thinking it is because the shirt is sleeveless - just a guess though.

Nina said...

Gaijin = foreigner

You're absolutely right. But we both forgot the person taking the picture who is also Gaijin.

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