Six Weeks To Go

Friday, June 23, 2006

Welp, the contest is going well so far. I have all of myself and my two good friends in the area helping me out with it. Yeah for competition!

In other news....

One week ago:

Today at after my bad around 1pm:

It was a three year old phone that just yesterday I was raving about how great and reliable of a phone it was. I suppose I dropped it one too many times though. Now, I have to find a phone to hold me over until August. That's six weeks. I'm not spending $150 for a new phone just for six weeks!!! I'd rather go without....which I won't. I'll find a replacement, I swear!

In other other news, I'm not even at the school yet and I'm already in the school newspaper.



"Hello everyone! My name is Nina Maran and I am excited to be teaching English at Yamada High School. I will do my best to teach you English. Please help me with my Japanese! I look forward to meeting everyone in the Fall!!"


I roughly translated the first part to mean:

"This is the new ALT's introduction! 'I love Japan! I love Kochi! I love Tosayamada!' Nina is returning to Yamada high school as a teacher! She is from Florida, America. Two years ago, she visited here with the Largo Exchange program. This is Nina-Sensei's message to everyone!"

And I wrote out my little spiel and she translated it into Japanese. It's short and a little embarrassing but I wasn't sure exactly what to say. I think it came out well. Also, the first part about loving Japan and Kochi and Tosayamada surprised me because it seemed to come out of nowhere. But to tell you the truth, I think I wrote that two years ago.

When I was leaving the school last time, they had everyone write out what they enjoyed the most about being in Japan. I think that's what I Japanese... huh. I can't believe she kept that! But then again, I kept that little paper that my supervisor messed up on too. HA

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reid said...

hey! i hope to see you sometime before you leave. otherwise, who knows when i'll see you again!

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